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The song of the rain

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The blooming love story of two youngsters Adele Brown & Lennon Smith. Both of them almost share the same life stories, When their paths exchange what will become of them? Let's go on a journey with full of love, passion, heart breaks & drama.

Drama / Romance
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First meeting

Adele’s Pov

I was only 5, when my mother died. My father is a space scientist so he had to be away most of the the time researching. Whenever he’d return he gift me lavish & expensive gifts. I live with my grandma. She is a typical yet soft lady. She wants me to become a fashion designer just like her. Not bragging but I was beautiful, smart, talented, kind. I had no interest in fashion and I wanted to become an author. The only thing in which I find peace is writing stories but grandma never agreed with me.

I was walking to home today. I refused to let the driver pick me up. Me and my grandma had fight today I was really angry she insulted my stories. I walked to home as I could get some peace and I can walk so as I do not wish to see my grandma at least for now. It started raining suddenly, I guess even mother nature doesn’t want me to go in peace. I started running when I hit into a wall or rather a, ′ BOY’. And oh boy! He was soo freaking handsome & hot! The most good looking creature I’ve ever seen. The air around seemed electrified.. I wonder if he felt that too. But damn he just left without even saying sorry for the dash he gave me & I was more sad coz he just left cutting of the electrified charge between us. He was soo annoying! How can my day become any worse!? I was shivering and shaking by the time I reached the station. I sat down their feeling all cold and just after a few minutes my world blacked out.

Lennon’s pov

I was so woebegone & depressed due to my mother’s death. The only person who made my day better was my mom, without her my world crumbled. I wanted to walk home as I didn’t want to be home early and face my dad . He was urging me to meet his new girlfriend Stacy & I didn’t like her one bit. She also had a daughter of my age . It suddenly started pouring cats & dogs suddenly. I runned as fast as I could hoping to find a station to stand under till the rain stops. I dashed into some someone on the way I looked down to see the most pretty deep blue eyes staring back at me. I was astonished by her beauty.

Though it was raining the deep blue eye shone like rays which guild a cloudless sky. Her eyes/ gaze pierced through my heart. The air around seemed to be tense, I almost forgot I have to meet Stacy though I didn’t want to. I walked away not saying sorry though I wanted to as she dashed into me first! I felt stupid for just going away like that. I kept running till I found a bus station. I went inside. The smell of Honey - vanilla filled my nose. It was her. My heart did flip- flops upon seeing her again. But she was shivering from cold. I removed my jacket at placed it on her though it was a bit wet at least it would reduce her shivering. I just sat there looking at her admiring her beauty. Not that I am a creep but there is something special about her which was driving me insane.

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