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Love Me Now

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"Your heart will be broken into a million pieces!." *** What would you do if you were in love with a jerk?. Annabelle has to always travel around with her father. Unlike other girls her age, she has no friends to gossip and have fun with. Her paintings and music are her bestfriends but they don't seem enough. Moving again, Annabelle has not the slightest clue what Thunder Canyon has in store for her.

Drama / Romance
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I slumped on my bed and stared into space. Things have really changed over the past years, i already lost count of how many times we moved. That has been the cycle for years now. My dad has been extremely busy these days and he keeps getting transferred which makes us travel around.

I stared at my room, well I couldn't exactly call it my room because we moved here only about two months ago and now what?.

Yup, we are moving. Again.

I sighed and resumed packing the little belongings I had. It wasn't like I was going to be missed because I have no friends. I actually stopped making any relationship with anyone.

Why?. Well because I know we would eventually end up moving.

"Ready?" My dad interrupted my thoughts, his head peeking in through my bedroom door.

I looked around and my eyes landed on the little portrait of my mother I had by my nightstand.

"Almost." I said and walked over to pick the portrait.

"There's no way I'm forgetting this."

My dad smiled and walked over to me gently taking the picture from me.

"She definitely wouldn't let you be if you do, you know how she can be." He whispered like she could hear us.

I giggled slightly because I know he's right. My mom could be very stubborn at times unlike my dad who was a very easy going person.

"Well I think I'm done." I looked around the bedroom for the last time and shrugged "I have nothing left to pack."

He sighed and sat on the bed and I sat beside him.

"You know I'm doing this for us right?. I know-"

I know he was about to explain why we keep traveling around, but I already know why. He explains to me every single time we had to move and I'm used to it by now.

"Dad, really it's fine. You need to work so we can survive, I get it." I smiled reassuringly.

He smiled thankfully "Then let's get going, we don't want to miss our flight."

I nodded, secured my phone in my pants pocket and trailed behind my father as he helped with my suitcases.

I slept through half of the flight because I had nobody to keep in touch with. Well, I'm not like most teenage girls who have friends to tell 'OMG you wouldn't believe how this place looks' and other random girl's stuffs.

We arrived at our new apartment few hours later. Getting out of the car, I examined our new home and turned to spare my dad a glance.

"So, what do you think?" He raised a quizzical brow at me.

I pressed my lips together and thought for a while "Well it looks more like a home not a house, so it's way better."

My dad released a breath and smiled brightly "Let's head in then."

We went inside the house and I headed for the stairs to check out my new bedroom. It was a simple well furnished room, a queen sized bed occupied most of the room and a grey nightstand stood at the side. Two doors stood tall side - by- side, both leading to a walk in closet and a bathroom.

Well this is cool.

The closet was already filled with clothes, so I didn't have much to unpack. After unpacking the little I brought with me, I stepped back to examine the room but it wasn't up to my taste.

"This isn't how Annabelle's room should be."

Just like my mom always told me "Your bedroom should be a reflection of who you are."

Though I never really understood what she meant until I got older. I had always thought it was an ordinary statement until I wasn't satisfied with any room that belongs to me till it reflects on who i am.

I decided to decorate the walls with my signature posters. It isn't my bedroom without my favorite artist, paintings and books posters. Once I was done setting up my room, I smiled in satisfaction.

Now, this is my room.

I was interrupted by a knock on the door I nodded for him to come in.

" Did you do all this yourself?" He asked while looking around my room.

I rolled my eyes "What? Nope, the lamps helped a bit."My Sarcasm kicked in.

He playfully smacked my shoulder and I chuckled.

"You'd like it here, I promise." He assured.

I sighed and thought for a while and shrugged.

"I hope I do."

Thunder Canyon, please be good to me.

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