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- Chapter 22 | Who Let You In


I CAN’T BELIEVE that he just ditched me. Why bring me here anyway if that was his plan? Who knows, maybe he really hasn’t changed as much as I thought and this was just another one of his humiliation stunts.

Crossing my arms as I lean against the table, I look around the room and notice a few familiar faces. One of them being, Ryder Grimaldi... Ugh, why does he have to be here?

I guess he felt my stare because his eyes suddenly lock on mine from across the room. He’s with his friends and they’ve all got girls surrounding them, but in this moment, he’s only looking at me. When the brunette on his lap notices that his attention is elsewhere, she turns to see what he’s staring at and glares daggers at me.

“Oh my god, who let you in here?” I hear someone standing next to me say, so I look away from Ryder and turn — only to come face to face with the girl who started all of my problems at school, Sydney Black.

Not wanting to deal with her and all of her drama, I walk away, but she follows me all the way outside to the backyard, practically yelling, “Don’t walk away from me, Fattie Annie!”

My entire body stiffens at the nickname she used to call me. I wasn’t even paying attention as to where I was anymore when I turned around, struggling to hold my anger inside.

It would be so easy to let it out, to hurt her like she’s hurt me, but I can’t let people see the real me no matter how tempted I am.

“What did I ever do to you?” I ask as I take notice that the music has gone down and people are beginning to come outside to party while they watch the drama unfold. “Why do you hate me so much, Sydney?!”

“Because you’re Anastasia Stone.” She begins, taking steps towards me and I don’t move from my spot as she continues, “The whore who gets every damn thing she wants…” Wait what? “And I’m sick of it!”

I was trying to think of anything from when we were friends that made her think I got everything I wanted, but couldn’t because it isn’t true. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even realize she was pushing me backwards until I lost my balance, falling into the pool that I didn’t realize was there, with a splash.

When my head came back to the surface, all I could hear was the laughter of everyone. The music long forgotten as my humiliation was now the entertainment for the night.

I fell into the shallow end, so I easily stand up and walk towards the pool stairs. My mind is all over the place as I begin squeezing out the water from my shirt which is clinging to my body.

“Anastasia?” I hear Kendall’s voice for the first time in what seems like forever. I turn towards him, finally stepping out of the ice-cold water as he walks into the backyard to see what’s going on.

The shocked look he has on his face is confusing me until I realized that nobody is laughing anymore, just staring at me. And then it clicks.

Looking down at my clothes, they’re clinging to me so much that you can see the entire outline and all the curves of my body… One that is a lot more toned than it was before I left.

“What happened?” He asked as he walked towards me because he wasn’t out here when Sydney was practically yelling at me.

Rolling my eyes, I was about to respond before someone beat me to it, “You’re with her?!”

Sydney stalked towards us with fury in her eyes before stopping right in front of us. “You’re such a whore,” she says as her malicious stare is locked onto me and before I know it, she raises her hand in an attempt to slap me.

I’m ready for it. I know that I can’t block it if I want to keep up this persona, but I guess I didn’t have to anyway as someone catches her wrist before she can.

“What the fuck, let go of me bitch!” She says to the girl that just saved my face from one of Sydney’s slaps.

The girl, I soon realize, is who Kendall walked outside with... He must’ve ditched me to see her. “I’d watch what I say if I was you,” she says to Sydney as she lets go of her wrist.

“I will say whatever I want to say! And who the fuck are you?” She asks, crossing her arms with her head held high, trying to act like she’s the one who’s got all the power here, but I can tell that she’s going to be put in her place…

And I can’t wait.

“I’m Renae.” She says as she takes an intimidating step towards Sydney, “This is my house, my party, and I want you to get the fuck out right now before I throw you out, bitch.”

Not looking so confident anymore, Sydney pouts as she says, “This party is boring anyways.” Then she turns around, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she struts back into the house and hopefully out of the party.

“Finally she’s gone,” says Renae before turning towards me. “Let’s get you a change of clothes, yea?”

“Yes please.” I agree because these clothes are no longer comfortable, especially the jeans because nothing is worse than wet jeans.

As she begins leading me inside, I hear Kendall say my name, but I ignore him. I don’t really want to talk to him after he ditched me at a party that he brought me to.

“He talks about you a lot, you know,” Renae says as we enter her bedroom, but I wasn’t really paying attention as my thoughts were all over the place.

So I ask, “I’m sorry, what?”

“Kendall. He talks about you a lot,” she says as she opens her closet to get some clothes for me, coming out with a hoodie and sweats which puts a smile onto my face.

“I doubt that.” I say, taking the clothes as she hands them to me, “And thanks.”

“No problem, you can change in the bathroom right there if you want,” she says, pointing behind me and I nod.

She talks about Kendall like she knows him and I’m honestly curious as to how. Should I ask? Maybe I shouldn’t…

As I change out of my wet clothes in the bathroom, Renae starts talking to me through the door. “I’ve known Kendall for two years and he’s done so many stupid things, but he means well. Especially when it comes to you.”

I get that she’s trying to make everything better, but I really don’t want to talk about my thinning relationship with Kendall. Once I finish changing, I walk out and say, “I really appreciate you lending me some clothes, but the problem between me and Kendall is his own doing. You don’t need to make excuses for him. It’s getting late, so I should go.”

A frown falls upon her face and makes me feel slightly guilty for the way I spoke to her, but I’m just so fed up with tonight. “Yeah, of course. I’ll see you around.” She says and I smile sadly at her before walking out of her room.

“Ana! Anastasia, wait up!” I hear Kendall say, but I ignore him until I can’t anymore as he grabs my wrist once again. “Why are you ignoring me?” He asks, seeming genuinely confused which only agitates me more for the fact that he doesn’t know what he did wrong.

“Why? Are you serious? Did you not ditch me? Leave me alone at some random party, not even a day after we became friends?” I start as I pull away from him and take a step back. Shaking my head, I say, “I told you that you’d have to earn my trust and right now, you’re not even close. Just leave me alone.”

Not giving him a chance to say anything in response, I make my way through the crowd, into the kitchen as I sneakily grab a bottle of vodka off the table when I walk by. Then I make my way out of the front door, determined to head home when I realize that Kendall drove me.

Well fuck.

Opening the bottle of vodka, I take a huge swig and I was about to take another when someone surprised me with the tickle of their breath on my ear and I knew it was Ryder the moment he smugly asked…

“Rough night?”

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