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- Chapter 4 | Who Said I'm A Guy?


THE REST OF THE DRIVE was short and once I finally got to my destination, I parked around back.

After making sure that my motorcycle was completely hidden and out of plain sight, I grabbed the handles as I stood up, leaning forward enough for me to kick my right leg up into the air behind me and around my bike.

Taking off my backpack, I placed it on the seat of my motorcycle, opening it before I grabbed my helmet and pulled it off over my head.

My backpack extends far enough for my helmet to fit inside, that’s why I put everything else in the front high pocket.

Although the bag is huge and makes me look like I’m just carrying a bag of rocks, I’ve gotta do what works best.

After shoving my helmet into the bag and zipping it up, I made my way into Blackfall.

Inside, it looks like a normal bar with tables and people hanging out watching TV screens, but I know that it’s just a cover.

Walking towards the dark back corner, there’s a door that says “DO NOT ENTER” but I don’t listen.

Opening the door, I begin walking down a set of stairs, finally hearing the sounds of a bunch of people.

When I get down to the basement, which is set up like a fight arena with a bar, I take a quick look around to get more familiar with the place even though I already came here earlier.

The mast majority of the people here were all huddled together, forming a large circle around the center of the room, surrounding two guys who were getting ready to fight.

The smell of sweat and alcohol was overpowering.

People had their hands up in the air, waving around wads of cash as they placed their bets and I grinned — this is definitely my kind of place.

Eventually, I made my way into the girls bathroom so that I could change.

Pushing open the door to the biggest stall, I go in lock the door before hanging my backpack up on the hook.

My bag is so stuffed that it’s hard to even get the zipper undone but I manage.

Quickly, I change into my sweats, sports bra, and hoodie before I took out my wraps. Now, I just need one more thing...

Digging through the bag pocket, I search for my mask because I don’t want people to find out who I am and luckily I find it.

It’s the type of mask where there’s also a hood attached, so I pull it over my head and then pull the bottom part up to cover my nose and mouth. Only my eyes are able to be seen.

Taking my bag off the hook, I throw it over my shoulder before I leave the stall. Then I walked out of the girls bathroom, but not without checking to make sure nobody was around.

I notice that the current fight seems to have already begun as I walk to the bar and see a guy who is probably in his twenties, “What can I get you, dude?”

Sitting down on the bar stool, my hood continues to cover most of my face from other peoples wandering eyes.

“A sign-up sheet to fight,” I said with a deeper voice than I normally have while he just threw his head back, laughing.

“You’d get toasted! How tall are you even?” He has this gleam in his eye, like what I just told him was the most ridiculous thing that he’s ever heard.

I can’t help but shake my head as I reply, “I’m 5′1.”

Yes, I know I’m very short, but that doesn’t make me any less strong. I get my height from my mom’s side of the family.

“Damn, man. What’s your name? Most guys who fight here are more than a foot taller, we’ve never had a guy that short before,” He said and I decided to show him that I’m not one. I mean, telling one person won’t hurt... Right?

“My name’s Ray. And who said I’m a guy?” I spoke in my normal voice as I pulled the front of my mask down enough for only him to get a glance at my full face, making it obvious to him that I am definitely not a guy.

Wide eyes stared back at me and now I felt like the one who needed to laugh. “Can I have that sign up sheet now?”

He seemed to have been in a trance, but when I spoke it brought him out because he handed me the sheet lie I asked and I began filling it all out with the pen he also provided me with.

No words were said as I filled out the paper, but once I was done, I handed it to him while also asking, “Hey, can you keep my bag behind the counter until after I fight?”

“Yea, sure thing. Do you want someone easy to fight against?” Rolling my eyes, I shook my head no because it’s so very stereotypical.

“No, I want to fight against the best you guys have got. Preferably your current undefeated fighter.” The worried and concerned look he gave me just made my grin widen.

“Are you sure, because I don’t know if you can beat him. And I don’t want you getting hurt like all of his opponents usually do,” he says with concern laced in his voice.

“I’m a fighter, fighting is what I do. So, I’ll be fine.” I reassure him.

“Don’t forget to bet on me if you want some cash.” I winked, lightening up his mood as he just chuckled, shaking his head.

“Most definitely.” Grinning, I got down from the bar stool as I started to walk towards the huge crowd of people.

“You’re next by the way!” He yelled over the music from the bar.

As I waited for my name to be called, I began wrapping my hands and the moment I finished, they started calling my opponent to the center of the circle... Ryder.

“Next up, we have our one and only undefeated fighter! Ryder!” The crowd sprang into cheers, screaming their love for him, his strength.

“And against him, we have a newbie! Ray! Better wish him luck guys!” He chuckled slightly into the microphone as the crowd cheered for me too, although not surprisingly — way less than they did for Ryder.

After pushing my way through the sweaty bodies of the crowd, I finally made my way into the center of everyone. Gasps could be heard throughout the entire bar, probably because of my height.

Looking at Ryder, I was glad to see that he had a shirt on while fighting this time because if he was shirtless like I saw him earlier today, then I’d be distracted too easily.

The moment he laid his eyes on me, he threw his head back, laughing as if someone had played a prank on him.

“Is this some joke? I’m not going to fight a kid.” He looked around the crowd, just waiting for someone to say it was and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m not a kid. I’m probably around your age.” Well, I actually don’t know if that’s true because he looks like he’s 20.

“You look like a fucking 12-year-old while I’m 18.” Wait, did he say 18? He’s only one year older than me...

“Yeah, no. I’m 17 and I’m the one who’s going to be taking your title,” I replied, smirking as he glared daggers at me. If looks could kill, I’d be six feet under right now.

“Like that’s going to happen when I’m fighting a little boy.” We’ll see about that, Ryder.

The announcer began to speak and we both got into position. “Who’s ready for a fight?” He yelled and the crowd screamed that they are.

“Remember the rules! Fighters, no killing each other in the circle. And for the rest of you, no more bets can be placed while the fighters are in the circle. No touching or assisting the fighters. No bet switching and for your sake, do not run into the circle!”

“If you break any of these rules, you will be thrown out of here! Immediately! Now, let the fight begin!” He blew some kind of horn, signaling for us to begin and that’s exactly what we did.

I stayed on defense as we circled each other and the first thing I did was check for any weaknesses. He seemed to be putting less pressure on his left side, so I knew that’s where I had to throw the hardest punches.

Ryder got ready to throw a left hook at me, but if I’m right, that would be his weakest side — meaning it’s a fake punch.

Dodging to the left was the perfect move because he threw a right hook straight at me. When I dodged the punch, I was low, so I threw two right jabs, then a left before getting back into position.

He looked mad, no... furious that I could land punches on him.

Throwing a right hook, he blocked it. Left hook, he blocked that too. Before I could get another punch in, he did an uppercut, getting me right in the jaw before tripping me.

My head slammed against the hard floor and I’m so lucky that my hood didn’t fall off since it’s attached to my mask which makes it stay better.

Ryder got on top of me and began throwing punches left and right at me that I was able to block, except for a couple on my sides.

Using my leg, I kicked him hard in the stomach, getting him off of me as I stood up as quickly as I could.

Fucking hell, my side is killing me now.

Getting back into position, I immediately throw a right hook at his face the moment that he stands up.

Right hook. Left hook. Right upper cut.

Ryder tried throwing a few more punches, but it didn’t work out for him. He didn’t hit me once since he was already beginning to lose his balance and I took it as my chance to win this fight.

With my hands up, leveled with my face, I waited for a moment to see if he’d do anything, but all he did was try to regain his complete balance.

Taking a small step back with my right foot, I then threw it in the air, hitting Ryder one last time as I did my roundhouse kick and he fell to the floor groaning.

Ten seconds passed and he showed no signs of getting up, making me the new champion.

Honestly, I don’t know how he was the undefeated fighter when I took him down pretty easily. I expected more of a fight from him.

The whole crowd stayed silent since the moment he fell, shocked that someone could beat him, especially someone my size.

I left the circle of people as they all made a path for me to walk. After grabbing the money I won, I went to the bar so that I could get my bag.

“Thanks...” I realized that I don’t know the bartenders’ name as he handed me my bag.

“Andy.” Smiling, I nodded at him.

“Thanks for watching my bag, Andy. Did you get your money’s worth from my fight?” I ask with a smirk because if he bet on me, then I already know the answer.

“Yea, I was one of the few who bet on you, so I got tons. You did great out there.” Turning around, he began filling up someone’s beer.

“Thanks, Andy.” I began walking towards the bathroom as the crowd began cheering for the next set of fighters.

Making sure nobody was watching me, I walked into the girls bathroom and changed back into the clothes I came here in.

Once I was done, I threw my backpack on over my shoulder as Walked back to the bar because I definitely need to drink something before I go.

Walking up to the bar, I saw Andy standing there looking at me, but it looks like he doesn’t recognize me.

“What can I get you, babe? My number?” He asked me with a wink as he leaned his elbows on the bar and I just laughed.

“I’ll just take a water, Andy.” He was shocked by my reply at first, but then realization hit him as he recognized my voice and grinned.

“Coming right up, Ray,” said Andy as he filled up a glass with water and handed it to me before tending to another customer.

I downed the glass right away to help my scratchy throat, said a quick thanks, and then left. The drive home was definitely quicker than the drive there.

Once I got home, I parked inside the garage before going inside to my room. After taking a quick shower, I went to bed...

Not so excited for the next day.

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