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Creole Dictionary

Footnotes (longer parts of Françoise spoken in 3 chapters)

1 (Lafe at the picnic) Any other day, I would give in. But, Jo, you are disturbing our neighbors, which we cannot have. Never, can we lose their faith or trust in us, not with the current politics. For God’s sake, please, for once just listen to someone else’s point of view and behave.

2 (Web to Tad when he was leaving to join Cavaliers) I consider you are making a mistake

3. (Lafe to Simone at the cellar door) Mother it is I, your son, Lafayette Henri

Créole Françoise Dictionnaire

affectueux loving

amour love

ami friend

au contraire on the contrary

au revoir goodbye

bébé baby

belle beautiful

bonne good

bienheureuse Marie blessed Mary

bienheureuse Mère Marie blessed Mother Mary

beauté beauty

bien Dieu good Lord

bonjour hello, good day

boucher butcher

chambre room

charmant charming

charmeur charmer

cheval horse

chiant a French curse, loosely translates “that pisses me off”

chien dog

colory crazy

copains friends

dame lady

dauphiné prince

défense defense

déjeuner lunch

démon demon

désolé sorry

devoir duty

de rien you’re welcome

diable devil, demon

dîner dinner

diplomatique diplomatic

duex two

docteur doctor

doux sweet

doux Jésus sweet Jesus

ennemi foe

entrez enter

espiègle mischievous

excusez-moi I am sorry

famille family

faveur favor

femme lady

ferme ta gueule shut the fuck up

frère brother

fils son

fils de pute son of a slut

fille girl

Français French

frimeur smartass

garçon boy

garçonnier outdoor rooms for unmarried men of a family

gracieux gracious

grâce à Dieu thanks be to God

grace de Dieu grace of God

grand frère big brother

honneur honor

honoré honored

jamais never

Je m’en fou French curse, loosely translates to ‘I don’t give a fuck.’

Je t’aime I love you

Jésus pleura Jesus wept

L’Eau Sucree Begnoir Plantation, Sweet Water

les belle’s petites fleurs ­ beautiful little flowers

liberté freedom

louez Dieu Praise God

Louisiane Creole pronunciation of Louisiana

m’ shortened version of the

ma my, feminine

Ma chère no true special affection, translates to dear, feminine

m’ chère

Ma Chérie love, special affection, translates to dear/sweets, masculine

m’ Chérie

ma fille très doux my sweet daughter

Madame Mrs. -married female, older female

mademoiselle Miss. -an unwed female

maison home, house

maladie illness

magnifiques magnificent

mari husband

majestueux majestic

melee fight

merci thank you

merci beaucoup thank you very much

Mère Mother

merde shit

merveilleux marvelous

mes excuses my apologies

moi me

mon my, masculine

Mon chèr no true special affection, translates to dear, masculine

m’ cher

Mon chéri love, special affection, translates to dear/sweets, masculine

m’ chéri

monsieur gentleman, a man

notre our

Oncle Uncle

oui yes

par Dieu by God

pardonna forgave

pardonner forgive

pardonnés forgiven

père Father

petit small, often used to refer to young children, masculine

petite small, often used to refer to young children, feminine

pour l’amour de Dieu For God’s Sake

précieux precious

quatre four

quelle what?

quelle honte for shame

une one

une faveur a favor

reconnaissant thankful

Remercier le Seigneur Thank the Lord

responsabilité responseablity

rue street

Sainte Mère blessed Mary

savoir faire ability to behave in a correct and confident way

s’il vous plaît Please, pardon

simul at once

sœur sister

ta gueule Keep quiet, shut up

toute de suite French, loosely translates ‘right away or immediately’

très désolé very sorry

trois three

Vieux Carré Old Square, the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

Visite visit

Visiteur visitor

Visiter visiting

vous you

Latin Dictionary

ad hoc to this

de facto in fact or in effect

per contra on the other hand, on the contrary

sine qua non an essential condition, a thing that is absolutely necessary

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