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Diary of the Depressed

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Kimberly is a girl who had just joined Oakwood High, and made friends with a gang. Turns out, they're the worst. They make Kim feel left out until Kim's granny pops up into the picture and cheers Kim up. Stay Tuned For Chapter - 2!!

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Chapter 1

“What about me?” I asked as my friends were leaving for the amusement park.

“Umm..” said Stephanie as she turned around to look at me.

“Sorry. My mom only bought tickets for us three” said Mia as if she didn’t care, and chuckled.

“Me, Stephanie and Mia are going to the amusement park together whether you like it or not” said the third girl: Selena.

The girls turned away and left the mall.

Do you understand? I think not.
Let me start from the beginning.

My name is Kimberly.

I had joined Oakwood National School in 6th grade, and made friends with Stephanie, Mia and Selena, who were already a gang.

From 6th - 7th grade, they treated me sweetly, but from that, they were ice cold to me. We are in 10th grade now.

Now, you might be wondering what was happening in the present.

The girls went to the Mall together, without informing me at all. Like always.

Me and my mom also went to the mall to buy a new dress for my cousin who’s birthday was coming up soon.

I noticed the girls and ran up to them.

“Hey girls!” I called out to them.

“What are you doing here?” Selena questioned me in a bratty voice.

I told them what I came here for. Then, I asked:
“How about we shop together!”

They looked at me nervously. Then looked at each other.
“Umm.. actually..”
“We’re going to the amusement park later, without you”...

I put on my “oh” face but acted like it was nothing,but it wasn’t.

Then I left.

My mother asked:
“Do you still want to buy that pretty dress?”

I replied with a no, and dragged her out of the Mall.

My mother and I hopped into the car and drived home.

I went into my room and slammed my door close.

My mom cam up to my room and was knocking on my door hard.

“Kimberly, Kimberly! Open the door please hunny!”

“Go away mom!” I replied.

My mom sighed and went away.

The next day at school, I met the girls again.

You see, at our school, we don’t have big classrooms or benches like stripes. Instead, we have small classrooms and tables like polka dots, but big polka dots.

The tables in our class were all different shapes, and our table was in the front.

This time though, our substitute for 3 days, Mrs. Bertha changed our table into a rectangle.

Stephanie, Mia and Selena sat in the front of the rectangle, facing the whiteboard, and me and 2 other guys, sat in the back.

In our language class, our teacher asked different groups to read a poem in Spanish. When the teacher called to our group, the girls stood up, so I did as well. However, the teacher told me to sit down as she thought “StEpHaNiE, mIa AnD sElEnA aRe OnE gRoUp AlToGeThEr!” The girls looked at me, chuckled and trotted to the front of the class.

They read the poem rhythmically, like EVERYONE should, but when it was my turn, the 2 boys and I went to the front of the class, and I started to read the poem, but the other guys couldn’t understand Spanish, and read after me, well, not read but just copied what I said.

Mia smirked and said “Shouldn’t you all read at once, Kimberly?”
“Yeah Kimberly, you shouldn’t be so impatient!” replied Selena.

I ignored them and continued to read, while the boys were copying me. Obviously, I also read in a rhythmic way, but the girls rolled their eyes and said I WAS COPYING THEM!

Of course they whispered that to each other, but my sharp ears caught them instantly.

Like Dude, we’re supposed to read like that! You ain’t different, you ain’t special for reading like that! Everyone is reading like that, but WHY are you calling me out for that?!

The day ended soon, and the girls left for the buses together without me obviously.

In the bus, I teared up and my junior, Laila, shouted out loud:
“Hey, Kimberly is crying!!”

I replied: “No, I-I’m not, its uh, uh sweat! Yeah sweat! Haha!”

It wasn’t sweat, but tears of course, but I managed to get her to believe it was sweat.
How ?
Cuz’ it was so hot that day!

Oh! We’re dealing with a genius over here! Not really.

When I got home, I threw my bag onto the couch and went to my room to change out of my uniform. Then, I smacked myself onto my bed and reached out to my desk to grab my phone.

In my bus, I’m the last one to pick up in the morning and the last one to drop in the evening. I think the bus driver and the attendant (also known as the cleaning guy) are sick and tired of me. Once, I even heard the cleaner guy say to the driver: “I just wish this one girl Kimberly would get off at Star Paradise Apartments (the stop before mine) and not have her very own stop! Like girl, are ya’ special or somethin’? Cuz’ I never knew you were such a pretentious hipster!", and the driver actually agreeing with the attendant.

I thought to myself “I guess nobody really likes me..“.

So, that explains why I come home at 5:00 when school ends at literally 3:30. Very Late.

When I took my phone, I clicked onto Instagram and scrolled..
and scrolled..

and scrolled..

and scrolled..

Until something caught my eye..

It was a post from Selena's account. Before when we were friends, Selena, Stephanie and Mia forced me into following their Instagram accounts. Selena's was @Selenurr.purr, Stephanie's was @Stephy.bear and Mia's was @Iaint.MiaKhalifa .

It was a photo of them drinking a frappe at Starbucks.

I just turned off my phone and screamed into my pillow.

I guess my grandma heard me because a few seconds later, she came into my room and found me crying.

She sat by my bed, and asked me what was wrong.

I told her what happened and curled myself into a ball.

She tucked my hair behind my ear.

"Honey, it's their loss. You can make other friends. Right?"

I looked down.


Well, let's go out together honey!"

I smiled, and my grandma fixed my problematic hair. She gave me a cute pink to midnight blue dress with slits at the shoulders.

I looked DIVINE!

My grandma took me to Starbucks and got me a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!

Grandma, if you're reading this, HOW did you know that was my favourite drink?!

They made a rose design on the top with whipped cream and gave me baby blue straw.

Just then, my hair caught on to something, and my scrunchie cam off.

I took the ripped scrunchie and kept it in my purse.

My grandma gave me a brush and told me to go to the washrooms.

When I was there, I just brushed my hair a bit, and left it untied.

When I came out, I saw THEM.

If you guessed the girls, then you're right.

I didn't realise the washroom had 2 doors. One on the right and one on the left.

The girls saw me and were like "Omg hey girl! What are you doing here!"

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I asked.

They asked me, if I could do their homework.

Of course NOT!

I just rolled my eyes.

"Hey! Watch your attitude!" said Mia.

"Helen told us that you were crying in the bus on Instagram" said Selena.

"Is it because of us?" Stephanie asked and smirked.

I just told them to shut up and mind their own business.

I turned and went through the other door.

My grandma said that I looked very pretty and we sat down to have our drinks. My granny got herbal tea for her throat and I got a latte!

Guess it's a coincidence, meeting them twice at random places.
Or is it?

Find out in Chapter -2

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