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- Chapter 23 | Leave You Here To Die


THERE’S A PARTY TONIGHT and I wasn’t planning on going until I got a phone call from Gianna, asking me to take her even though it’s at her sisters’ house…

Gianna is the daughter of Dalton Vitale, the leader of the Forsaken Skulls gang. Having been on opposite sides of the Underworld, people would think that we’re enemies when we aren’t. Not anymore at least.

A few years ago, before I became a leader and my dad had died, Dalton saved my life. Actually, it was more like he spared my life…


“You will do what I say! You hear me, boy?” My father yelled at me as we trained at an abandoned warehouse.

I could taste metallic on my tongue as blood poured from my now broken nose. The immense pain I feel is coursing through every bone in my body.

It takes all of my strength to stand back on my feet and face him again.

“Haven’t you fucking trained me enough for today?” I ask, out of breath and barely holding myself up.

Throwing a quick punch that I’m unable to dodge, he says, “Don’t ever talk back to me, Ryder.”

His hard punch was aimed directly at my ribs, knocking the air out of me. This time, when I fell, I really couldn’t move from the cold cemented floor.

I clutch my chest tightly as I gasp for air, but with every breath I take, there’s just so much pain. He’s gone further with my training today than ever before.

He walks towards me as I painfully struggle to roll onto my side and cough up blood so that I don’t choke on it.

Crouching next to me, he says, “I do this to make you stronger, you ungrateful son of a bitch. Look at you, can’t even fend off your own father. Pathetic.”

“You’re too worthless to be the heir of my legacy. You are unworthy to be called my son.” He says as he stands and takes a step back.

His words do nothing to me because I am already used to his mental abuse. I was expecting him to turn around and leave me here like he usually does, but I guess I just wasn’t lucky today.

The last thing I remember is seeing a shoe in front of my eyes before everything went dark.

I must’ve blacked out because water splashes on my face, waking me up. My head fucking hurts and I don’t remember where I am.

“Wake up, kid.” A gruff voice says from next to me as I try to blink. He must be who threw water at my face.

Opening my eyes, I notice that I’m sitting in a chair with my wrists tied to the armrests and a not so friendly face in front of me.

Dalton Vitale.

I tighten my hands into fists as I attempt to rid myself from these binds but to no avail.

“Relax kid. I ain’t gonna hurt you any more than you already have been if you just listen to what I’ve got to say.” He tells me, which makes my tight muscles relax.

Nodding my head, I reply, “Okay.”

Dalton grabs a chair from the desk by the door in this dark room and pulls it up next to me. Then he sits and props his arms against his knees as he leans forward to begin talking…

“You’re Antonio’s boy, aren’t you?” He asks and I only nod in response. The look on his face becomes mischievous as he says, “So there are two options… I can either leave you here to die, just like your father did or I can make you strong enough to fight him.”

“I want to be stronger. I need to be.” I reply immediately before he can even finish what he was saying.

He leans closer in order to remove the binds on my wrists as he says, “That option does not come without a price. I will need something in return for helping you.”

My father nearly beats me to death on a daily basis for training as he calls it and then again when I step in front of my mother to take what he throws at her.

My body is in constant pain and I’ve got broken bones that cannot heal with the number of times they’re being pummeled.

If I don’t get stronger, he will kill me. It’s not just an assumption because I know he wouldn’t hesitate to do it if that’s what he’s in the mood for.

I’ve got to think of my mom who doesn’t know how to protect herself mentally or physically from him and my little sister who just turned two. Who will protect them if I’m not there?


“What do you want? I’ll do anything you ask of me to become strong.” I tell him while rubbing my sore wrists.

“What I want is for you to do whatever I ask, whenever I ask. That’s it. Do that and I’ll show you how to defend yourself for once.” He says but all I can wonder is what kind of stuff he would ask of me?

So, I ask, “Why that?”

“As you get older and deeper into the gang business, an alliance would greatly benefit me.”

“I’ve seen you around kid and you’ve got potential. You would be a great asset to me in the future, that’s why.” He informs me and I think hard about it for a moment before giving my answer.

“I’ll do it.”

Who would’ve fucking known that saying yes to him that day also meant I’d have to keep daddy’s little angel happy too.

That’s why I’m at this boring fucking party now. It would’ve been worse if I didn’t ask my boys to come too.

Looking over to the couch next to where I’m seated, I see them with a crowd of girls.

Yea, they’re definitely having more fun than me.

“So what do you think?” Gianna’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” I ask, causing her to huff in annoyance at me.

Gianna is hot with her light caramel brown hair and hazel eyes, but I’m just not into her. She’s been clinging to me ever since her dad began training me when I was 13.

I never spent much time with her, so I’m not sure why or when she became obsessed with being around me.

Her dad, Dalton Vitale helped me protect myself and my family from my father by training me for two years.

I would always sneak out of the house after my dad went to sleep to train with Dalton and by the time I turned 15, I no longer needed his assistance.

However, the deal I made with him didn’t really have an expiration date and it’s going to haunt me one day...

Especially because Gianna uses the fact that I owe her dad for saving my life against me all the time.

“Can’t you pay attention to me for once?” She whines before sitting down on my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck.

Rolling my eyes at her, I lie, “I am. I just couldn’t hear what you said over the music.”

Her face brightens, “Oh! I asked what you think of my dress?” She says.

My eyes glance at her dress and then move around the room as I give a short reply, “It’s nice.”

Gianna smiles happily before talking about the shopping she did earlier today and I just zone her out as I continue to scan the room with my eyes.

To the right, there are some girls playing beer pong and a crowd of people watching.

In the center of the house, next to them, is the area where everyone seems to be dancing.

To the left, next to the backyard is the kitchen with all of the drinks and I was about to look away before something or someone caught my eye.

I wonder what she’s doing here? This isn’t a normal high school party, it’s hosted by the Forsaken Ghosts...

Anastasia Stone. She’s leaning against the kitchen counter, staring at me while wearing a black graphic tee shirt and jeans.

She’s the only casually dressed girl I’ve seen at this party.

I’m not one to back down from a staring contest so I keep my eyes locked on hers.

Then she breaks it when a girl I recognize from our school starts talking to her. Things don’t seem to be going smoothly as people around them start to stare.

Before I know it, Anastasia walks outside with the blonde from school following behind her.

Finally some fucking entertainment.

Seems like I’m not the only person who thinks that because the music has been turned off and everyone is rushing to the backyard to get a view of the drama unfolding.

Damn, I’ve got to see this too.

“Get up, Gianna,” I say since I almost forgot that she’s still sitting on my lap.

“I don’t wanna babe.” She frowns and I inwardly roll my eyes at the nickname.

“Fine then,” I tell her and she smiles happily before it changes back to a frown as I lift her off my lap and place her on the couch so I can finally stand.

Walking to the backyard so I can see the fight, I ignore Gianna’s complaints.

I heard yelling as I stepped out the door, but couldn’t tell who was even talking or what was said before there was a loud splash.

Finally getting to the side of the crowd, I could see that it was Anastasia who fell and everyone but me laughed at her embarrassing moment.

However, when she stood up to walk out of the pool, everyone was hit with a shock... Including me.

She dresses in such baggy clothes all the time that everyone assumed she was overweight, but that’s apparently not the case.

Her wet t-shirt and jeans are clinging to her very well-toned body. Even I can’t deny that she looks hot with the body of a model.

Anastasia Stone is just full of surprises. I’m one hundred percent sure that she’s hiding something now. There’s no denying it anymore and I plan to find out what it is.

She argued with Kendall before going inside with Renae, Gianna’s half-sister.

This is her party and I’m really not surprised that she was with Kendall. They’re practically best friends.

One thing they’ve got in common is the fact that they both hate me. Even though our gangs are in an alliance, they still hate me for no fucking reason.

I don’t give a fuck though.

After a few minutes of standing outside, I followed everyone else back into the house.

Perfect timing because the first thing I see when I step into the kitchen is the innocent Anastasia swiping an entire bottle of vodka off of the counter before heading to the front door.

Unable to resist, my feet start moving and I follow her outside.

She didn’t even notice me behind her as she opens the bottle of vodka and takes a very large drink without any struggle.

Fuck, the more I see this girl, the more interested I am in finding out who she truly is...

I will find out who you are Anastasia Stone.

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