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In a colorful neighborhood, an aspiring college student became an orphan and ex-con. He fought a mighty foe to make his ambitious dreams come into reality. He underwent pressures and obstacles. Thankfully, he achieved his goals despite barricades and lived life with his own values.

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Chapter 1


Epoch One

I Will Become Stronger

In a Counselling Room on a Bright Tuesday, Gloria, who believes she's a psychopath, was touching her hair repeatedly due to the fact that she was feeling anxious and uncomfortable. Thereafter, the first question from the Counselor went thus;

"What Do You Usually Think About Before You Sleep?"

"You might think I'm Crazy, I hope the World comes to an end!" Gloria answered.

"Are You Going Through Something, Like a Hard Time?"

"Well not really, Shall I say life feels like such a chore?, whoppsss, I'm actually crazy because you would probably think it's ridiculous that a young girl is saying this".

"Lol", the Counselor responded.

"Actually Everyone Feels that Way about Life from time to time, Sooo when Do You Feel That Way the Most?"

"I always feel that way, life is repetitive and unpredictable, you know. You study hard to get into a good University, then the older you get, you must work hard to meet a nice guy and get married. All the efforts that you have to make. Frankly, everyone knows how to become successful".

"How to Become Successfully? How do you do it?" the Counselor asked.

"You just need to, You need to work hard, like crazy, but it still feels like a chore.

"Okayyy, is there anything that gives you joy, I mean something you like that does make you happy?"

"Let's see, actually I told my boss what I just told you".

"Ohh, that your boss you talk of, whoow! What did your boss say?"

"Just die", Gloria answered and chortled. "That made me realize that I'm actually acting like a Moody Teenager".

"Your boss sounds a little irresponsible, that's what you thought when your boss told you to just die?" "Well…… that's how counseling should be done", Gloria retorted.


"An open, candid conversation over a drink", Gloria rejoined.

(she stood up, jingling her head towards the doorstep)

"Are you leaving already?" The Counselor asked surprisingly. Gloria nodded her head for a yes and answered "I have work".

"You work so hard. I'll come by sometime".

"Yess, you have to, I'll treat you to something nice, Byeee!"

(she went out and slammed the door, looking happy like an actress who just won a crazy fight in an American series).

……In West Africa, there's a city that's created in 1829 and built on seven hills and forest sites varying in elevation from 160 to 275 metres. Apparently, the largest city amongst West African Countries. This City and Her Hottest Bailiwick "Oluyole".

On this small street, You can see the World. The story about a guy and how he was able to manage the pressures of life, living his life with his own values…..

Many years ago, One day at the beginning of the semester at Sunshine International School. A study master was dealing with some students who had been skipping the after-school hours prep, I was amongst them. He asked us to raise a bucket of water above our heads and he continuously yelled "Hey, hold it up, hold it properly"! "I'll smack you guys for each drop that spills". Unfortunately, we were five.

He kept yelling tho, but I was the only confident male amongst them, then I answered him and said "I heard it is not obligatory".

Then the master immediately smashed a textbook to my face. "I need a break", replied a student amongst those unpunished, "You don't have such freedom! You'd all better step up your game!"

"Your class GPA is the lowest! Let these guys on punishment teach you a lesson.They'll just mooch off their parents like leeches, they'll become useless scumbags. Okay?", the master rejoined.

I, Collins, I was a gentle guy but a sociopath. I also sometimes hear a beep in my head. But intentionally, I emptied the bucket I was raising and made my head flow in a steady stream.

"Jeez! What the heck!"

"Is this your own way of rebelling against me?"

"What a lunatic!" The master rejoined angrily.

"I'm sorry sir" (I was looking undivided)

"Shall I go and fill it up again?"

"C'monn you punk, I'm gon' deal well with you", the master responded and walked out.

Regina, the girl whom I noticed liked me was on a chit-chat with her friend on her left hand side, saying "He gets scolded nearly every blessed day but never attended any of the after-school hours prep, he acts like a lunatic from time to time but he was a disciplined student. A being who never had a friend since our first year, frankly it seems I've developed a crush for him without realizing it. Babe, this guy is transferring to Lifeforte International School next week. I'm torn and divided, shall I tell him how I feel or not? I'm not sure about the right choice to make but my inner compass tells me to give him a gift, that's what my heart wants." Apparently, her friend jeered and said nothing.

The following morning, Regina met with me. "Hey Collins", "I heard you're transferring to another school".

I replied "Yes". With a heavy exhale, she was trying to give me a gift but unfortunately, I rejected it and walked away.

(I don't give a damn about gifts, cause they fade)

On my way to a physical test at a Police Academy in Kano, I boarded a bus and it dropped me at the nearest station. I was running as fast as I could, though there was an overhead bridge for crossing over to the next side of the station. As I was speeding on legs, a High School Feminine did a mishap to an old man right in front of my nostrils. The old man was begging for some notes, but jeez! She pushed him away looking cool thereafter. I ran up to meet with her exclaiming


''Excuse me!"


She stopped and turned back.

"You are nuts, you walked away after pushing an aged man like that?" I rejoined angrily.

"He grabbed me, so I shook him off", she responded.

''Go Apologize, he could've gotten hurt''.

"Does that make you feel like a good guy? So annoying", she added and left.

(I was feeling helpless, like a being in the middle of an Atlantic Ocean, I had no choice but to let go though).

I got to the Police Academy in Kano for my physical test. I literally once dreamt of becoming a Doctor so as to save lives, but since the bad guys won't stop maltreating, bullying and taking advantage of the good ones, I changed to being a Police Officer. I did the 100m jog test, Marathon, push up, high jump e.t.c. But at last I passed the test looking exhausted but happy.

My Dad, Mr Moses, who just transferred to the Headquarters of a food industry "Best Foods & Co." He was the managing director. But on the other end the heartache thing was that, the industry pulled back the sponsorship they were offering to an orphanage. "Dreamers Orphanage''. My dad was in charge of it. Best Foods & Co. was the only one offering meals to those kids. It was very heart saddening though.

However, on a ride home, I could've been the one controlling the wheels, but……… I didn't have a license.

''Is your leg okayy''? Dad asked.

"I passed the test, you know. It's totally fine", I retorted.

"Aren't you sad about leaving your friends?"

"No it's okay, I don't make friends", I answered.

"Right, I heard the founder's son of my industry goes to the school you're transferring to, he's the same age as you. I hope you guys are in the same class".

"What's his name?", I asked surprisingly. "David Best", he said.

"Do I have to get along with him?" I retorted. "That's if you guys click", he answered.

"He's the founder's son, I guess I have to get along with him".

"Goodness, as if you care about things like that. Get along with your classmates, boy", he responded.

"Ahnnn, because I'm Socially Inept?"

"Even to me, you look socially awkward. Don't be so hard headed It'll only make your life more difficult", Dad exclaimed.

"What? You always said our family motto is "Never Compromise your Principles", what do you want me to do?" I asked.

"I'm not sure", he answered.

(I was chuckling till we got to the Destination that was known to only him, "Dreamer's Orphanage", but jeez I thought we were heading home).

Dad brought along some little snacks he wanted to give to the children. Then I asked, "Why bring me here out of the blue?"

"Why not"? He answered.

"You said we were going to finish packing", I rejoined.

"We can pack anytime, go hang those!" He added.

From a ninety degree angle, a girl was shouting ''Mr Moses! Mr Moses!" Then he replied

''Oh Scarlett, you're getting prettier by the day''.

I was feeling unconcerned, but I unconsciously stopped what I was arranging. As I raised up my head, I saw the rude girl who did a mishap to the old man at the station days ago.

"What?" "Mr. Moses, is he your son?" She asked surprisingly.

"Yes, he is. Say hi", Dad retorted.

"I'll go hang the laundry", I responded.

(Relating with a girl I already do not like, is that even possible? I was talking to myself).

With the look of things, I could see that the so-called 'Scarlett' grew up as an orphan. Apparently, she was my dad's best friend. I was still lost in thought when I heard "Hey", it was Scarlett.

"You're transferring to Lifeforte International School? I go there too, which class?"

I acted as if there was nobody beside me, So I gave no response.

"I'm trying to befriend you".

"Can't you cooperate?"

"A friend? Why?", I replied.

"Because you're his son", she added.

"Are you and my dad close?" I asked.

"Yes, hasn't it been five years, he works at Best Foods & Co. you know? The industry sponsors our orphanage and he's in charge of it", she responded.

Immediately, my look changed and I flapped the wet clothes I was trying to hang on her face. "Why is it so wet?" I rejoined mockly.

"Holy Jesus!".

"You really are socially inept, or is it because of that incident? You were so annoying", she responded.

"Is it so annoying to help those in need of help? How is it different from my dad helping you?" I responded.

"Yeah, I take back what I said. I guess we can't be friends", she answered moodily.


"You brought these here!" I yelled.

"You like doing good deeds, hang them all by yourself", she responded.

I was speechless and a little bit angry.

Hours later, Dad and I were done. He was waiting to say goodbye, but I felt unconcerned since the person he's trying to say goodbye to isn't my friend. I entered the car & jammed the door.


"Come over here and say goodbye'!" Dad yelled.

I pretended as if I was meditating but my dad already knows.

"Try to understand him, he's not that social", Dad exclaimed.

"I can see that, maybe you coddled him too much", she responded.

After I heard her statement, I felt like hitting her with something.

"Call me if anything happens"

"Bye then", she rejoined.

The next morning, it was my turn to prepare a dish. I was preparing fried rice, my Dad's best dish. I sauced it and made it so gigantic. The aroma diffused all over our apartment. In 35 minutes, 28 seconds; I was done with the meal preparation. I had the table set for breakfast. Surprisingly, as I was bringing the dish from the kitchen, my Dad was already in his 'Work Suit' looking like a youth and waiting for his brilliant chef to arrive. "Thanks Son" he answered joyously.

"Hey, this is your first day at your new school. I'm worried because you haven't bought your uniform yet. Shall I make time in the morning and pick it up?" Dad asked.

"No, this is likewise your first day at the Headquarters, I will just wear the old one today", I retorted.

"Sure, if you're okay with it, no problem". "Apparently, your cooking skills are getting better by the day. This is delicious", he rejoined.

"I guess I got that from you", I replied looking bossy. Few minutes later, Dad finished his breakfast and left for work.

Happily, I was jogging to the bus stop. Literally, my Dad's comments really cheered me up. So, I was smiling and remembering his looks while he was appraising me earlier on, not until I walked some miles to see the rude Scarlett again waiting for the bus. I reduced acceleration and my mood changed a little bit. I started to stare from afar and suddenly, a BMW passed by me and stopped where Scarlett was standing. It was a rich mans'. Obviously, it seems the rich man was offering a ride to Scarlett but unfortunately, she refused. Disgracefully, he zoomed and left. I was still staring when the school bus also passed me, but picked up Scarlett. Mehnnnnnn, I had to take "Akoto" to school.

I got to Lifeforte International School, and met with the principal. After some friendly interview, he handed me over to a class teacher. He was my class teacher. It was my final year in high school. As we got to Grade 6, the teacher was trying to silence everyone, then he exclaimed

"Attention Everyone in the room, we have a new student". As I was glaring at everyone in the room, I saw Scarlett staring at me furiously.

"Don't be mean to him, Get along together until you graduate, okay?"

"Okay, sir!" They all replied.

"You should introduce yourself", the teacher rejoined, putting on a funny face.

"Oh, okayy",

''Hello, My name is Collins Morton. Nice to meet y'all''.

"Tell us what you want to become and what your hobby is", the teacher retorted.

"Oh right",

"I want to become a detective, and I enjoy listening to music and playing scrabbles".

"Okay, that's it, give him a round of applause! You can sit……There's an empty seat, you can sit there", the teacher responded.

It was an empty seat beside Scarlett, I was annoyed, but I had no choice but to go sit, I couldn't just stand.

Few minutes after I had sat down, I heard a fierce noise at my back towards a corner. A guy was hitting his fellow roommate's head against the wall of the class. It was "David Best" and an indefensible looking boy "Martins". It was a bully and an unfair scene. "Come on, you loser, are you crazy?"

"My gosh, seriously?"

"I told you to get me an exotic, don't you know that I hate plain yoghurt?" Best retorted, pouring the hollandia on Martin's head.

I was uncomfortable with the situation. I stood up to take action. Scarlett held back my hand saying

"Forget it, what're you trying to do, you should know when not to interfere".

"Don't you know he's David Best, your Dad's boss's son?"

"So?" I replied.

"What do you mean?"

"He's the Successor of Best Foods & Co". If you get on his bad side, it won't do your dad any good", she retorted.

"That's your reason?" I asked.

"What?" She responded.

I went on to the scene to stop the harassment by ordinarily holding back David's hand from tormenting Martins.

"Stop it already, just because you're rich doesn't mean you can be an asshole".

The whole class that was incredibly untroubled and unconcerned before became surprised to see me act back at Best.


"It seems you have a temper".

"He must be a pretty fighter, I'm I correct?" Best retorted, jingling Martin's head malevolently.

"Stop it", I rejoined.

"Do you know the school rules?"

The class teacher came in. Supposedly, he was to stop the bully but he acted negligibly. I became so infuriated.

"Hey Loser, the teacher is here", [facing Martins] "let's carry on a little bit later" Best answered, still smashing Martin's head to the wall.

The teacher turned a blind eye, he was just standing like a blind man.

"Sir, Don't you see all these things?" I turned to the class teacher and asked curiously.

"Ohh, that's enough messing around",

"Get ready for the class".

Instantly, Best rejoined "Yes sir", drying off his hands on my jacket.

"Do what the teacher says, do you get it now?" "The school rules?",

"Best is the law around here!" [He jeered, but I couldn't take it any longer]. Instantly, I dashed a shot to his face. He fell to the floor holding his face and shouting bitterly.

The case got to the Management. The principal invited me to his office looking disarrayed and divided. He had to shiver, since I dealt with the Almighty "Founder's son". Words went outside the school walls. I was on my knees when the founder "Harper Best" walked in majestically alongside my Dad. I was still on my knees when he sat on the principal's seat. My Dad stood me up looking at me pitifully. "Mr. Moses, I heard he's your son", the founder retorted.

"Yes sir, I'm very sorry", my Dad answered, bowing his head.


"He's your son?"

"My Dad's employee's son had the guts to hit me?" Best asked sarcastically.

"Behave yourself in front of the adults!" The founder rejoined, thereafter making eye contact with his son.

"I'm sorry, my son was very rude", My Dad responded.

"Your name is Collins?"

"Principal, what's going to happen to him?" The founder asked the principal.

"We'll follow the school rules and have him expelled. We'd notify the police about his acts, the principal rejoined".

"No need for the interference of the police. I and Moses have known each other for a very long time, so settling won't be an issue. But school rules are different, will he be able to stay in school if we decide to forgive him?" The founder asked the principal.

"Yes, of course".

"If you forgive him, we'll give him a good scolding and make sure this never happens again", the principal answered.

"Okay, let's not cause a scene".

"Thank you so much sir", my dad rejoined humbly.

"That's enough, you're an important member of the Industry", the founder rejoined.

"Thank you sir, I'll make sure this never happens again. My Dad answered trembly.

"But….. Collins, it's important you know how to apologize for your mistakes".

"I want you to kneel before my son and apologize for your misdeed, that's how we'll settle this", the founder rejoined.

I was sweating profusely from inside, I was uncomfortable but still rigid.

"If you do something wrong, it's only right you get punished. That's what my Dad taught me".

"Nice & great"

"Mr. Moses, you're a great father, you taught your son well", the founder rejoined.

"But….. My Dad also taught me that one must stick to their beliefs. I saw one of my classmates being bullied, and the teacher condoned that. It made me feel uneasy, so I tried to stop him. But….. he didn't listen, so I hit him."

"I shouldn't have hit him in front of the teacher no matter what. I deserve to get punished for what I did wrong. But, I can't apologize to Best because I don't feel remorseful at all".

"So you refuse to get on your knees even if you could get expelled?"

"I'm doing what I think is right, that's what my dad taught me and I wish to continue living like that", I answered.

"Lol, how unfortunate. You leave me with no choice then", the founder retorted standing at his feet.

"He's still just a child who doesn't know the ways of the world, it's hard to believe he's my son. I'm really amazed by him, he's doing what he thinks is right and is willing to be responsible, so….. I have nothing more to say to you sir", my Dad replied.

"You being a fool, how are you going to keep working in the industry now that things are awkward between us?" the founder asked sarcastically.

"I'll resign, sir."

Immediately, I burst into tears, and exclaimed

"Dad, it's all my fault, you don't have to pay for a sin you didn't commit".

"Okayy then, you do that", the founder rejoined.

"Thank you for everything sir", my Dad responded.

It really got into my bones. It got to a point I couldn't hold in my tears, I wept bitterly.

Later that evening, Dad and I went to a pub to eat. I was still feeling down and scattered when my Dad exclaimed

"Whatever the reason, violence can never be justified". You did something you shouldn't have done, and you got punished for that".

"Dad, what about you? You did nothing wrong, why're you resigning?"

"Just like your beliefs, I also have my own beliefs as a father. Can you drink?"

"Dad, I'm a student and I shouldn't drink".

"Not anymore", Dad replied.

I had forgotten I was expelled. He poured me a glass and taught me how to pour and handle an Hennessy. We had toast, ate spaghetti and stared at each other for a few minutes until we left for home.

The next day was Wednesday, I was on a jog when I heard a fast leg move from behind me, it was Scarlett. She was running as fast as she could, breathing heavily.

"Hey! I thought today was your interview and screening exercise for the rolling admissions, where are you going?" I asked, looking marveled.

"You already know where", she responded. "Why ain't you taking the bus?" I replied.

"I forgot my screening letter and my ID card, I'm so stupid".

"Now what're you gonna do?"

"Will you stop asking unnecessary questions?" "I told you I messed up", she rejoined.

"But why're you running instead of taking maruwa or Akoto?" I stopped her and asked. "I'll be late for the screening if I wait for maruwa especially, you know they're hard to get except you get to the garage", she responded breathing more heavily.

"It's fine, I just need to get to Lead City University in twenty minutes".

"Twenty minutes? That's at least three kilometers away from here", I retorted.

"Mind your own business", she replied, restarting her home chase.


"You won't be able to make it at this pace", I rejoined trying to help her with her bag.

"Just mind your own business man", she answered.

"Just try to keep up with me, can you do that?" I asked.

"Yeah, I should".

We jogged to her place and jogged back to the direction of the University. We were almost at the gate when she suddenly got tired, but I held her by the hands and push-jog her till we got to the first building.

"Why are you helping me? I thought you hated me", she asked.

"Don't be absurd", I retorted, waving my hands for a bye. She chuckled, heading to the screening hall. She was at the doorstep already when I exclaimed

"Hey Scarlett, good luck on your screening!"

"Gosh you don't need to worry. I'll do well", she responded.

After an hour, she came out. She was a bit marveled by the fact that I was waiting for her. "Wait, were you waiting for me?"

"Well…… how was it, did you do well?" I asked.

"Yeah, I did all thanks to you", she replied. "But why did you wait for me?"

"Hmmm…. Do you still wanna be friends because of my Dad?" I asked codedly. She smiled and answered

"We can be friends".

In one word, I was happy. We walked some meters away from the University and stopped beside a river bank. We sat on dry land, staring at the river.

"Why do you wanna be friends all of a sudden? You don't like me".

"No reason, I used to think you were a girl with no heart. But now, I think I know why you're being like that", I responded.

"Why am I like this?"

"You're twisted", I responded facing the other way.

"Collins, Are you sure you wanna be friends with me?"

"You don't like to receive help, do you? Also, you don't like people who ask for it", I retorted. "I'm in a better place than that person, there are people going through worse. I should be thankful. Do you know what sympathy means? It's a distasteful emotion where you look down on someone and you get comfort from it". "What about my Dad? Was it also a sympathy that's just distasteful?"

"He's different, and the reasons you don't need to know", she responded.

"Lol", I rejoined.

"By the way, the fact that you hit Best the other day, don't you regret it? You made a huge scene as soon as you got transferred, that was cool".


"But you ended up getting expelled from school, I can't live like you or your Dad 'cause that's not what I want", she retorted.

"Why suddenly bring that up?" I asked.

"No reason, I'm just saying, let's go, the weather is becoming more cold".

"Wait, uhmm, Do you have a cellphone?" "What's going on?" She asked.

"I told you I want to be your friend", I replied. "Give me your phone, I'll type in my number". I dropped my phone in her hand at the speed of light, facing sideways.

"I'm doing this because we're friends, you shouldn't have a crush on me".

"What?" I asked.

"Take it", she responded.

"So this is it, and why can't I have a crush on you?"

"A stubborn boy like you gives a girl a hard time, so you shouldn't fall for me". And why ain't you answering me?"

"You never know…… what will happen in life", I responded.

"Then give me back the phone, let me erase my number".

"I'll get going, I'll give you a call".

"Hey Collins!"

"Oh right, you're cool enough and very pretty". She was speechless.

"I should get going then".


"Delete my number!"

Lol, I ran away.

The next morning, I was helping my Dad out in cleaning. We were arranging and sorting out a new apartment he bought to start his own Industry, It was a Pub. He was in a good mood, so I went ahead and asked him

"Why are you this happy?"

"Yeah, I'm happy because I've always dreamed of running my own business, my heart is pounding with anticipation", he responded. "Hmmmm…. By the way what's the name of the pub?" I asked curiously.

"Well….. what about Collins Pub?"

"I don't like it, it sounds silly".

"We still have time for an open space, you should come up with a decent name", he responded.

…….I got expelled, my Dad got fired. It was no big deal. There was no change in my daily life. Having many different feelings, I just lived from day to day. I was young and still young, but I'm learning more about life. I have these silly thoughts that my Dad might laugh at. Nevertheless, as long as you're alive, nothing is a big deal……

Around 6pm, on a friday. I had locked the pub due to the fact that we were done for the day. My Dad went to get groceries and all other essentials so that we could prepare for the following day, Saturday. He was heading back home on his bike. I was so curious about where he was, so I put a Call through to him.

"Hey, I bought everything we need".

"I bought meat too, the color looks amazing". "I'll be right there son, I love you".

He hung up. I stood outside waiting to welcome my Dad. But that night, Dad never came back. I attended my own Dad's funeral. I lasted days where the funeral was held. I was stinking in my black attire, dumbfounded and looking entirely scattered. Scarlett was with me all those whiles 'cause we've became closer. The fourth day after the incident, some policemen came looking for me. There were two, one of them exclaimed and said

"You should know the circumstances of the case, the suspect wants to reach a settlement". "You mean a settlement?"

"He wants to measure the value of my Dad's life?"

"So this guy wants to pay me for that?" I asked in despair.

"I'm sorry for the loss, but……" the officer hasn't even finished his speech when I collapsed and everything became blurry. Scarlett was scared, she tapped me severally but I couldn't wake up since I've over used my body. I was feeling very weak . As I was being rushed to the nearest hospital, she kept yelling

"Sir, he hasn't slept or eaten for the past four days, please call a Doctor!!!"

…Family? Dad? Even before I realized his favour that I can't return, I lost the only one I had. The one that was my everything, it broke my heart 'cause he only cared about me, and that's why I could try hard. To me my Dad's existence was my only priority. But then, I felt like dying! I wished a Doctor couldn't be found! Because life is no longer a big deal!…

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