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- Chapter 3 | So Goddamn Attractive


IT’S BEEN TWO YEARS now and I live with my mom again.

Honestly, I loved living with my dad and his gang. The majority of the gang and their families lived at our gang house in the town right next to Rosemoor called Aramoor.

It’s pretty close to here, so I was never that far from my mom.

When I went to go live with them, they all helped me get in better shape, so that I wasn’t self-conscious anymore.

Living with the gang taught me many things, including ways to improve my fighting and how to race.

I’ve learned how shoot guns and use knives now because my dad wanted me to be stronger, they turned me into a fighter.

There’s one thing that my dad used to always say as I practiced, and it was...

Fight from your heart.

I haven’t forgotten because that is what makes me stronger, but some day it could become my weakness...

Something that most people don’t know about me is that I have an older brother... Well, I had an older brother.

His name was Ander Martinez, he was 4 years older than me and he lived with our dad until the day he died.

Ander died in a car accident last year when a drunk driver crashed into him head on... Neither of them survived the crash.

We got really close when I moved in with dad at the gang house where he also lived and this past year without him has been really hard for me.

Thats why I decided to go live with my mom again, I want to spend less time at the gang house because everywhere I go all I see is him and it hurts.

The gang used to always go to this bar with illegal fighting in Aramoor where I was the undefeated fighter, known by my alias name, Ray.

Although, it was recently shut down so I’m going to be fighting at the bar I checked out earlier today called, Blackfall.

My racing name is Asia, since my little brother gave me that nickname. He said that Anastasia is too long for him and thats why he cut it short.

It’s better for me to have two different alias’ because of safety. I don’t want anybody finding out who I am, it’s already bad enough that someone who shouldn’t, knows.

Over the years, I’ve practiced and trained hard every single day and it definitely paid off since I’ve become one of the best at what I do.

Although, I didn’t just learn everything overnight.

I’ve always known how to fight, ever since I was little, because of my dad. It wasn’t until I got good - I mean, great, at all of this that he let me officially join his gang.

Originally, he didn’t want me to join his gang at all because it’s too dangerous, but no matter where I go, danger will follow since we share the same blood.

My brother, Ander, was supposed to become the leader soon, but since he is no longer with us it’s automatically going to get passed down to me since I am the next heir and an official member of The Royal Reapers.

Around here, it’s been rare for a girl to be in a gang and right now, I’m the only girl that’s in any of the four main gangs in the area — well, that we know of.

It’s crazy to me how the gangs around here don’t like letting girls in, but I bet that it’s because they’re just sexist.

They’re just men who believe that they are superior to women when they’re not.

Tomorrow is the first day of my senior year, my first day back at Rosemoor High — the school that made my life in this town miserable.

You’d think that I’d be excited to go in and show them who’s boss since I can stick up for myself, I don’t have to deal with the bullying anymore, but that’s not the case.

I won’t be going to school as the new and improved me, but as the same old weak girl that I used to be.

It has to be that way since I’m in enemy territory and nobody can find out who I truly am.

That I’m a Martinez or I’d be in a lot of trouble...

Later, it began getting late and once my mom came home from work, I knew it was time for me to go back to Blackfall and fight.

I would never leave my little brother Kai alone in the house all by himself, so that’s why I always wait for my mom to get back home.

Her job always tends to keep her out really late since she tries to make extra money for the bills.

Although, my dad has a lot of money and has offered many times to help her out, she refuses.

My mom has always been stubborn that way, where she doesn’t want help from anyone.

That’s why I usually use the money I make from my fights to help her out. Every time I give her the money, she tries to refuse, but I can be pretty persuasive.

After changing into a studded black crop top with my favorite leather jacket, tight dark wash ripped jeans and black combat boots, I grabbed my backpack.

Making sure I have my wraps, sports bra, mask, black sweats and oversized hoodie inside of it before I go. I don’t want anybody to be able to see my face.

Throwing the bag over my shoulder, I said bye to my mom and Kai before grabbing my keys and heading out the garage door and opening it so that I can leave.

Walking over to my motorcycle, I grab the helmet hanging off of the handles and pull it over my head before making sure it’s on snug as I then slide the visor down over my eyes with the swipe of my hand.

Once I was ready, I threw my leg over the seat and got on, speeding out of the garage on my way to Blackfall, but I didn’t forget to shut the garage on my way out.

After driving for a bit, I had to stop at a stoplight when all of a sudden, blaring music can be heard from behind me and as I turned my head to the right, I saw a dark gray Porsche with three guys inside.

I froze for a moment as I recognized one of them — Ryder Grimaldi, the enemy gang leader.

Seeing him this close, he seems younger than I thought he was, almost as if he’s my age, but that can’t be right...

Aren’t gang leaders usually older?

“Hey, baby.” Ryder said as he made his window go down all the way, leaning his arm through the opening in a way that’s supposed to be ‘cool’.

Rolling my eyes at him under my visor, I turn my head back towards the road as I wait for the light to turn green.

“Did it hurt?” Not this pickup line again...

Flipping the visor up on my helmet, I look at him with an eyebrow raised as I reply, “Did what hurt?”

I was expecting the most cliche pickup line ever and that is exactly what I got, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” He asked and I scoffed because this is literally the most overused line that there is.

“No, but it definitely hurt crawling up from hell. Although, I actually think it hurt worse when I saw your face.” The other two guys couldn’t hold in their laughter and side remarks as I smirked and he told them to shut the hell up.

Glancing back towards the road, I notice the light to the right of us turn yellow and that meant ours was about to turn green, so I revved my engine before saying my farewell, “It wasn’t nice talking to you boys.”

They revved their engine back at me, signaling a race and the smile that grew on my face couldn’t have been any wider.

Shooting them a wink, I flipped the visor on my helmet back down before speeding down the street, right as the light changed from red to green.

We were side by side, going down different roads and alleyways before I pushed down on the accelerator harder, passing them up like lightning in the midnight sky.

Deciding that we should stop this game of cat and mouse, I remembered an alley around here that I passed through a couple days ago with an opening in the back that’s big enough for my bike, even if it doesn’t look like it.

The best part? It leads to another street that I need to take on my way to black fall and it’s not big enough for a car to fit through.

Turning down the alley, I parked it in a way that made it seem like I accidentally came down this alley and wanted to get out, since it was facing the side. It made me look cornered.

With both hands I pulled off my helmet, shaking out my dark brown hair that’s now filled with tangles from the drive as I hold my helmet under my left arm, against my side.

I can feel the cool breeze of wind going through my hair as I run my right hand through it, in an attempt to take some of the tangles out since they tend to get annoying.

Finally, after what feels like forever, they came into the alleyway and unsurprisingly, blocked the entire exit with their car. They’re probably assuming that I now have no way out, but boy are they wrong.

All of them soon got out of the car, making their way a bit closer to me and it honestly looked like it could be a scene out of a movie.

Their aura just seemed to scream ‘trouble’.

“You’re the girl from earlier...” I thought I heard someone say, but I could be wrong since it was so quiet — almost like a whisper in the wind.

“What’s your name?” One of them asked, but I’m not going to tell them.

“Something that you don’t need to know,” I replied, because do they honestly think that I’m going to tell them? Just some random guys I met on the road?

“Tell us.” There’s a very high chance that they’re also apart of the enemy gang, so I’m not taking any chances.

“No thanks, I’m good. Oh and by the way...” Glancing at Ryder, a smirk begins to form on my lips, “Your racing skills need lots of improvement.”

That was the moment when Ryder, who seemed to be the leader out of the three, took a step forward that was probably meant to be threatening. Although, to me, it really wasn’t.

“You really don’t want to mess with us, babe.” He’s staring at me so intensely and his voice sounds so very threatening, I had to put on a poker face around him.

It’s crazy how the only thing I really notice through the darkness of the alley is the icy blueness of his eyes.

Why does he have to be so goddamn attractive?

“If you knew who we are, you’d know that you could get hurt. Pretty bad,” said Ryder as he took another step closer to me on my motorcycle and it seemed like the perfect time to get out of here.

“I honestly don’t you could do that much.” He looks like he can pack a real punch, I’ve even seen him do it at Blackfall, but he doesn’t need to know what I’m thinking.

As I shrug at him, it only seems to piss him off, “Want to test that theory?”

He wants a challenge? Well, that’s too bad because I’m saving it for our fight in the ring. It’s a good thing that he won’t know it’s me.

“Maybe Later, I have somewhere to be.” Placing the helmet back over my head I grin.

“There’s nowhere else you can go, princess.” As he took another step closer, I smirked because I had already revved my engine.

It roared to life as I replied, “I wouldn’t be too sure.”

I took off, turning my bike around before speeding through the small space in the back of the alley towards another street.

The looks on their faces were priceless.

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