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Code Red

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Ami doesn't have an recollection of what happened only that she now works for the devil. As their mischiefs and thievery bring them closer together is it possible that something else is sparking there?

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Chapter 1

I wake up in a dark room, my hands bind behind my back. I can’t remember how I got here, all I know is that I need to escape. There are three dim lights above three doors. A voice sounds. “H-H-Hello?” I stutter. “You have two minutes to escape. But to be fair. No one ever does,” the deep voice said. The binds dropped. I rubbed my wrists chafed by the rope. I started to hyperventilate. “Get yourself together,” I whispered. I breathed in and out before I felt my heart rate go back to normal. “Three doors. Three ways to possibly die.” I said. “That’s not reassuring.” I started to do the math in my head. Scratch marks on the first door. Chipped paint on the second, clearly older. The third door is completely polished but has many cobwebs not used often. Okay. If the first door has scratch marks and a light coming out from the crack…then maybe don’t use that one. The second door is older….clearly. I examined the door knob. The light from the first door bounced off the second. “Wait…” I thought. This one has no fingerprints but the third door does. Scuff marks on the floor around the second….. “39 seconds left!” The voice sounded. “Shit.” I cursed. Second door? Third door? Wait….third door. I turned the knob on the third door and stepped in. I breathed out, I think I was holding my breath the whole time…. Suddenly I was falling. The floor dropped out from under me. I hit a haystack with a hard thud. This room was different. Lit with LED. Hay bales. And a person in the middle tied to a chair. Wait…A PERSON IN THE MIDDLE IS TIED TO A CHAIR!!!! I rushed over to the gagged person. “MMMMM.” He mumbled. He looks familiar. “Ami!” he screamed. “W-What??” I answered. “Oh Ami, I am so glad to see you!” The boy said desperately. “Who are you?” I stuttered. “I’m your best friend…oh Ami what did they do to you,” he said. I clutched my head, I felt like I was spinning, and flashes of memories flooded my head. “Li-Liam?” I stuttered. He nodded vigorously. “No.” That was all I said. “What?” Liam said. “You’re not real,” I said. “Congrats, Ami. You passed.”

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