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Iron Serenade

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Constanța, Romania. 1885. By the docks, Cordruț finds him first: Liviu in all his arresting beauty. And the breath he is robbed of upon the sight is the one he must chase 'til his foolish heart drums to its last beat, and the fire has all else consumed. An historical dramatic thriller. [First Prequel to "A Fool's Journey"]

Drama / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Hello there!

First and foremost thank you so very much to anyone who happens to stumble upon this story and decides to give it a chance. I hope most sincerely it does not disappoint and manages to be reasonably entertaining.

The tale to follow is something of a prequel to a story being written still, which will go by the name of “A Fool’s Journey” — it is a fantasy saga of sorts, that is going to be, overall, quite long it seems. But even so this work can — and it should I would so argue, — be read as a stand-alone. It is revealed to us by the eyes, words and thoughts of many diverse characters, covering a span of a fair amount of years, and the focal point will persist on the insights we are offered into the relationship of both our main characters: Cordruț and Liviu.

That out of the way, there are still some things I would like to address. Primarily, I would wish to make it explicit that quite so many of the actions of these characters and their points of view are, often times, neither condoned or congruent with those of this author. That is to say despite being written by me, they truly do not reflect my own opinions, thoughts or code of ethics.

Secondarily, I might want to add that the nearly investigative research upon which I have based myself to write properly this story, although rather extensive, was unfortunately limited many times by the resources available to me. Therefore, I must admit despite my efforts it wasn’t conducted much to the point of exhaustion. I am however quite willing to share the references and sources consulted, and even more glad if anyone has any corrections to make or further wisdom to share!

Thirdly, and not less important, keep in mind delicate subjects that are potentially and often triggering will arise, and be approached with care from my part. Without giving too much of the plot away, do expect allusions to and descriptive (non-sexual) violence, toxicity in relationships, homophobic, anti-semitic, sexist and overall prejudicial slurs and commentary and more material aimed at mature audiences.

Finally, it is also likely prudent to add here that although the places named in this story do exist (or have existed), in actuality, the landscapes portrayed are almost entirely imaginary, as I have never been to any of the locations here described and mean absolutely no offense to their eventual inhabitants or the communities I so happen to not be a part of. Remaining true too that every character and the stories concerning them are wholly fictional.

Well then, after all that, let us move on to it, comelies!

Here’s once more to hoping one day these imaginary people of mine can find a real home in your hearts. ☺

– M.

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