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Timeline 2033 y.

Drama / Other
The Tyman Cat 335
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They Give Up

Julia squeezed her eyes shut, she didn't want to see who gathered in the square to look at her end. Arms ached behind back, the ropes seemed to burn palms. Her legs couldn't hold her, Forter just knelt on the wooden platform. Julia still didn't open her eyes.

It is not for them to look at her mockingly and laugh, pointing a finger. She could hear heavy footsteps behind her. It was her executioner. The one who will decide her fate. Although Julia's fate was decided a long time ago.

Nails squeezed painfully into the palms.


She won't look at them.

The bastard started to say something. In his voice, Forter caught a note of sarcasm and undisguised hatred. Fine. She hates him too.

How's Tom? Is he scared? Is he as afraid as she is? Or did he put up with death?

It shouldn't be like this.

Julia imagined her husband sitting on the couch in their house. He was reading the newspaper, carefully reading everything. Tom was smiling at some lines or just thoughts in his head.

Julia was ready to look at him forever.

Tom looked up at her and smiled, beckoning her to him with his hand.

And then it was all gone.

Their future, which they had so diligently built for themselves, disappeared.

They will also disappear now.

Julia timidly opened one eye and looked away.

Tom was still on his knees, his hair disheveled, but he pressed his lips tightly and stood resolutely on his knees.

He didn't give up.

And Julia was ready to cry.

He suddenly turned his head in her direction. His bright eyes smiled at her.

He's holding up. He supports her.

How deep she loves him.

Julia seemed to feel the touch of his fingers on her cheek, as if asking her not to give up. Don't cry.

Tom grabbed the rope with his fingers, he tried to break it, but the man from behind kicked him on the back and Forter doubled over.

He finished his speech and gave a sign to someone. Julia was lifted off the floor and put on her feet.

She dared to turn around.

She was standing next to her. Her daughter. Her everything. The person she was willing to die for. Her little star.

Her daughter's gaze was as cruel as ever. She looked at her with disdain.

Julia felt someone lift her up and put her on a small running board.

She wants to break free, but they don't let her.

Her head is in a noose.

She looks at her husband again.

He looks at her with his mouth slightly open.

«Did you really give up, Julia»?


She give up.

Tom is also put on his feet.

Next to him is scum, which Julia does not want to remember.

She turns away.

«Why couldn't we be happy a little longer, Tom»?

The rope was chafing her neck.

She felt Tom squeezing her hand.

A tear slowly rolled down her cheek.

She squeezed his invisible hand, asking him to leave.

She doesn't want him to watch her die, then he still watches their daughter approach her mother from the front.

Tom wants to scream.

Can not.

Someone squeezed his throat.

«Why aren't you fighting, Julia?»?





She is silent.

Her body is dangling from a rope.

This is the end.

His wife give up.

They will never have the future they once dreamed of, falling asleep together in their warm and cozy home.

Tom saw Julia in front of him, she hugged him tightly and said that they would definitely get out of here.

«You're lying, Julia»! he wanted to say.

«You're not getting out of here, we're going to die»?

Julia whispered in his ear that they could handle everything.

And Tom give up.

His head flew to the feet of the crowd, which on the contrary roared.

Both Julia and Tom gave up, forever leaving their strong love for each other in their mutilated bodies.

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