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- Chapter 16 | We Want You Darling


FUCKING HELL. Standing in the center of the crowd is none other than one of Rueben’s men.

Hopefully he doesn’t recognize me or my name, because if one of them is here… Then there’s more of them too.

The man who looks to be about 200 pounds of pure muscle scoffs at the sight of me, so just like all the rest of my opponents, he’s underestimating me.

Once I’m finally standing in front of my opponent, the announcer asks, “What is your name, son?”

It’s hilarious how nobody even assumes that I could be a girl under the mask and hood.

“Ray.” I respond loud enough for the people around us to hear and the crowd roars in excitement, pounding their feet on the floor to mimic the sound of drums. Guess they recognize me now.

“Everyone give it up for, Ray! The fighter who beat our previous undefeated champion, Ryder!” I didn’t know it was possible, but the crowd got even louder.

“Are you guys ready to fight?” Asks the announcer and I nod at the same time of my opponent.

He hasn’t taken his eyes off of me but I noticed that ever since the announcer spoke of how I beat Ryder, he’s been trying to read me. I can only hope that he hasn’t found what he’s looking for.

We both got into position as the announcer began to speak, “You all know the rules, so let the fight begin!”

The second that the announcer finished speaking, my opponent threw a punch aimed at my jaw and luckily I was quick enough to dodge it. Unfortunately for me, he also got lucky and threw another punch just as fast to my abdomen causing me to stagger back in pain.

He hit me right on my bruise and fuck it hurt.

The smirk he had on his face said it all…

He suspected that it could be me under the mask, so he hit me in the same spot everyone saw me get punched last night by Rueben… And with the amount of pain it caused me, his suspicions were confirmed.

Without even realizing it, I blew my own cover.

I glared at him as we began to circle each other once more and that only made his smirk widen.

“Maybe after this we could have some fun together?” He says quiet enough for only us to hear and it pisses me the fuck off.

“Stop talking.” Faking a punch to the left he dodges, giving me the perfect shot and I take it. I send an uppercut right to his jaw and his head flies back at the impact.

Immediately after, I began throwing punches left and right to his stomach and face. He unsuccessfully blocked them until I threw another punch that he was able to catch.

I hiss in pain when he twists my arm behind my back and comes up close behind me, whispering, “I don’t think Rueben would care if I had a taste of you before I hand you over to him.”

“Like you’d ever get the chance.” I say before stomping down on his foot and swinging my free arm back with my hand in a fist straight at his crotch.

He cursed and let go of me immediately, now holding onto his balls in pain.

It’s time to end this fight.

I don’t give him a chance to recover from the pain as I turn around and immediately do a roundhouse kick, hitting him straight in the head. His head flies to the side and his body soon follows as he falls to the floor, knocked out.

Hopefully he’ll forget who I am.

The crowds cheers grew louder when his body hit the floor. Then the announcer walked up to me and grabbed my arm, holding it up in the air as he says, “The winner is, Ray!”

I was thinking about doing another fight, but as my eyes scanned the crowed I spotted two different groups of people whom I hope not to run into. Unfortunately for me, all of their eyes followed me as I left the center of the crowd and made my way to the back.

It felt like someone was following me as I got closer to the bar, so the second I felt someone touch my shoulder, I reached up and grabbed their hand… Twisting it in the process.

Looking back, I saw that it was Ryder and his two friends.

“Calm down, we don’t want a fight. We just want to talk.” Says Ryder and as I glance over his shoulder, I see Rueben’s gang looking around for someone… Most likely me, so I look back at Ryder and give him a small nod as I release his hand.

I motion for them to follow me and they do, so I take them to a dark corner near the bar where we can talk. It’s also the best spot right now so that Rueben’s men don’t spot me.

“Now talk, I’ve got places to be.” I say in a deep voice, trying to sound uninterested, but the truth is… I am curious as to what he wanted to talk about.

Ryder glances back at both Reece and Carson before facing me again as he says, “We’ve got a proposition for you.”

A proposition? What could they possibly want from “Ray”?

“What kind of proposition?” I ask, crossing my arms as I look between the three of them.

“Well, you know who we are… Correct?” Ryder asks and I tilt my head to the side as if I’m confused.

“Not exactly. I just know who you are.” I state because I don’t want them to figure out who I am and if they know that I recognize them.

“And who am I?” He asks, trying to see what I know and I just roll my eyes.

“You’re Ryder, the undefeated fighter that I fought on my first day and beat.” I say incredulously, like it’s stupid of him to even ask me…

He probably wanted me to say that I knew he was a gang leader but fuck that. Who knows if this is a trap…

“Yea… And?” He tries to get me to say more but I continue with my confused act.

“And what? Am I supposed to know more about you dude? All we did was fight once.” I say, stating the obvious as he shakes his head. It seemed as if he was about to say something when I cut him off, “Can you hurry the fuck up and tell me whatever proposition you guys have for me? If not, I’m leaving.”

All of them glare at the disrespect, but I could honestly care less. I just want to get out of here before Rueben’s men find me. Hopefully, they all leave before this conversation ends.

“Before you interrupted me, I was going to say that I am the leader of the second strongest gang in the area and we want to recruit you. Someone with your level of skill in fighting would be very useful.” He tells me and I just sigh. Honestly thought it was going to be something better.

“Not interested.” I say, uncrossing my arms as I go to push past them, but they all block my way.

“Any fighter here would be honored that we personally invited them into our gang, so why aren’t you?” Ryder ask and I take a step closer to him, showing that I’m not intimidated by them.

“I’ve never involved myself in gang business and I don’t plan to start now.” With that said, I push past them hard enough to get through and begin walking away.

“Maybe you don’t understand…” He begins as he grabs my wrist, but I pull it out of his grasp, turning to face him.

I walk up close to him and even though I’m shorter, I make sure to look into his eyes fiercely as I say, “No. Maybe you’re the one that doesn’t understand because when I say I’m not interested, I mean it.”

After that, I walked away and this time… They didn’t try to stop me.

Keeping close to the wall, in the shadows, I walked to the women's restroom. I did a quick scan of the area around me to make sure nobody was watching before walking in.

I went into the same stall that I changed in earlier and stood on top of the toilet seat as I reached up and moved one of the ceiling tiles to the side to grab my bag. That spot is something that not many people probably know about and I’m glad I found it earlier when I changed.

Quickly, I changed out of my fighting clothes and back into my normal attire before walking out.

Nobody was around as I walked back upstairs to the main bar and left, but I still made sure to stay aware of my surroundings as I walked into the back alley because you never know what can happen in this messed up world.

Unfortunately, no matter how aware of your surroundings you are… You never know what could be lurking in the shadows.

Right as I was about to walk up to my motorcycle, two men walked in front of me and blocked my way. Immediately, I took a step back as one man spoke, “Well, well, well… If it isn’t Asia. I guess our friend you fought earlier was telling the truth.”

Fuck, they’re from Rueben’s gang. I was hoping that they had already left. Looking around, I notice more guys coming from out of the shadows and surrounding me.

“What do you want?” I sneer at the man who seems to be in charge and he chuckles.

“Obviously we want you darling.” He says taking a few steps closer to me and I don’t move because I can’t show them any weakness. “You should know that our boss has been waiting a long time to get his hands on you… And right now he also isn’t very happy about what you did to his left hand.”

“You can tell your boss to go fuck himself.” I say because there’s no way I’m letting them take me to Rueben.

“Why don’t you tell him yourself? You’ll be seeing him really soon…” He grins and I notice a few other guys do as well.

Right after he says that, a few of the guys make a move to grab me, but I doge them as I say, “Touch me and you’re fucking dead.”

“Since you won’t come willingly, we’ll just take you forcefully.” He tells me and I glare daggers his way and at all of the men near me.

I take off my backpack and throw it to the side of the alley because I know that it will just slow me down. “I won’t go down without a fight.”

“I know, why do you think we’ve got so many men here right now?” He says and I take a second to count how many men are here. There’s eight.

“Seriously? Eight against one? Don’t you think that’s a bit unfair?” I say but he just laughs.

“Eight of us against you? I’d say the odds are pretty even.” Well he does kind of have a point…

Just as I get into position to fight I hear footsteps behind me before a voice I recognize begins to speak, “Eight against one? More like eight against four.”

“Who the fuck are you?” The man asks Ryder as all three of them come and stand next to me.

“Someone you don’t want to mess with.” Says Ryder as he lunges and punches the man in charge right in the face and then…

All hell broke loose.

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