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Mine to devour

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“Who do you belong to? “ he asked me breathing in my ear from behind me “No one and never will be yours “ I said smirking, proud I found my voice again. “Is that a challenge? If yes then I am in Blossom.” ~ He’s the Mafia King. She is a high school student. Krish Ares Raizadha , The Mafia Devil. His family is number one. Krish is a cold , arrogant, ruthless man. He is a womanizer and he does not care about who he hurts. There is no place for love in his heart and life. He hates love. Now meet Keira Sanchez , a gentle, caring yet the sassiest girl you could ever meet, a badass bitch . What happens when these two cross paths with each other and can’t resist the attraction between them? What happens when krish decided to make Keira his? Will he succeed? Will he be able to win her ? If you want to know , then read to find out. 🚫 Note This story has mature content and frequent use of abusive language. 16+ suggested but if you are under, well I can’t stop you . Read at your own risk. Mature content All copyrights reserved

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Chapter 1

Pov of Keira

As usual I woke up to my alarm ringing , I pressed the snooze button and slept for five more minutes .After that I got up from my bed and made my way to the bathroom . I took shower and got dressed up .While I was brushing my hair my phone buzzed indicating that I got a text. I picked my phone from the night stand and checked the text. It was from my best friend Hema. She texted me that she will reach my place at 10, so we can go to school together. We have been together since we were toddlers. She is my everything. I have no one besides her. Well you can say that I am an orphan. My parents left me in front of an orphanage. Yep that’s where I was found and raised. After I turned 17 I begged my guardian to let me go stay in a dorm. It took a lot to convince her but I did . Of course I Keira Sanchez never gives up. I laughed at myself for being extra. Well where did I stop? Hmmm yes after that I got myself admitted into a dorm which is quite small but that’s enough for me. As for my last name , my foster caretaker said that they found a piece of paper beside me when they found me in front of the orphanage. My thoughts got interrupted by horn sounds which means Hema is here. I quickly grabbed my backpack and made my way downstairs. I saw Hema in the car waiting for me . When she looked at me , she made a face like she was waiting for ages when she just came. Really she could be a drama queen sometimes but I still love her.

“Hey baby” I greeted her with my usual hyper voice , and hopped in the car.

She just sighed. I rolled my eyes at her.

“Okay for being late for about 2.5 seconds” I said sarcastically, earning a laugh from her.

“Seriously keira. Anyway I am starving “ she said in a whining voice

“Yeah baby me too . Let’s stop by our favorite restaurant” I said while scrolling through instagram.

“So slept well?” she asked me , raising left eyebrow.

I gulped.

“ye.ah of cour..se I slept well” I stuttered while answering. Oh damn me.

“Keira, I know you worked overnight yesterday. Please why can’t you accept my money .I am your friend . And I am like your family. Why can’t you just accept help from me? “ she asked worried while frowning

This time I sighed. This happens a lot between us. But I just can’t accept her money. You know I may be poor but I have prestige too. I love hema not her wealth. Actually I forgot to mention hema is from a wealthy family. Damn she is hella rich .

“keira I asked you a question” she said

“ baby you know I just can’t accept your money . I know you love me and care about me but please let me do what I want. I don’t want to burden you. “ I said, assuring her that I am okay with whatever I am doing.

“But..” before she could complete her sentence I stopped her

“Hema please let’s leave the topic nah I am already tired” I said in a tiny voice. She sighed and nodded.

Yep, I do a lot of part time work. I have to pay for my school, dorm and daily expenses. It’s not easy. I just sometimes envy Hema for having everything which I could only dream of. How much I wish my parents are here with me.

We reached the school. My first class was physics. Damn I love physics. Hema went to her class. I made my way towards physics class. As I was going someone grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the janitor closet before I could react.

“ Let me go, you bastard” I yelled at the person.

“Missed me?” I recognised that voice

“Steve “ I said

Steve – our school's heartthrob , golden boy . Every girl drools over him but he has been chasing me like a crazy dog since middle school no one knows though except hema.

“What do you want now Steve?” I asked him with an annoyed voice.

“ Come on Keira . You know what I want” he said . And I just rolled my eyes at him

“Look Steve, I am not in the position to love anybody . You know my life and situation. So just back off and select one of those bitches chasing you” with that I pushed him and got out from the janitor closet and made my way towards the class before I could get any more late.

Few hours later

At 4.00 pm

Pov of Hema

After the class finished, I went to my rack to get some books and I saw Keira there. She was looking at a paper and she looked extremely dull. I went towards her and touched her shoulder. She turned around . When she saw me she smiled sadly and handed me the paper. Actually it was a notice to Keira from the principal about her fees balance. Keira is an outstanding student and that's how she got into our school with a scholarship. I felt bad for her. I hugged her .

“ don’t worry , you will overcome it. This shall pass too” I said assuring her we will do something.

Actually it’s easy for me to pay her fees but I know she will never accept it. Through these 16 years not even once she asked me for help when it comes to money.

“Okay baby . Bye I have to go now. Take care, drive safe” she said and left after leaving a kiss on my cheeks.

I love Keira more than my parents. She has always been there for me when I needed a shoulder to lean on and cry. I just hate the fact that she is suffering and I couldn’t do anything about it. Life is not easy for her being poor and an orphan . I can’t even imagine myself in her place. I just hope her life will get better.

Pov of Keira

After school I went to my dorm and cried my soul out. What am I going to do? I have to pay the fees in two days or they will kick me out. I have to search for another well paying job. Suddenly I got a call from my co-worker Nancy.

On phone




Hey nancy. What’s up?


Well I have an offer for you. A well paid job . Are you up?


Sure, anything as long as they pay me well.


Okay come to this address xxxxxxxxxxxxx by 5. Bye see you there


Yeah thank you

End of the call

I felt a little relieved. At least I have to give it a try. With that I got up and got ready for my 5 ' o'clock part time job.

If I pity anyone in the world, then it’s me.

At 5.00 pm

I reached the place Nancy told me . Actually it was a bar. I was afraid at first but I know I don’t have any other choice. I saw her waiting for me there. When she saw me , she waved at me and motioned me to come there.


So here

She handed me an id card.

Nancy :

All you have to do is to serve drinks to the private guests in room number 122. Don’t worry our boss is a genuine person he makes sure his staff are safe.

I just nodded my head.


Thank you nancy


No mention Keira . You are like a little sister to me. Plus I will be with you too.

When she said that my face lightened up a bit with a bright smile.


Really ?

I asked her with a smile


Yep . If anyone tries to mess with you I will kick their assess.

I hugged Nancy while laughing. Later we went to change our clothes. Actually it was a little bit short revealing my collarbones and thighs but I have to do this.

(Nancy- Keira's coworker . Other than hema , nancy is the only person who cares about Keira)


Hey there readers . How was the first chapter? Little too boring I guess. But don’t worry things will get spicy in the upcoming episodes. Hope you guys like it.

Thank you!

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