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- Prologue

THE UNDERWORLD is a hidden place only known in the world of the gangs.

There’s not a soul that knows where it’s at except for members of the strongest gangs out there. First, there’s The Royal Reapers, then The Bronze Demons, The Crimson Ghosts, and lastly The Forsaken Skulls.

Every single one of them are rivals who never get along. They don’t ask, they just take what they want when they want it... Even if that means fighting each other to the death.

The Underworld is a place that consists of four small towns filled with people who have no clue about it.

The towns seem like nice communities, but the majority of people living in them have no idea about what goes on once the sun goes down. Each town is built on the territory of the gangs, one town for each.

There are rules that each gang must follow, but everyone knows...

Rules are meant to be broken.

This is a dangerous world and these are dangerous times. Everyone fights for something.

They fight for power...

They fight for money...

They fight for weapons...

They fight for family...

But most of all...

They fight for LOVE.

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