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The Everlasting Song

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Chloe Cooper had always dreamed of being a songwriter. Now, her dreams have come true. But some things she's said in her songs, have come back at her. In the making of her second album, it's all about the inspiration. Now, there's more inspiration than ever, and yet she's sometimes drawing a blank. But she has her girl squad to get her through, and a few cute guys along the way. Don't forget the mean girl that has been rude to Chloe ever since she first met her. It's a whole lot of drama for Chloe to navigate through. Sometimes it feels like it's impossible to survive. Whatever is going to happen to Chloe Cooper in this hectic crisis? Read my story, The Everlasting Song to find out. 😜

Drama / Romance
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To all you dreamers,

Whatever your dream is, it's never


so keep on dreaming and shooting for the stars

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