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Sounds A Lot Like Treason

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When a mysterious stranger comes to town secrets start to reveal themselves about Amber's person life. Amber is forced to make a life changing decision, but will she be able to do it without hurting herself and the ones she loves? Heartache, tears and treason. Amber is about to learn a lot about herself. Ready to follow her adventure.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

The front door slammed shut causing me to jump at the loud noise, but nonetheless my body physically relaxed knowing that I will be home alone until tomorrow morning. Dad always does this when he gets drunk, he comes home, hit, and kick me, demand that I give him some money, and then he leaves until the next morning.

I stumble into the downstairs bathroom to assess my newest bruise. He always makes sure to never get me in places where someone might catch a glimpse of the abuse that I suffer at home. My ribs are already starting the form a new purplish bruise as I stare at it in the mirror. I’ve never bothered to tell anyone what happens at home ever since mom decided to leave, because no one would believe me anyway. You see, in the eyes of the community my dad is the perfect town Sheriff, the loveliest man to ever roam these streets, but little do they know that when the badge comes off a monster comes out.

My phoned buzzed in my back pocket of my jeans and I quickly pulled it out to see my best friends name flash on the screen, swiping across the screen I answered the call and put her on speaker phone. I placed the phone down on the counter in the bathroom and continued to doctor my bruise.

“Hey, Mia” I greeted her, trying to be as cheerful as possible so that she doesn’t hear the pain in my voice. My side pulsed in pain as I held an ice-cold cloth to it.

“Amber! Just the person I was looking for.” Her cheerful voice came through my speaker, and I rolled my eyes.

“Now who exactly did you think you were going to reach when specifically dialing my number?” I asked sarcastically. Mia is a special type of person, but that is exactly why I love the girl to death, she has always been there for me, she was the one who picked me up from rock bottom when my mom left us.

“Anyways,” she started her sentence, dismissing my sarcasm, “do you want to come out with me tonight?” she asked, “I heard from one of the guys on the football team that there is this hot new hangout spot and apparently everyone who is someone is going to be there tonight.”

Mia was a social butterfly, she always kept up to date with the social calendar of our little town and she was always invited to the biggest and best parties. Me on the other hand, I was never that big on socializing, but Mia always insisted on dragging me along wherever she went.

I sighed, “you’re not going to take no for an answer this time, are you?” even though I knew exactly what the answer is going to be, I still asked with the smallest of hope that she will give me a free pass on this one.

“I am most certainly not going to take no for an answer, because I really want to go check this place out and I need my best friend there with me, so that you can tell me if my potential soulmate, who I might meet there, is cute or not.” She stated seriously.

I shook my head with a slight smile and mumbled out a small ‘fine’, she squealed in happiness, and we chatted for a few more minutes, discussing outfits and at what time she’ll pick me up for the party.

A hot shower, a couple of painkillers, multiple outfit changes, and a few hours later I ran downstairs to wait for Mia. I decided on my light blue skinny jeans, a flowy flower print spaghetti strap top and my favorite white Vans sneakers. My face had minimal make up on and my dark hair cascaded down to my mid-waist section in loose curls.

My mother is an Italian beauty, and everyone always said that I am a spitting image of her, except for the fact that my skin was slightly less tanned compared to hers. I jumped slightly as my train of thoughts got interrupted by Mia’s car horn being pressed in my driveway.

I made sure to grab my small handbag and lock everything up, before running to the passenger side of her car. “Mama Mia! You look gorgeous.” She yelled, imitating an Italian accent, as I made myself comfortable in the passenger seat.

I laughed at my crazy best friend, “right back at you, you crazy thing!”

Twenty minutes later we stopped outside of a sketchy looking building downtown. I looked at Mia in horror, “are you sure we’re at the right place, Mia?” I asked her, my voice giving away the amount of anxiety that I am currently experiencing.

Mia looked just as concerned, but quickly replaced it with positivity, “yes, now get your butt out of my car and let’s go have fun!”

I swear, this girl is one day going to be the death of me, but I got out of the car anyway, because someone needs to take care of this girl before she causes her freaking own death by blindly running into a human trafficking ring or something in search of a party.

Mia and I walked closer to the building, we could hear loud music from inside and she raised an eyebrow at me with a smirk as if to say, ‘I told you’. I rolled my eyes and continued walking to the huge steel door that read ‘Entrance’.

Inside of the building there were numerous lights flashing and the music was so loud I could feel it vibrating through my whole body. Mia immediately recognized some people from school and ran off to go and greet them. I rolled my eyes and went off in search of something to drink. Finally, after several minutes, I found the bar and ordered a coke before making myself comfortable on one of the bar stools.

Something at the opposite end of the bar caught my attention, I squinted my eyes to focus on what I was staring at. The older guy emptied something into the girls’ glass that was standing next to him animatedly chatting away with her friends. She was completely unaware of what was happening, so I decided to stand up and walk towards her to try and warn her of what was going on, as I got closer my heart stopped beating for a second when I recognized the older guy.

“Dad?” I quietly whispered to myself. I knew he was a monster, but I never thought it would go to this extent. He was the Sheriff of this town! My breathing picked up in my chest and I took a step forward to stop this from happening, before I could even move an someone pulled me a little bit back by wrapping their arm around my waist.

“I would think twice before getting involved in a situation like this, princess” a husky voice whispered in my ear, “these men don’t play nice, so walk in a different direction and get out of here, before shit goes down and you get hurt.”

I was about to turn around to see who the voice belonged to, but he swiftly moved his arms to keep a firm hold on my shoulders, preventing me from turning around and whispered in my ear “you have five minutes” before pushing me in a different direction and disappearing in the crowd, when I looked back no one was standing where I was a second ago.

I ran towards Mia and dragged her out of the club yelling that we must go. I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that something terrible is going to happen tonight, but my main concern was figuring out what to do about my dad. Who do you even go to to report the fucking Sheriff of a police station…?

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