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Creatures of Song

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Constanța, Romania. 1895. Ten years after one fateful sundown by the docks Cordruț still navigates the streets of his sweet coastal town. But now an eeriness surrounds him, and he leads a life unfamiliar. Should he allow himself to love a love so strange? And that crucial blade, now his again, carries much more than the initials of his peculiar name: it is his destiny carved into that handle, and his own fingers tight around it. And so Cordri must learn not to battle the fire within, but instead find how to burn best to the ashes of softness he longs to become. We are all creatures of song, and this he's always known -- so he will sing then, to his dying breath, encore. And call the end an end, when he comes to it proper. An historical romance. [Sequel to "Iron Serenade" / Prequel to "A Fool's Journey"]

Drama / Romance
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Author's Notes

Why, hi there again!

Before anything, thank you to the moon and back to anyone who happens to stumble upon this story and finds it worthy of a chance. I hope sincerely you may derive from it some enjoyment, and that your time is well spent herein.

Well then! Prior to proceeding, however, I should enthusiastically recommend that, if you desire to comprehend the substance of this tale in its essence, you give a read on another brief finished piece I’ve published here, which goes by the name of “Iron Serenade” and that tells of the incidents immediately preceding the ones we’ll be finding here, providing too introductions on most of the characters we are to encounter.

The link to that story in particular would be this one: https://www.inkitt.com/stories/drama/986237

Now, if you happen to decide to read that prequel solely, because you find yourself satisfied with the way things end up there perhaps, then that’s also quite alright and I thank you once more for the reading! If you nonetheless decide to go on after that short read and accompany our main character Cordruț in some more of his misadventures and reveries, then it would be prudent you finish considering these brief notes on it all, so you may know more or less what to expect.

This story isn’t only the sequel to the one linked above, it is also something of a prequel to a story being written still, which will go by the name of “A Fool’s Journey”. This will be a fantasy saga of sorts, that is going to be, overall, quite long it seems. More supernatural elements will begin to appear, albeit truly not extensively, in this part of our story.

In this work we will basically be let in on the unraveling events of Cordruț’s new life – until the very end of it all, – through his own eyes, thoughts and feelings. It will be, unlike its predecessor tale, disclosed to us entirely through his point of view and told in first person. Adding to the change in the mood is also that this story’s genre more closely resembles a dramatic romance than a thriller. I suppose it is too, overall, not a prose exempt from certain excerpts of indulging poetics and dilettante philosophizing.

Well, now the gist has been gotten, there are still some more things I would like to address, as per usual. To commence, I would wish to make it explicit that plenty of the actions of these characters and their points of view as expressed are, often times, neither condoned or congruent with those of this author. That is to say despite being written by me, they surely do not reflect my own opinions, thoughts or code of ethics.

Second, though this has been previously stated in another Author’s Note, I might want to add yet again that the research upon which I have based myself to write this story as properly as I could, although rather time consuming, was unfortunately limited often by the resources available to me. Therefore, I must admit despite my efforts it wasn’t conducted much to the point of exhaustion. I am however still quite willing to share all the references and sources consulted and even more glad if anyone has any corrections to make or further enlightening wisdom to share!

Third, we come to the part where I must warn you delicate subjects that are potentially triggering may arise, and will be approached with care from my part. I suppose that one should expect allusions to (non-sexual) violence, toxicity in relationships, age gap in relationships, mentions of suicide, explicit sexual content, homophobic, anti-semitic, sexist and overall prejudicial slurs and commentary, and more material aimed at mature audiences.

Finally, it is also likely prudent to add here that although the places named in this story do exist (or have existed), in actuality, the landscapes portrayed are almost entirely imaginary, as I have never been to any of the locations here described and mean absolutely no offense to their eventual inhabitants or the communities I so happen to not be a part of. Remaining true too that every character and the stories concerning them are wholly fictional.

Well then, hopefully after all that you don’t feel too discouraged. So let us move on to it, sweet comelies!

Yet again cheers to wishing maybe one day these imaginary people of mine can find a real home in your welcoming hearts. ☺

– M.

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