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Things are changing at All Star Academy, as the school staff goes through some much needed changes, so does the student hierarchy of senior year. But will the ultimate goal of being Wrestling School Champions be achieved or will old rivalries and bitter enemies destroy the school's new hope.

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All Star Academy

The yellow and orange halls of All Star Academy had never inspired, any sort of hope for fun. The busy halls full of students and teachers attempting to get to their destination, without dropping something or tripping and falling over, and hopefully without any embarrassing incidences. AJ Lee walked down the halls, among the sea of humanity, invisible as normal. The laughter of her former best friend almost haunting her, as she tried her best to ignore it and push back the memories of what happened almost two years prior. The petite brunette looking up to the skylights, seeing the bright sunshine, coating the high ceilings in its glow, the same glow that was drowned out by the light grey classroom doors, silver lockers and never end flow of students and teachers. The corridor seeming even more darker than normal, due to the lights being turned off, or too dim to light anything up.

“Hey Pumpkin” came the calm voice, thick with an English ascent, the midnight haired teen it belonged to appearing next to AJ, as if she’d materialized out of thin air, leaning against her own polished locker. No doubt waiting until the last possible second to put her things in the tin can, before heading down to the locker rooms for sports class. “You seemed so lost in thought, you didn’t see Corey all but face plant the wall” spoke the taller teen, a smile on her lips as she did her usual routine of ignoring the passing teenagers, instead her focus on the smaller teen, she could confidently call her best friend. AJ soon grinned, the thought of Corey crashing into an unsuspecting wall again, likely distracted by Carmella as usual.

“Nothing to worry about Crumpet. Although someone should check if the wall is okay” responded AJ, quickly allowing the comment to pop to mind to escape from her lips. Echo next to her agreeing before laughing slightly. The only laughter louder than Echo’s being that of Kaitlyn’s, AJ’s former best friend, the laughter sounded louder than before. Both teenagers turned to see the once kind and gentle hybrid teen, not to far down the hall, sat on the floor with the other teenage girls whom believed themselves better than the rest. AJ could only remember the old Kaitlyn, the kind and sweet girl whom had never been afraid of offer help to anyone and didn’t care what people, least of all Brie and her group of girls thought of her. Now everything was different, gone was the Kaitlyn, AJ had once called best friend. Everything that made her original and unique, erased by the latest fashion, full face of make up and of cause the bitchy attitude. “We’ve got double sports with Lita, right?” asked the smaller teen, as she turned her attention back to Echo, whom only nodded with dread, knowing this time would be different as the boys would be joining them, thrust volleyball would be all that more embarrassing. Still a shadow of a bruise could been seen on the side of Echo’s head, from where the ball had hit her the week prior.

“I think the guys are with us this time. Something to do with the timetables been upside down from all the changes” utter Echo, remembering Stephanie McMahon, the new headmistress had mentioned something about it, in the start of term assembly, Lita too had reminded them last Friday as they all left for the weekend. Plus Finn and Aleister had been talking about it the day prior. As normal JBL’s boring history class, was the place to catch up with friends and hear the latest gossip, or do anything that didn’t involve learning after the first ten minutes of torture.

“You mean to say we all have to endure the torment of watching Daniel and Brie playing tonsil hockey for an hour and a half” commented AJ, recalling when she had previously dated Daniel, mistakenly believing he was the love of her life. Oh how times had changed. The petite brunette only sighed when Echo nodded in confirmation, although she soon remembered the boys joining the sports class, would also mean she would spend a little more time with her Punky Bear. Brie would no doubt be critiquing everyone there, comparing herself and Daniel to the couples, and making jabs at those whom were single. Not that anyone listened to the younger Bella twin. Most had tuned her , when she displayed she couldn’t even show loyalty to her own twin. “Was that just me or did Seth Friggin Rollins, just check you out ... again” whispered AJ, noticing the senior year smart-ass once again checking Echo out, something he had made a habit out of doing, since returning to school the week prior. Everyone in the school knew whom Seth was, one of the star athletes, along with Roman and Dean, yet he’d ignored every attempt girls made to flirt, showing no sign of wanting to try the high school romance again, after the vicious break up with Lacy in their sophomore year. Echo just rolled her eyes, before grabbing her sports bag and linking arms with AJ, both opting to skip down the halls to the girls locker room, opposite drama class. Neither teen caring about the weird looks others sent in their direction, or the snide remarks made about them. Instead they just smiled and waved to those whom made comments.

“Checking Echo out again” commented Roman, his comment more or less a rhetorical question, all it served to do was spark a death glare from the teenager it was directed at. As normal the Samoan’s voice bouncing of the sickly colored walls, ensuring all those down the specific corridor could hear his words. Already Seth could predict, it would be the topic of gossip for the day, especially among the group of girls that often trailed Brie around. “I don’t know what you see in her. She weird and doesn’t seem to notice the obvious, might be better of choosing someone from Brie’s group” continued the teenage athlete, his straightened black hair, tied back into a man bun, ready for the double sports class. He seemed oblivious to the glares he received from both Seth and Dean, as well as the odd look Nikki gave him as she walked past. All to happy to ignore the jabs her ex in John Cena was attempting to make, instead she simple held up her middle finger and grinned. Knowing it wasn’t the response he wanted or expected.

“I say go for it” commented Nikki, being all to aware this was the first time Seth had showed interest in dating since his messy break up. Plus Echo was one of her closest friends, being there for her when Cena had broke her heart the year prior, and Brie stabbed her in the back not long after. AJ too had been there, as had a few others. All of them helping to rebuild her confidence again, and being the support she needed, Aleister and Finn had gone out of their way to ensure Brie and those whom intended to cause more pain wouldn’t get near her during school hours. Thrust making the healing process a little easier. “Oh Roman, Echo has noticed and she’s not weird, she’s a limited edition” continued the eldest Bella twin, noticing her little brother JJ walking down the hall with his friends, one of which was Echo’s brother Blaine. Dean chuckled to Nikki’s statement and Roman’s reaction, waving as the older Bella twin left for the girls locker room.

“I agree with Fearless” cheekily spoke Dean, a smug grin upon his lips. As normal his shaggy hair a mess, looking like he had already been in a fight, despite it being the first few minutes of the day. The opponent likely being the breeze outside. Dean soon become lost in thought as he recalled how he and Renee had met, he’d been running down the corridor trying to catch Seth. Where as Seth had avoided Renee’s open locker, he hadn’t. He’d smacked right into it,, receiving a headache and bloody nose as a result, Renee had thanked him for closing her locker for her, while scolding him for scaring her. Seth in the background almost on the floor with laughter, holding his ribs. “Renee’s friends with Echo, maybe I can get some intel” added Dean, recalling his blonde beauty, mentioning some weekend plans with the girls, one of the names mentioned was Echo, others being AJ and both Nikki’s. Dean’s icy eyes shone with mischief, yet there was also something far more sincere there, almost as if he’d become far more determined to see his love sick brother, happy again, or at least see the crush through to the end.

“How am I supposed to ask her out, with her thinking its some sort of mean joke meant to hurt her again?” asked Seth, admitting he had no idea how he was going to ask Echo out. It was times like this he envied his step brother in Punk and Dean. For how easily it come to them, for how easy they had summed up the courage to ask. Although AJ did put Punk through the ringer, especially with his attempts to prove none of it was a joke. It had taken him months to earn AJ’s trust, but it paid off in the end. “As Rome pointed out, we’re from two different social groups. We’re popular, she’s considered weird” added Seth, recalling when Echo had transferred to the school last year. She had been different then, AJ had been charged with being a friend and showing her around the school, the two are best friends now. Echo had been friendly at first, but she began ignoring all of those considered popular after a mean prank at the hands of Charlotte, Natalya, Eva Marie and a few of the jocks. They were only ones to find it funny, but the consequences had effected everyone whom were popular. Although Echo had gotten her revenge on the boys several weeks later. The video of which was still up on YouTube, thanks to Drew McIntyre filming it.

“Doesn’t she have protectors?” asked Roman, reminding both he was still there, after being unusually quiet. He could recall Daniel talking about coming face to face with a few of them, last year after the cruel prank he’d been apart of. The Samoan being unaware of Punk and Corey walking along behind him, both of them appearing amused by the odd topic of conversation. Although they knew whom Roman was likely referring to. The three teenagers had made it their personal mission to protect the teenager girls often targeted by Brie’s group of Barbie girls or Daniel’s group of idiots. “Remember Daniel had a run in with them last year, after the prank on Echo” uttered the Samoan, finding himself curious if Seth or Dean were even taking notice, he was still yet to work out whom the two smaller teens were, the taller one most avoided was Drew. The Scottish teen always looking out for those whom needed help or targeted by Brie and Daniel’s groups, regardless of what year they were in.

“Aleister Black and Finn Balor” cheerfully mentioned Bray as he walked passed the group, a chuckle escaping him upon noticing Punk and Corey doing their best impressions of Roman. Luke and Erick following behind Bray, although Erick remained silent and hidden by his sheep mask, the mask also helping to hide his grin of amusement. Where as Luke chuckled at Corey and Punk’s impersonations, even more so when they switched to doing Daniel and Brie, as well as other members of the stuck up groups. “If you think Echo and AJ are weird Roman, I’m curious to know what you think of me, Luke, Eric and Braun?” asked the teen whom was known for his creepy alter ego. Although he only seemed to don the creepy mask when it come to those whom believed they were better than the rest. It was at that point Roman turned around, only to find Punk mincing his every move with amusement on his lips, Corey continuing his impersonation of Daniel, with the Miz giving pointers as he passed by.

“The demonic duo” commented Seth, recognizing the names of both boys quickly. He had some classes with them, they always kept Echo company when AJ wasn’t around, Drew doing the same with AJ when she was parted from Echo. Yet Seth knew which classes where it was just Echo on her own, he had every class with her. Art, IT and Business studies were the only ones where she was on her own. Those were also the classes where Brie and her girls or one of the hateful jocks would up their game of torment. Bray simply nodded in response to Seth’s comment, confirming the two aforementioned teens, were indeed the pair commonly referred to as the demonic duo. “No wonder why Daniel ran away with his tail between his legs. Those two can put Garagno and Ciampa to shame” continued Seth, showing he was aware of the rivalry of sorts going between the two pairs of teenagers. Although it seemed more about giving Daniel and his jocks a taste of their own medicine rather than who could out do who.

“The Devil and The Demon King” spoke Dean, just loud enough for those around him to hear his words. Corey and Punk looked to each other, well aware the nicknames were likely well earnt. It seeming to be at tradition at All Star Academy, the nicknames were given by those around, rather than created by the student with them. Those with nicknames were few and far between in the senior year, its almost as if they had left their uniqueness behind when they entered high school, instead settling for being the smallest year group in the school’s history. Only a few had earnt their nicknames. Nikki Cross was known as the Twisted Sister, Where as Echo herself was known as the The Princess of the Empire, Nikki Bella had earnt the nickname Fearless, by owning her status as one of the weirdos of the school after being demoted by her own selfish twin. Where as Corey had become the Savior of Misbehavior, due to his common appearance in the detention halls and purposely defying teachers ruling, especially JBL.

“Hey Seth” called Drew, from his spot not to far ahead. He was at the stairs leading down to the ground floor of the school, as usual towering over fellow students, Braun being the only other to do so. “I’ll make you a deal. You ask out the Princess, and I’ll do the same with Fearless” added Drew when the group of five were close enough. His voice thick with his iconic Scottish ascent. Seth thought about it for a few seconds before nodding, accepting the offer of help and support, it being clear Drew could see he meant no harm, but instead was honest with his attraction to Echo. “She’ll accept you eventually, especially if you keep popping up around the school like you have been doing” added the Scottish teen, revealing to Seth he hadn’t been as sneaky as he’d believed, as well as Echo having noticed, not only his crush but his appearances around the school too. Wherever she was, he’d hadn’t been far behind. “Maybe Corey and Dean could offer a distraction, with their mischievous rampage against Daniel and his group of idiots” finished Drew, refusing to admit he enjoyed watching the displays the two often put on. Anything from whoopy cushions to balloons filled with paint or water being used.

The group of boys soon entered the locker room, Booker T already there, watching from his normal spot in the teacher’s closet. The rows of black lockets doing little to warm the cold white tiled room up. The groups of boys scattered around the locker room, neither particularly close to another, although all looked up whenever the heavy light grey door squeaked in protest when it was pushed open, each teenager seemed invested to know whom had entered. Punk soon looked around the locker room from his spot. Aleister and Finn sat in a shadowy corner, no to far from Bray’s small group, Daniel and his group were near the entrance, as if to send the message they were in charge, even when no one took them seriously. Sami, Kevin, The Uso’s and New Day were huddled in a row furthest from the showers, Bobby Roode, Ziggler, Baron and Sheamus all minding their own business, Ziggler impersonating Austin Theory again, much to Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa’s amusement.

“Alright, listen up” called Booker, his voice loud enough to be heard over the conversations taking place and the loud music behind played. The tiled marble walls and cold floor helping to elevate his voice and reach those hidden in the furthest corners of the locker room. “As I reminded you on Friday, we’ll be sharing classes with the girls in the new sports hall, until the timetables are fix and the authority problems are solved” announced the sports coach, hearing the sighs of protest in response to the news. Although he found the senior year students taking the brunt of the changes unfair, he had faith Stephanie knew what she was doing and would solve the issues quickly. “Don’t forget to lock your lockers, Sophomore students will be in here for second period” called Booker, reminding the senior year boys, the second year students would be sharing the locker room with them, thrust it was necessary to ensure their lockers were properly locked.

“That’s dodge ball out” complained Daniel, his voice loud enough, everyone there could clearly hear him, and the whinny tone ringing in his voice. Baron merely looked over from his spot, looking to Sheamus before chuckling, not bothering to hide it, or to listen to Daniel or any of the teenagers around him. Sheamus knowing eventually someone would speak up to remind Daniel, not all the girls were like Brie and her merry band of Barbie dolls. Some of them were willing to take the chance and play the game, some even making it known they wanted to give dodge ball a try, if only to prove they could do it. “So who’s getting showered today?” asked Daniel, looking to his trusted band of boys, wondering whom had been picked to be thrown into the cold shower while fully clothed. The last victim had been Damien Priest, although they had quickly regretted that, when he’d hand thrown each of them in there in response, every day for a week. The last day he had given their phone to Rhea Ripley and Shayna Bazsler, both of which had proceeded to thrown the phones into the lake that ran through the school grounds, a proud grin each as they did so.

“Come on man, just because your girl and her friends are gonna be running from the ball screaming, doesn’t mean the rest will be” spoke Kevin Owens, a wicked grin appearing on his lips. He was known to watch his fellow classmates, thrust he was well aware some of the girls would stand in defiance against them. Others would be lethal at the game given the chance. “Bliss for sure would give as good as she gets. Becky would jump at the chance to throw a ball or two at Baron. I’d doubt Tamina would be running from anything. Hell she could knock you lot off your feet with her strength” added the prize fighter, naming just a few of the ladies, whom would do anything but run from the ball, some of them would happily take the offer of being able to throw balls at both the boys and fellow residents of the girls locker room.

“Not to mention Cross, Echo, AJ, Rhea and Shayna would be nightmares if given the chance. I dare say Fearless would be too” added Sami, suspecting if the theoretical game of dodge ball ever happened, each of them mentioned would not waste their chance to use the balls as a weapon against the group of jocks to so often target them for cruel pranks and seemingly never ending torment. Rusev merely grinned from his spot within Daniel’s jocks, knowing whatever happened they would all deserve it, yet he found himself hoping they would show a little mercy to him and Elias, as they had been the voice of reason many times in the past, thrust saving each from further torment. Fear soon flashed in Lashley and Andrade’s eyes, as it did with Daniel and Cena, all suddenly finding themselves with hope, Dodge Ball wasn’t even considered. If it was, all knew it would be more than the small group of girls aiming at them with the balls. And it would be more than a game for them, but a fight to survive.

“New sports hall guys, the girls are already waiting” called Booker, reading Lita’s text. She would send her weapons in Echo, AJ and Cross over, if the boys didn’t hurry up and get a move on. Her girls were getting impatient as they waited. “Lita is getting ready to send Cross, AJ and Echo over, to get you lot there quicker” added the sports coach, hearing some of the chuckles in response. Dean commenting he would help them. Where as others sudden picked up the speed and left quickly to join the girls, not wishing to deal with the wrath of Cross, even more so when it was no secret Aleister had given her sugar that morning as part of a playful joke with her.

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