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Gainful Wishes (SAMPLE ONLY)

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Life goes on without a hitch, even with no parents at the age of seven years old. Madison Nelson lives with her terrific uncle, Alan Nelson, since her parent's passing. Life moved at a smooth sailing pace for them, until one visit and a bearer of bad news that changed her life forever. Can things ever go back to normal for her? Will life always be so hectic for someone who only desires peace for her soul?

Drama / Romance
Kayla Ricci
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Alan Nelson was never married. He never wanted to have a family because he was the one who wanted to be independent and do what he wanted with no one to hold him back. There was only one person who could hold him back, and that was his little brother, Dan. That was only because Alan would want to do everything to the extreme, and Dan would have to be the one to keep Alan in check and make sure they did not do anything to get themselves killed.

The two brothers were incredibly close since childhood and did everything together. When Alan got the news that Mary, Dan’s wife, was pregnant, he was not exactly enthused because he’s never really liked children. It was not only because he did not like children, it was also because he knew his life would change. Since Alan and Dan always did things together, he knew that he would have to adjust to having a child around, because Dan would no longer be as available.

Having to change himself was not something Alan agreed with or wanted to do. He loved his single life with no woman to pester him about spending time with her or worrying about if he can go to the bar with his buddies. For the longest time, Dan tried to get Alan to warm up to the child, but Alan only rebelled and did everything in his power to avoid the child.

Soon, Alan began to change his ways as he started being around the little one. One day, Dan had finally convinced Alan to at least hold her. And from that moment on, he found himself madly in love with the little girl. He had no clue as to what it was, but he loved to hold her, to play with her, or to just look into her big amber eyes and know that she would be something very special in this life of hers.

Alan was in the military. He hadn’t been active for almost a year, and had five years left of his contract, and he was hoping to finish with the Navy with no issues or unexpected deployments. His life has been perfect with how things were going. He had become a family man and would hate to up and leave and walk away from potential memories with his brother and niece.

The grin on the uncle’s face was big and bright. He was making the quick drive over to his younger brother’s house because today he was taking Madison for a stay-over. The man was excited to be able to spend the entire day with his niece. Every moment with that girl was a treasured moment, to never be taken granted for. That little one had the man entirely wrapped around her little finger, and he found that he did not have a problem with that.

The thoughts or even ideas to meet someone, to get married and start a family were no longer a concern; to love and protect Madison was his only concern. Madison would be the most loved and protected girl in the world, because between a father’s love, and her uncle’s love, there was no denying that no man could ever love her more than Dan and Alan.

By the time that Alan had pulled into the driveway of his little brother’s house, he was grinning from ear to ear at the sight of Dan walking outside with Madison who was jumping up and down with excitement. As he stepped out of the truck, he felt something wrap around his leg tightly. Alan let out a soft amused chuckle as he made his way over to his brother, carrying Madison on his leg.

Dan’s shoulders were shaking with silent laughter, showing off his pearly whites as he smiled at the little one. His arms were folded across his bare chest, his light faded jeans hanging around his waist, jet black hair uncombed and in his eyes.

“You know, it’d be better if you had a body that appealed to the naked eye for you to be shirtless in public. You should really cover yourself up, for the safety of others,” Alan said in mock fear.

“Hmph,” is all he replied with to Alan’s jab. “Maybe if you can come at the time that we told you to, I wouldn’t have to worry about my daughter running outside by herself.”

Alan laughed. “Be a better father, maybe?” he quirked an eyebrow at him, an amused smirk playing on his lips.

“You don’t know anything close to being a father,” Dan grumbled.

“You’re probably right, which makes it even more brilliant that you trust me with your one and only child,” the uncle teased some more.

“I said you didn’t know how to be a father. I never said anything about me making wise decisions,” the father lazily half smiled and gestured to follow him inside.

They all walked into the house. Madison now holding his hand, giggling so happily the uncle found it hard to keep the smile off his face. Dan made his way over to the fridge, grabbing a juice box and coffee creamer.

“Madison,” Dan called to get his daughter’s attention. “Let your Uncle Alan sit down before you smother him." He grabbed a juice box. "Come get your juice, honey. What do you want for breakfast?” Then he poked the straw through the hole, holding it out for her.

Alan sat down in a chair at the kitchen island, smiling lovingly at Madison as a blush rose to her cheeks. The uncle did not mind her being wrapped around him, he found it adorable. His eyes followed the hyper-active child as she ran and grabbed her juice box from her father, sipping on it happily. Then moments later she was spinning around and running back to Alan, leaning her body against his leg.

“I don’t care what I eat, anything is good,” Madison mumbled in between her sips of her drink.

“Pancakes okay with you, bro?” Dan asked Alan, resting his palms on the countertop.

“That’ll be just fine, thank you Dan.”

Alan’s attention was then diverted to the feeling of someone grabbing his hand and tapping his knee rapidly. His eyes found bug-eyes looking up at him, glossy and coated with mirth. He smiled softly.

"Hi, Pumpkin,” the man spoke, deciding it was time to give his undivided attention to the little one.

“Hi, Uncle Ally,” said the girl softly.

“How’s my girl?” Alan grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up into his lap and gave her an Eskimo kiss.

“I’m tired, but I don’t wanna sleep,” she pouted and hugged her uncle.

“No?” he chuckled amusingly and hugged her back. He let his niece get into a position that was comfortable for her and kept an arm loosely wrapped around her while the other rested on the countertop.

“What are we doing today?”

“I thought I’d let you decide that one. We can do whatever you want to do.”

“Let’s go to the park. Can we bring Cassi?” the girl asked hopefully.

“We can do that. I’ll have your father call up Cassi’s parents.” Alan winked at his little brother who was shaking his head in amusement.

Moments later Mary came through the walkway and kissed the top of Madison’s head before acknowledging Alan.

“Good morning, Alan. How are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you. How’re you doing, Snickers?” Alan grinned.

Mary scowled at Alan as she poured her coffee. Then she was putting a hand on her hip, pursing her lips at Dan as he flipped the pancakes. He was giving her a questioning look as she continued to tap her foot and sigh dramatically.


“I thought I told you to talk to him about calling me that!” she snapped venomously at her husband.

“Would you relax, dear?” Dan snickered. “You throwing this temper tantrum like a five-year-old because you’re a fiery and sassy Latina, it only encourages him.”

“It’s not my fault that Latinas are known for a temper,” she huffed. “He’s so damn immature!”

“Hey, watch your language around Madison.” He looked at her sternly. “Alan is immature, but this isn’t news, honey. Relax,” he said before he kissed her cheek.

Mary clicked her tongue and looked at Alan who was grinning from ear to ear. “I don’t even understand why you call me Snickers. It’s not even funny.”

“It’s not my fault your skin reminds me of the candy bar,” Alan said innocently.

Dan choked on his laughter, covering it up with a cough when his wife elbowed him in the chest.

“More so sounds like you’re racist against my Latina heritage. My daughter is also Latina. I hope you’re not too ignorant to think a child only takes one side of the parents’ genes.”

“They don’t?” the uncle asked in mock surprise. “Scientists should definitely look into fixing that, for the better of the human race,” the man commented.

He then looked down at Madison with big eyes as she giggled. Alan’s body shook with silent laughter as he watched Mary stomp out of the kitchen, but not without trying to whack at him.

For the better of the human race?” the little brother had asked as he set a plate of pancakes down, a small chuckle escaping his lips. “You really can’t help yourself, can you?”

“Immature is so much more interesting than being modest,” Alan grinned. “Right, Pumpkin?” he asked.

“What does modest mean?” she asked so innocently, she made the two men laugh.

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