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- Chapter 21 | Things You Don't Know


DETENTION is the last place I want to be… Especially since the first person I see when I walk in is none other than Ryder Grimaldi.

I can feel his intense stare as I walk with my head down to a seat as far away from him as possible. After getting into a seat, it’s not long before the scraping of a chair can be heard and he stands up with his eyes set onto me.

This time, I’m the one doing the staring as I watch him walk towards me like he’s on a mission. He pulls out the chair next to me and sit’s down. His smirk only seems to get bigger as he sees me staring which makes me abruptly turn away.

Any girl would be ecstatic that he sat next to them, acknowledged them, but not me. Not now.

His shoulder brushes mine as he leans towards me and asks, “I thought good girls don’t get detention?”

Just ignore him. You got this, Anastasia.

“What secrets are you hiding?” He asks before moving away from me as he leans back in his chair.

I can still feel his stare on the side of my face and my entire body is stiff in anticipation of what he may say or do next, “You’re definitely hiding something and I’m going to figure it out. You can count on that.”

Don’t give in. Don’t show him any signs to prove that he’s right.

“You should stay away from your little boyfriend, he’s dangerous,” Ryder says and I immediately know who he’s talking about.

Turning towards him, I roll my eyes as I ask, “And you’re not?” Completely forgetting that I was trying to ignore him. He grins and I realize that’s just what he wanted, a response from me.

I almost completely forgot about the teacher holding detention, Mr. Strickland, as I was focused on avoiding Ryder, at least until he interrupts us by angrily saying, “This is detention. No more talking!”

Damn, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Ryder is the one to look away this time, glancing outside the window as he ignores what Mr. Strickland says and responds, “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about this town, shorty.”

Did he just give me a pet name?

“This town is dangerous and so are the people in it. Including your boyfriend,” he says before looking back into my eyes as he continues…

“Including me.”

The bell rang, signaling the end of detention and Ryder was the first one to get up and walk out of the room. I stayed sitting as the other students in detention walked out, just thinking about what he said.

It’s obvious he doesn’t know my identity yet, but how long is it going to be until he finds out with how much he’s looking into it? But the thing that’s got me the most confused is what he said about Kendall.

What did he mean by saying Kendall is dangerous?

I don’t know what to wear tonight. Usually, I’d be dressing up in a really hot outfit with my best friend, but this is different.

With Kendall around and who knows who else from our high school, I have to keep up this persona to seem like I haven’t changed at all.

Looking through my closet, I just grab the first outfit that I can find. After changing into the clothes, I stand in front of the mirror to look over my black graphic oversized long sleeve shirt and baggy jeans. This’ll work.

With how many times Kendall has surprised me today, I really don’t know what to expect tonight. He said that we’re going to a party, but who’s party and why is it on a Thursday?

I don’t get the chance to think about it much longer as the sound of a horn honking outside lets me know that he’s here. Grabbing my fake glasses off of my table, I put them on before heading downstairs.

My mom is staying home with Kai since she’s off work and I already let her know that I was going out tonight. So when I get downstairs, I walk out the door, locking it on my way out.

The second I turn around, I freeze. He’s leaning against his car, arms crossed with a smirk dancing on his lips, but that’s not what makes me freeze… It’s the car.

Instead of the old car that I know he has and drove earlier, he’s leaning against an all black Bugatti Chiron Sport which I know costs around three million dollars…

I know because I own one myself, although mine is red.

Where the fuck did he get all that money because before I left, I know for a fact that him and his dad were struggling. As I begin walking towards him, still shell shocked at the beauty in front of me, he asks, “Like it?”

Nodding, I just ask, “How?” Did he rob a bank or something?

Shrugging, he goes to open the passenger door for me and says, “I got a job.”

I don’t say anything else as I get into the car because I can tell he doesn’t want to talk about it any further. After closing my door for me, he walks around to the other side and gets into the drivers seat.

Starting up the car, he’s got one hand on the wheel as he turns his head to face me, grinning before facing the road once again as we leave.

“Why are you taking me to a party, Kendall?” I ask as he drives us down the street.

Glancing at me before looking back to the road, he says, “Because we’re friends again.”

“But you know, I’ve never been one to party…” I timidly say, looking out the window, watching the trees go by.

Kendall slows to a stop as we come up to a red light before looking at me, “I just wanted to take you to do the things that we missed out on doing together the past couple years.” I honestly don’t know how to respond to that, so I look away from him as the light changes to green.

I’m supposed to hate him, but it’s so hard when he says things like this and when his dark brown eyes stare into my own with such… longing.

The rest of the car ride is silent and soon enough, we pull up outside of a very expensive looking house with blasting music coming from inside. No doubt, this is the party house. “You ready?” Kendall asks as we both step out of the car and I nod as we start walking towards the front door.

“I guess.” I reply, nervous of how to act when I’m here because I know I can’t be myself. If this was any other party and I was with my best friends, I’d look and act like someone completely different than I’m going to tonight.

The second we step inside, everything is crazy. There’s so many people dancing and just having fun, I wish I could be like them right now.

“Doyouwantadrink?” Kendall says, but the music is so loud, I can’t hear or understand anything.

“What?!” I loudly ask.

“Do you want a drink?!”

Shaking my head no, I say, “I don’t drink.” That’s a lie.

“Ok! Time to enjoy the party!” He says as he grabs my hand and begins pulling me through the crowd. For the first time, I take a good look around to see who the people are and realize that I don’t recognize most of them…

Yet as we walk through the house, people haven’t stopped greeting Kendall. I guess one thing didn’t change, he’s still mr popular.

Walking into the kitchen, Kendall lets go of my hand to open the fridge and after grabbing a root beer asks, “Do you want one?”

“No thanks,” I say and he nods. This is so awkward, I don’t even know what to do anymore. We stand there for a bit, without taking when he suddenly breaks the silence.

“Hey, I’ve got to go do something real quick. Are you fine staying here?” Kendall asks and I hold back an eye roll as I lean against the counter.

“Sure, yeah.” I don’t know what I was expecting, but…

It definitely didn’t take long for him to ditch me.

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