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- Chapter 18 | So Good At Hiding


A FEW OF MY GANG MEMBERS and I just pulled up to the tracks and it’s already past midnight. It seems like most of the Crimson Ghosts members are leaving, but Rueben is still here.

We all made sure to park in the dark so that we wouldn’t be noticed by anyone and it seemed to be working.

“Okay guys, it’s time. Everyone remember what to do?” I ask, receiving responses through the bluetooth com in my ear. “Then let’s make them regret messing with us!”

Immediately, multiple cars speed past me as some of the gang follow the Crimson Ghosts. With my sight set on Rueben as he walks to his car, I decide that it’s time to come out of the dark.

The lights of my car seem blinding as I turn them on. Rueben stops right next to his car, putting his arm up in an attempt to see.

Anger courses through me as my sweaty hands tighten their grip on the wheel. Pressing down on the accelerator, I speed towards him with no intent on stopping.

Everything goes in slow motion as memories flood my brain.

“You are beautiful, my love”

“It’ll be our little secret.”

“Get the fuck away from my daughter!”

“You are hereby denounced from the Royal Reapers! Kill him!”

“He’s escaped.”

“She will be mine.”

“I’ll kill you before you can keep her away from me!”

“It’s only a matter of time, my love.”

“I love when you scream my name.”

“Who is that boy you seem to care so much about?”

“This isn’t over.”

The closer I get to him, the tighter my grip gets. I could easily run him over right here, right now and end it all.

All the pain, all the anger, and all the worry would be gone.

But I can’t do it. This would be too easy of a death for him, so I skid to a stop and just barely miss him.

If only I had known that I would deeply regret this decision very soon…

Clapping echoes around the abandoned tracks as I get out of the car since it’s just Rueben and I left. I’ve got backup, but they’re not here yet.

“What a great entrance, Anastasia. I knew you didn’t have it in you to kill me.” He doesn’t know what’s coming for him.

“You don’t know me,” I exclaim, slamming my car door shut as I walk towards him.

“Are you sure about that?” He asks, coming closer to me as he stares into my cold eyes.

“I’ve done my research and know that you have a brother.”

I stand unfazed by what he said, “Had. I had a brother which I’ve already been aware that you know.”

His chuckling makes my blood boil.

“My love, you’re so hilarious. You know that isn’t what I’m talking about.” Holding my breath, I wait for what he says next.

Taking his phone out of his back pocket, he holds it up for me to see something and it’s my worst nightmare come true… He knows now… It’s a video of my mom picking up Kai from school and I can even see one of Ruebens men in the background near the school entrance.

“Who knew you were so good at hiding things, or should I say, people?” I will break every damn bone in his body if he or any of his men lay a hand on either of them.

I refuse to give Rueben the satisfaction of seeing me scared out of my mind like I really am, so instead, I keep my head up and take an intimidating step forward.

“You think you’re the only one who knows how to do research?” With a smirk plastered on my face, I lean in close as I say, “The Docks, 0100.”

His entire facial expression changes in an instant as he roughly shoves me against the hood of my car, “What did you do?” If looks could kill I’d be six feet under, but all I want to do is laugh.

Oh how the tables have turned…

Shoving him off of me, I step forward, reaching into my pocket to pull out my phone and call one of my men. “Is it done? Good, send it.”

I smirk at Rueben standing in front of me clenching his fists at his sides as my phone alerts us of a message sent. Clicking on the video I hit play before facing it towards him.

His face morphs into one of pure anger at what he sees which makes me happy that I can finally terrorize him the way he’s been doing it to me for almost half of my life.

The Docks, 0100 was the time and place of a large and important shipment. I had suspicions about what would be there so I sent my men to take control over it.

“You bitch!” I was expecting it, but maybe not this soon.

I almost didn’t realize what happened until I felt the immense pain in my jaw that feels nearly unbearable. He punched me, fucking hard with such close range.

Turning my head to the side, I spit out blood before smiling at Rueben. I probably look crazy, but I don’t fucking care.

“How does it feel to be the one with no power?” I ask as I walk to my car door since I know my backup should be arriving soon.

“All those innocent girls aren’t yours anymore, they’re free and under my protection. All that money you were owed, I had it all burnt.” I tell him even though he already saw in the video.

“You’re going to regret what you’ve done, Anastasia!” He angrily yells at me as I open my car door.

Getting inside my car, I roll the window down and that’s when I hear it… My backup, the police sirens.

Conflicted on whether to hurt me or run he makes the choice I was hoping he’d take and rushes to get in his car so that he can leave before the cops get here.

Grabbing my gun, I hold it out of the window and shoot his tires so he can’t run away, but not before I told him…

“No, I won’t. Because I’m the one with the power now.”

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