The Bailey Siblings

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Cameron Bailey was invisible, starting her Freshmen year at Riverton University but with her infamous siblings reputation, sad to say, she won't stay invisible. The Bailey siblings have a way with themselves. They know how to create distance. They know how to mend bridges. They know how to strengthen bonds. They're a dangerous breed of family. They relied on the warmth of their parents, always there to pick up the pieces and taking comfort in their presence. Whatever the rift, their parents would solve the problem. That is, until the Bailey parents die in a horrific car accident. Leaving the Bailey siblings falling to the ground.

Drama / Romance
Tori M. Paxon
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The Girl in the Ninja Suit

The Bailey siblings had a way with people.

They knew how to manipulate, interrogate, separate, and penetrate some of the wisest minds that people carried. They were a dangerous breed of children.

The Bailey siblings had a way with words. They knew what to say to make you hate them. They knew what to say to make you love them. They knew what to say to make you worship them. They were a dangerous breed of teenagers.

The Bailey siblings had a way with themselves. They knew how to create distance. They knew how to mend bridges. They knew how to strengthen bonds. They were a dangerous breed of family.

Ashton Bailey is the oldest sibling at the gentle age of twenty four. She has a promiscuous mind and a sharp tongue. Her dark brown eyes could be mistaken for red in the proper lightening. She never knew what the word, “patience” meant. Everything was always quick. She changed her clothes quickly. She ate her meals quickly. She ended relationships quickly. Ashton Bailey could be mistaken as “the realist” Bailey, but her soul is too beautiful for her to keep up such a facade.

Bishop Bailey is the second oldest sibling at the awakening age of twenty one. His features have always lead to his demise. His looks,carved from marble, caused constant attention from the public that always placed him in the middle of every social hierarchy he so happens to walk into. His only problem is his deep hatred of the public.Bishop’s dislike for people makes him ensure that he uses his good looks to get whatever he deserves and most of the time, he gets what he wants. Bishop Bailey could be mistaken as “the selfish” Bailey, but his ability to care for other will make him a target.

Sebastian Bailey is the third oldest sibling at the similar age of twenty one. He has always felt like a background to his older twin, Bishop’s opening act. He has never been in the spotlight, not that he wished to be, but he so easily became a shadow that he got used to being in the dark. Sebastian has a way with women that even he cannot understand. He believes that women and men can not be friends on any term besides sexual and he makes a point of proving this fact to every woman that enters his life. Sebastian Bailey could be mistaken as “the quiet” Bailey, but his mind is so loud that it’s only a matter of time until his true voice erupts.

Jacob Bailey is the fourth oldest sibling at the confusing age of twenty. Jacob has never taken anything seriously. He believes life is a joke and he is simply waiting for the punchline. Jacob does not care for the opinions of others, including his siblings. He acts on pure emotion and speaks what is in his heart whenever necessary. Jacob Bailey could be mistaken as “the irresponsible” Bailey, but life’s punchline could turn this boy into a man.

Cameron Bailey is the youngest sibling at the adult age of eight-teen. Cameron has always been cuddled by her siblings as the “baby” in the family. She tends to lash out by the over-affection and tries to distance herself from her siblings as much as possible. Cameron refuses to be linked to any of her siblings behavior or mannerisms. All she wishes is to go somewhere far where no one knows the infamous “Bailey Siblings." Cameron Bailey could be mistaken as “the invisible” Bailey, but in time she will become one of the most well known of the siblings that there ever could be.

The Bailey siblings have always been held together by the glue that is their parents. Whenever there was a rift between the siblings; their parents would solve the problem and eventually get the children to bond again as family. The Bailey siblings relied on the warmth of their parents to always be there to pick up the pieces and they felt comfort in knowing that their presence would always be there.

That is, until the Bailey parents died in a horrific car accident. Leaving the Bailey siblings to fend for themselves...

“Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Riverton University! My name is Kim Kesler and I am your guide for today. I know a lot of you freshmen are excited and ready to head for your dorms but this tour will only take a few minutes. Of course, you aren’t inclined to take the tour but it is recommended that you-”

I rolled my eyes before picking up my suitcase and walking away from the group. I could feel the stares of the other students and parents on me with every step I took but I could give two shits about taking another campus tour. I had taken three of them already and I was certain that I could find the food hall by myself now, thank you very much.

I placed my earphones in my ear and felt a hand on my shoulder. I groaned, stopping to turn around. “You don’t want to take the tour?”

“No, I don’t. I’ve already had one.”


“A while back. I already know what she’s going to point out and what she’s not. I’m tired and I just want to unpack my things.”

“Well, someone is in a sour mood today. What the fuck is eating you? Or is that the problem? Would you like someone to eat you?”

I frowned and turned back around to face my sister, Ashton Bailey, and pointed at her. “You said you wouldn’t make anymore jokes about my sexuality! You lied,” I exclaimed, slightly angry. Ashton threw her head back and laughed.

“Cam! Don’t get so upset. It was just a little teasing. I would never make fun of you being a lesbian. I love you. You’re my baby sister,” she mocked, pinching my cheeks. I pulled away from her and groaned. “Stop it! I hate when you do that! I’m eight-teen now. Can’t you stop calling me your baby sister?” I grimaced, walking away from her.

Ashton walked next to me, pulling along more of my luggage as we passed various other students and parents on the campus.

“I think it’s cute. Besides, you don’t get pissed when Bishop calls you that,” she continued. “Yes, I do! I always get pissed when Bishop calls me that. I swear, it’s like everyone forgets that they’re also a younger sibling and just pins it all on me,” I grumbled.

“Um, I’m not a younger sibling. I happen to be the oldest,” Ashton said proudly, flipping her hair in the process. “Yeah, and you never let us fucking forget it,” I mumbled under my breath.

We reached Lincoln Hall, my dorm building, and I watched as heads turned when we walked in the door. Of course, I knew these people weren’t admiring me, oh no, they were all staring at Ashton.

There were two things Ashton Bailey was good at. One, looking flawless in her makeup and two, making heads turn. Sometimes, she didn’t even need number one to make number two happen. I tried to ignore the looks, seeing as I was used to it, until a random guy walked towards us and stopped Ashton in her tracks.

“That looks heavy. Need some help?” he asked, flashing his smile at her. The guy was six feet tall with broad shoulders. He had dark black hair and blue eyes. His clothing looked pressed and proper and his shoes were brand new. I smirked to myself, stopping to wait for what I already knew was going to happen.

Ashton looked him up and down before walking closer to him. She ran one of her manicured nails down his neck and leaned in towards his ear. “Maybe next time,” she whispered seductively. She pulled away from him as we continued walking down the hall, as if nothing had happened.

The guy stood there for a minute, trying to figure out what happened. Obviously, he had never been rejected before and I felt kind of bad for him, but he was barking up the wrong tree.

Ashton did not do proper, of any kind. She wouldn’t waste her time on anyone that looked like they came from money. She never dated the captain of the football team, although she was a cheerleader and she never went for the most popular guy in school.

Ashton was addicted to men who stood for something. She found herself in relationships with guys who hated authority and had several ways of showing it. Her last boyfriend had a knack for thievery and he didn’t give two shits who knew about it. He would steal whatever he could, whenever he could.

Sadly enough, they weren’t together now thanks to the state of Rhode Island.

I looked down at my key and then the room number to make sure we were at the right place. “Room 12” I said, looking at the key. “Room 12,” I repeated, reading off the door. “Yay! You can read! Alright, proud of you!” Ashton teased before taking the key out of my hand and opening the door. I glared at her before following her inside.

The room was quite spacious. There was a bed against each wall along with a desk and two drawers. Each side had their own closet and I immediately noticed that the left side was already decorated.

“Looks like your roommate was in a hurry too. Come on before Jacob finds us” Ashton said as she began to unload my things. I put my luggage on the bed and started to unpack my clothes.

“Ew! Did you really bring these?” she asked, pulling out my old track shoes. “Yes, I did. I am on the Track team after all,” I replied, crossing my arms.

“Cam, these shoes are a century old. Why didn’t you just buy new ones?” she asked, putting them down on the floor. “They’re still good shoes. What’s the point in throwing away good shoes?” I asked, continuing to unpack. “They have holes in them!” she replied, picking them up to show the holes to me.

I shrugged and she decided to leave the matter alone. I began making my bed when I heard the sound of familiar footsteps heading towards the door. “Looks like he found us,” Ashton sighed, sitting down on the bed. I dropped the sheet and glared at her.

“Get up! I’m making the bed. Don’t you see me?” I exclaimed, pulling at the sheet. “The correct way to ask is, may you please move so that I can continue making my bed with these horrible dark blue sheets that I bought from Target?” she shot back before standing up.

I tried to ignore her until the footsteps came bursting into the door. “Welcome to college, Cam!”

I turned around to see my older brother, Jacob Bailey, proudly smiling at me. He was wearing a black and white striped shirt along with blue jean cutoffs and some black converses. His hazel brown hair was cut shorter than normal and seemed to jet off in different directions.

“Did you just wake up?” I asked him, incredulously. Jacob grinned and flopped down on the bed. “Maybe,” he replied. I flexed my hands towards the bed and then sighed in defeat. I guess I’ll just have to do it later.

“How’s everything so far? Did you meet your roommate? Is she sexy? Are you gonna fuck her?” he asked, smirking at her.

“No, I did not. Just because I’m gay doesn’t I’m going to have sex with my roommate. I knew I shouldn’t have told you, any of you,” I replied, glaring at them both.

Jacob laughed, shaking his head back and forth. “I’m just pulling your balls, Cam. I don’t care about you being gay. We can pick up girls together. It will be choice,” he exclaimed, standing up to pat me on the shoulder.

I looked at him strangely for his 'choice' of words and then back at Ashton. “How long are you staying at the hotel?” I asked her. “Today and tomorrow. I’m due back into work on Wednesday, so you get to enjoy your first week of college, me free. I can’t say the same about Jacob,” she replied, nudging our brother.

“Huh? No. This will be cool. I told you applying for Riverton was not a mistake. I’ve met some bomb ass people here. My roommate is the greatest douche you will ever meet. He’s a fucking legend and I worship him. Plus all of the females here are just...just heaven sent. You have to see them, Cameron. It’s like Hugh Hefner personally comes here to select all of his bunnies. It’s a playground for college kids. I never want to leave,” Jacob stated, picking up my soccer ball and tossing it around.

“That’s great and everything but I’m actually planning on graduating college so...” I said, taking my ball from him. “Any word from Bishop or Sebastian yet?” Ashton asked him. Jacob thought about it for a minute and shrugged. “Not really. I talked to Bishop about a week ago but no word from Sebastian. You know how he is,” he answered.

Ashton sighed. “Well, I have to talk to him soon about this school stuff. He told me this was his last year but his credits aren’t looking so hot. If he wants to graduate, he’s going to have to take a few more classes this semester. He’s always falling off the radar and shacking up with some girl,” she groaned.

Jacob seemed in his own world and Ashton snapped her fingers in front of his face. He looked at her and she glared down at him. “Jacob Ethan Bailey, you better not be on drugs again!” she yelled, grabbing his shirt. Jacob pulled away from her. “I’m not. Chill out! I’m just tired! I just woke up!” he yelled back, standing in front of her.

Now, Jacob was at least a foot taller than Ashton and he was trying to overpower her but his “lack of sleep” must have made him forget who he was dealing with.

Ashton pushed him back down on the bed and stuck her finger in his face. “I’m not fucking playing with you. I better not hear from anyone that you failed a single drug test or so help me God, my foot will be dancing all over your ass. You may not want to graduate but I refuse to have you downward spiral again over some fucking cocaine. So, get your junkie ass together!” she yelled.

I stood there in fear. Ashton’s temper was not to be tested and everyone in our family knew that. She could go from 0 to 10,000 in a second and she meant every threat that she dished out.

Jacob stared at the ground for a moment before slowly nodding his head. Ashton seemed to calm down and walked towards me. “I’m going to Jacob’s room to talk to him. I’ll be back later tonight. Have fun,” she said, smiling. I nodded as I watched as she and Jacob leave the room.

As soon as the door closed, I felt myself let go of a breath I didn’t think I was holding in. I decided to finish making my bed and then put up a few posters of different bands and a few pictures taken from back home.

I grabbed my key from off the dresser and headed back out of the building. I walked past a guy who seemed to be having some trouble balancing his luggage with opening his door and I walked over to him.

“I’ve got it,” I said, holding his bag. He looked at me and grinned. “Thanks. It’ll only take a second.” He fiddled with the door until it popped open and looked back at me. “A-ha! Easy as that. Thanks again. I’m Norman and you are?” he asked, reaching out his hand.

“I’m Cameron. I’m in room 12, just down the hall,” I replied. “Oh? You must be Juno’s roommate. Nice to meet you,” he said, shaking my hand.

I arched my eyebrows at him. “Juno? I’m sorry. I haven’t meet her yet. How do you know her?” I asked him. “We graduated from the same school. She’s my brother’s girlfriend,” he replied. “Ohhhh. Well, if you see her, let her know that I’m just walking around campus and I’ll be back later,” I said, waving at him.

“Okay. She’s probably doing the same thing. I’ll let her know. See you around!”

He closed the door to his room and I continued to the elevator. I walked out the front and chuckled to myself when I saw some girl’s luggage fall down the steps.

Today was definitely a busy day. I looked around campus and stopped when I reached my destination. The Greek row.

All of the Greek houses were on the same street and there were about 8 of them. There were four fraternities and four sororities.

1.) Theta Alpha Theta was the only sorority to specialize in general education. All of the girls in T.A.T had to have top markings and above a 3.5 G.P.A in order to join.

2.) Chi Zeta Rho was one of the party sororities and they seemed to judge girls off of how they looked and how they acted. All of the girls in C.Z.R were gorgeous beyond compare and spent most of their time doing “other things” besides studying. A lot of them often failed out.

3.) Alpha Gamma Kappa was one of the elite sororities. All of the girls in A.G.K were daughters of politicians or would be lawyers. They kept out of the social ladder and spent their time planning for the near future. Many of the girls there were a part of Riverton’s Student Government Association.

And last but not least, 4.) Alpha Delta Phi. Wait, I don’t really know much about Alpha Delta Phi.

I had done my research on all of the sorority houses but there wasn’t much to find on the last choice. All of the girls were sworn to secrecy and actually cared about not letting their secret slip. I grumbled to myself and turned to walk away.

“Are you interested in joining one?”

I jumped at the sound of someone’s voice and turned back around. I looked at the girl in front of me and laughed a bit. She had long auburn hair that stopped at her waist and beautiful green eyes. Her body was petite but curvaceous and her teeth were perfectly straight. What made me laugh wasn’t her body but what she had on.

The girl was wearing a ninja costume that covered nearly her entire body except her head.

“Hey, I don’t want any problems,” I joked, holding up my hands. She looked at me strangely and then laughed. “Oh! Ha-ha. I was forced to wear this costume. This is what happens when you make bets with idiots. I asked if you were thinking about pledging? Are you interested or just being a creep by staring at all of the houses?” she asked, putting her hand on her hips.

I flinched slightly at her use of the word “creep” and then shrugged. “I’m not really the sorority type. I’m more interested in the events than the actually pledging,” I replied, looking at her up and down.

“I hope you know that most of the events are for Greek life only. Sometimes, we decide to let outsiders join in on the fun...but rarely,” she explained. I smirked at her, my interest growing as she spoke.

“Did I hear you say ‘we’? As in, you’re in a sorority?” I asked. She nodded and ran her hand down her body. “Thus the ninja costume. I made a bet with one of the boys from the Gamma Theta Kappa house and he won. I’m just grateful he didn’t ask me to be in my birthday suit out here,” she replied, sighing towards the end.

“So, which house are you a part of?” I asked. “I can’t just tell you. That would ruin the fun of you actually attempting to pledge to find out” she replied. “You are really trying me, huh? I’m not going to pledge just to figure out which house you belong to,” I said, shaking my head. “Really? Because I think the curiosity is getting to you right now. You look like you could burst at any moment,” she teased.

“You’re wearing a ninja costume. You’re in no place to tease anyone,” I shot back, making her glance again at what she was wearing. She blushed a bit before looking back at me. “You do have a point so, I’ll leave you alone. Don’t pledge but eventually, you’ll want to out of pure curiosity. You look like a noisy one,” she shot back.

I laughed a bit as she turned to walk away. “I can’t ask which house you are in if I don’t know your name!” I called after her. “That’s because I didn’t give it!” she yelled over her shoulder as she continued walking.

I smiled as I watched her go, immediately taking off to find Ashton and Jacob. Maybe he would know something about the girl in the ninja suit.

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