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My Father's Monster

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The man that I once looked up to was the worst of them all, he was a ruthless, blood thirsty killer who loved to womanize and I...I was his son. My father ran all kinds of back door, shady, illegal issues and it didn't help when he had the police in his back pocket. However I wasn't much better than he was, my father was grooming me to become just like him one day. I had killed, beaten and ran illegal operations all in the name of proving to my father that I had what it took to be like him, he even decided that he was going to open his own so called harem. On one particular evening father had sent me on a job, of course I didn't know what it detailed but he sent me and I knew what that meant, no witnesses. However when I arrived to the job to do what I do best, the scene that unfolded before my very eyes, had turned my blood to ice as I saw her, tied up, crying and bloodied, "who did this to you?" I questioned as it took everything in me to not find the bastard who did this to her, "my father."

Drama / Romance
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Family Business

The name's Malcom Graves and my father Xavier Graves runs one of the biggest illegal operation around, were not connected to the mafia but father takes his work very seriously.

Me the only son and heir to his so called bloodied throne, is no better than he is. I'm just as ruthless, dirty and blood thirsty all in the name of my father. I run his men or soldiers as he likes to call them, we may be an army, but we fight a different war.

Growing up my mother would fight with father because she didn't want me becoming like him, until one day she was discovered dead, father looked for years to find who the killer was or who had ordered the hit, until one day he did and I was sent to deal with it.

I had everything at my finger tips since birth, maids, the best schools that money could buy, a lavish collection of cars that would make any man jealous and last but not least women and thanks to father he owned his own club called The Harem, you had to be someone to have access, every member was given a black card with their name engraved in pure gold.

If you tried to duplicate the so called card, you weren't just escorted off the property, you were escorted off the property in a body bag and were usually never heard of again...I made sure of it.

As I walk into the club that night, Danny the bouncer just opened the door for me and greeted me with a nod, I could do without the fake greetings of a hi or hello, so I nod back.

Upon entering the harem, it looked like something straight from the books of how a middle eastern harem should look like, business men sitting in the middle of the floor smoking out of hookahs, while women had their hands down the men's pants giving them hand jobs.

The scene disgusted me, I was a more private kind of man, where when I took a woman, I would do things to her that got me off only in private and then leave.

That night however took a different turn, father had called me in for a job and it needed my personal touch, as I opened the door to his office there was a woman sitting on his desk, her back facing me as she was splayed wide open before my father, for his eyes only.

"You wanted to see me father?" I asked as I diverted my eyes else where clearing my throat, fidgeting with the cuff on my very expensive suit jacket.

"Yes, yes Malcom come in and have a seat," he said as he only kept his greedy eyes only on the naked woman before him.

"Thank you father but I'll stand," I said standing there waiting for what he needed me to do so I could escape the disgusting display.

This time he shifted his whole entire body to where I could see him now, while his hand stayed on the woman doing only things I didn't want to know to her, by the sounds of her moans she was enjoying it.

"Malcom, it's time. I have the most important job that you will ever be given, after years of searching for your mother's killer, I've found him and not only do I want you to kill him, but he has a daughter that I want and she will work in the harem as compensation for our loss," father said as he went back to focusing on his woman.

"Is that all father?"

"Yes, do it tonight and Malcom..."

"Yes father."

"Do not disappoint me."

"Yes father," I said thankfully as I quickly left his office and headed back to the house to gather up my men for this opportunity to settle an old score.

Driving back to the house old thoughts of the scenes that played out in my head the night my father found my mother dead, it was like a movie that I couldn't pause or turn off, I was maybe nine or ten years old, when someone had pulled up to the gates and threw my mother's dead body out of the car and quickly drove away, her body had been beaten, whipped, sexually assaulted and then finally strangled had scarred both my father and I.

I remember my father being alerted by the guard that night, all he could tell us, is that it was dark and the car was black when my mother was dumped, I blamed my father for years what had happened to her since she didn't want me to end up like him.

I knew she would never be able to leave my father, he was everywhere, she had to play the part of a gracious wife and loving mother, but I had no doubt that she loved me the most in this world, I know in my heart if I was born a girl, father would just use me as some prize gift to the highest bidder, so thankfully I have a cock between my legs, but all in all he still just uses me for his wants and needs.

Finally turning onto the driveway entering the gates, I drove slowly up to the house as my men stood waiting for my next command, "are we ready?" I ask as I roll my window down.

"Yes sir," my first in command answers me quickly while the rest of my men climb into humvee's and SUV's.

Rolling up my window as I was pulling out of the driveway, I tapped the address into my GPS to find my mother's killer, it was only half an hour from here, hopefully he'd still be there when I arrived.

Driving cleared my head, I hated standing still and this time I was thinking quite clearly on how I was going to hurt the man that took my mother from me, I wasn't doing this for my father even though he was the one who sent me, this was for me.

After the short drive we were arriving at a building that had looked closed for the evening, some kind of food packaging company called Pure Foods was lit up in red on the front of the building.

I slowed the car down as I looked for any other vehicles that I could find, before getting myself in a situation I couldn't get out of.

My men were the first to get out as I watched from within the safety of my car, "anything?" I questioned.

"No Mr. Graves, it's all clear."

Quickly I opened my door to get out when I heard a woman's scream pierce the night, "what the hell was that?" I asked as something in my head told to run towards the screams.

"Mr. Graves," Luke my first in command whispered as he was trying to get me to stop.

I could hear the loud thumps of my men following after me as I once again heard the screams.

Stopping to get a better perspective of the situation, I heard a woman begging as another scream left her, not being able to see anything, but hearing it was making my blood boil because I didn't believe in hurting a woman let alone make her scream in pain.

Luke had gone in before with a few of his men, while myself and other's had stayed behind, within a few short minutes I heard rustling noises as men fought with one another and at that moment I knew I needed to get in there and become the monster I was born to be.

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