Crowe Legacy: Heat Rising

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Character List

Character List

The Crowes of Sienna, Harrisonville, Missouri

Antonio Thomas Crowe (Father)

Archibald “Archie” Simpson Waverly (Katharine Crowe’s deceased husband)

Benjamin (Sienna stable slave)

Eudora “Dora” Gena Lorraine Crowe (3rd living Daughter, twin to Thaddeus)

Gabriel “Gabe” Matthew Antonio Maximillian Crowe (1st born Son)

Gena Lorraine Begnoir-Bueford Crowe (deceased Mother)

George (elderly Sienna House Slave)

Joe (Sienna field slave)

Josephine “Josie/Jo” Michelle Antoinette Crowe (2nd living daughter)

Katharine Lorraine Abigail Crowe-Waverly (1st born daughter)

Lafayette “Lafe” Henri Begnoir Crowe (2nd living Son)

Louisa (Sienna house slave)

Marcus (Sienna stable slave)

Marie (Sienna house slave)

Margie (Sienna house slave, sent with Katharine and Josephine as a lady’s maid)

Michaël “Mikey” Archibald Waverly (Katharine Crowe’s son)

Peter Crowe (Free Man of Color, Overseer of Sienna, Head horse trainer)

Simone “Mams” Bueford (Free Woman of Color, Head House Servant, Nanny)

Thaddeus “Taddy/Tad” Robert Crowe (3rd living Son)

Webster “Web” Bueford (free man of color, Simone’s Son)

William (Sienna field slave)

Horses of the Crowe Stable

Appalachian Blue “Cain” (Thaddeus’ stallion)

Artorius Red (Gabe’s Stallion)

Blood of Midas “Gus” (stallion)

Boreas Red (all-round champion, top-sire of Crowe line)

Boreas’ Silver Angel “Nelly” (Josie’s mare)

Cleopatra’s Dream “Cleo” (brood mare)

Copper Belle (breed, bell mare)

Connagáin Aillte “Coffee” (Lafayette’s gelding)

Crowe’s Copper Bell “Bell” (Brood mare)

Demetrius (sure footed Stallion)

Erebos Wind “Ebby” (gelding, grandson of Boreas)

Gaoithe Stoirm “Storm” (race winner, pregnant mare sold to Banker Knowles of Independence)

Hannibal (stallion, sure-footed)

Jefferson (gelding)

Leontes (stallion)

Louie’s Gamble (gelding)

Maia Danseur (Mare, gifted to Clyde Massey)

Malcom (gelding)

Marquis Sapphire (gelding)

Ophelia (mare)

Osage Blue Mist (Michaël’s horse in Louisiana)

Saffron (mare)

Vashti Red “Vash” (mare)

Missouri Neighbors

Albert Minters

Baker (Partisan Ranger)

Broderick “Brody” Johnson (State Guard Partisan Ranger, one of Gabe’s friends)

Captain Randolph Kinney (Riverboat Captain [non-military])

Celia Anne Sheldon (Lafayette meets her at the Barnett Picnic)

Charlie (Baker family’s elderly, protective House Slave)

Clarence “Fox” Northrup (State Guard Partisan Ranger, one of Tad’s friends)

Clyde Massey (State Guard Partisan Ranger, neighbor to Sienna)

Colonel Octavius Barnett

Deputy James Manning (Harrisonville)

Doctor Mathews

Eli (Ericksen’s hired man)

Elizabeth “Betsy” Baker (Hannah Baker’s eldest daughter)

Elizabeth Barnett (Octavius’s only daughter)

Emma Stark (wife of George, farm attacked by Jayhawkers)

Frank Manning

Gideon “Gid” Barnett (State Guard Partisan Ranger)

George Stark (husband of Emma, farm attacked by Jayhawkers)

Hannah Baker

Harold “Harry” Stark (son of Emma & George, farm attacked by Jayhawkers)

Jackson Ericksen

Jeremiah Burke (Home in Bates County burned by Captain Birmingham)

James “Jimmy” Gamble (State Guard Partisan Ranger, Grandson of local dairy farmer)

Jeb Stark (son of Emma & George, farm attacked by Jayhawkers)

John Thomas “JT” Massey (State Guard Partisan Ranger, neighbor to Sienna)

Josh (a boy who was a lookout for Antonio in Independence MO)

Major Samuel Birmingham (Missouri Home Guard)

Marcus “Marc” Stark (son of Emma & George, farm attacked by Jayhawkers)

McIntosh Family (run a house of ill-repute)

Micah Stephens (State Guard Partisan Ranger)

Mitchell Seaborne (joined Sterling Price CSA ranks)

Nathaniel Davis (son of a Baptist Minister in Pleasant Hill, Cass County, Missouri)

Orville Riggs (State Guard Partisan Ranger)

Otto (boatman)

Rance McGreen (State Guard Partisan Ranger)

Reed Chaplin (Son of Little Dipper Saloon Owner, State Guard Partisan Ranger)

Richard “Dick” Younger (eldest son of the Mayor of Harrisonville, brother to Cole Younger)

Thomas Coleman “Cole” Younger (one of the sons of the Mayor of Harrisonville, later a CSA Partisan Ranger)

Thomas Willer (Willer’s Emporium of Harrisonville)

Thomas Knowles (Independence Banker, owner of Crowes Gaoithe Stoirm)

Samuel Stark (son of Emma & George, farm attacked by Jayhawkers)

Sheriff Matthew Hart (Harrisonville)

Silas “Cy” Gordon (Partisan Ranger Captain.)

Skye Bernard (from Charleston, South Carolina is visiting his cousins, the Sawyers of Clay County, Missouri)

Suzanne Reynolds (fiancé of William Adler, who teased Lafayette at Barnett Picnic)

Valentine McCain (State Guard Partisan Ranger),

William Adler (from one of the wealthiest families in Jackson County, Missouri)

William Clayton (Partisan Ranger)

William “Will” Dubbs (boatman)

William “Bill” Masters

William “Will” Stark (son of Emma & George, farm attacked by Jayhawkers)


Home Guard - Missouri Unionist Civilians & Soldiers were known to team up with Jayhawkers

Jayhawkers - Kansas Unionist Abolitionist Raiders/Defenders

State Guard - Missouri Southern Civilians & Soldiers

Partisan Rangers - Missouri Southern Raiders/Defenders

Kansasans & Jayhawkers/Union Militia

Captain Birmingham

Doctor John Doy (abolitionist known to raid/hunt with John Brown)

Jim Lane (Kansas Senator and Jayhawker)

Lieutenant Sean O’Rourke (solider Josephine dances with at Barnett picnic)

Vieux Carré, New Orleans, Louisiana

Andre Michon (Freemen-of Color, Horse handlers hired at L’Eau Sucree )

Blanche Begnoir (The Crowe siblings, Aunt in Louisiana)

Beaumont (slave at L’Eau Sucree )

Connor Shelley (Irishman Lafayette met on docks his first day in New Orleans)

Doctor George Belfew (New Orleans Doctor)

Father Croix (the head Cure or Father at the Saint Louis Cathedral, New Orleans)

George Burgess (Jonathon Burgess Father)

Jacque (slave at L’Eau Sucree )

Jean LaBeau (poker player in the Red Crescent Saloon, New Orleans)

Jonathon “Jon” Burgess (Lafayette’s friend and later Josephine’s husband)

Julien Marrec (Freemen-of Color, Horse handlers hired at L’Eau Sucree )

Lafayette Henri & Genève Begnoir (Lorraine G. Begnoir-Bueford’s Deceased parents, Crowe Siblings Great-Grandparents)

Lafayette Henri “Fay” Begnoir (The Crowe siblings, cousin in Louisiana)

Lorraine Genevieve Begnoir-Bueford (Gena Lorraine Crowe’s Mother)

Louis Lafayette Begnoir (Gena Lorraine’s Deceased brother, husband to Blanch, Fay’s Father)

Maeve (Young Irish Servant at Lorraine Bueford’s Home)

Michaël Robert Bueford (Lorraine G. Begnoir-Bueford’s Deceased husband, Crowe Siblings Grandfather)

Mitchum (poker player in the Red Crescent Saloon, New Orleans)

Odette Begnoir (Lorraine Bueford’s personal slave)

Patrick (Irish servant boy at rue de Royal house)

Reilly (poker player in the Red Crescent Saloon, New Orleans)

Roland Rasier (Freemen-of Color, Horse handlers hired at L’Eau Sucree )

Taddea Nicoloine (Lorraine Genevieve Begnoir-Bueford’s deceased Grandmother)

Thomas Alvert (poker player in the Red Crescent Saloon, New Orleans)

Violet (house slave at L’Eau Sucree )

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