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Family Can Be Difficult

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Any 15-year-old girl hopes her parents will help her get through any difficult circumstances, whether they are stressful or not. Although Amanda experiences several changes during her life, moving to a new school was the first.  The only times Amanda felt at peace were when she was hanging out with her boyfriend Devin, not when she was at home or at school. Amanda grew up in a home where her parents told her they would support her no matter what, whether it was simple or not. Devin was the sole person by Amanda's side after she made one mistake that caused everyone else to wander away.

Drama / Romance
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Yes this is the preface, this is where I will explain why I even wrote this novel in the first place. To start off this preface I want to let you know what I would think the genre of this novel would be, yes it’s written on the back but I just want to explain it more in depth. So the themes of this novel are: coming of age, fiction, young adult and Religion. I chose to write about these genres because I felt that a lot of people are going around not really paying attention to how the decisions that they are making could affect their child or children.

This book is made to spread awareness of teen pregnancy, as you read on the novel you will understand how Amanda’s parents dealt with the fact that their daughter had fallen pregnant at a young age. I hope once more people read this novel, people will understand what teens have to go through when they are forced to take care of someone else at a young age. In my opinion after people read this novel, they will treat their kids differently if the same situation occurred with their kids.

This book is in the point of view of the main character, Amanda. I did this because it was more important to me that every detail is set out as her point of view unless its in the point of view of Devin her partner, I personally think that having something in your main character’s point of view is great because You’re just writing you’re character how you planned them out.

Before starting to read the book I want to let you know that this has nothing to do with how I grew up as a child, it’s just that while being a teenager I have seen TV shows about this situation but also heard a lot of people being treated poorly just because of an accidental pregnancy. Knowing this, I want to let you know that this book is not written by experience, it is written as a way to show the reader how hard Amanda’s life was just because of her parents’ belief.

Religion has a big part about how most people make certain decisions but that does not mean that it’s okay for parents to treat their children poorly just because of a religious belief, it does not make it okay to bully your kids about a situation that can be helped with and talked about instead of making it worse.

So the whole reason I made a preface in the first place was so that I could explain why I did and want to write this novel in the first place. I started writing this novel when I was 15 years old but I actually started planning it out a week before I turned 15 years old. I started writing this book because I had a huge interest about writing a book that could actually influence other to change how they were acting.

This preface will not be a long one, this preface mainly consists of the basic explanation to when, how and why this book is even out in the world. I started this novel when I was 15 years old, I published it when I was 16 everything other than that doesn’t necessarily fit in with a straight line. Life doesn’t fit in a straight line either, publishing wasn’t easy especially when I was still in high school, some people around the world would have probably finished school at 16 but where I was in Canada I started in grade nine and published it so the world could see in grade ten.

Looking at everyone else, looking at how others struggled through the process of self publishing and traditional publishing I figured that self publishing would be easier for me to physically be able to do while still in school and not working yet. I did side jobs for my neighbors that kind of helped me with the publishing itself.

The method that I have decided to do to self publish was to use amazon, this method was a free way for me to send out the book I wanted people to read in an affordable manner.

I think this is it for me. I think that you have learned enough from me that you’ll be able to understand my writing as much as possible and look through the protagonist and understand how hard her life was just because of her religion and how her parents dealt with the situation.

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