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This is Glen. Overall Glen is a nice girl. But today she did not feel that way.She thought of the worst idea.Of doing something that would go a little to far. She had no clue why she did want do so this little project.It will turn out to a big project.!

Drama / Action
alyvia <3
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Glens Serious Idea

Chapter 4

Hey Clara how you doing? Why are you talking to me you brat oh my god Sarah look the midget is talking to me.Im not a midget..Yes you are, *laughs loudly* anyways do you go kickboxing? No brat,Well since your such a meanie here you go*punches Clara* uh oh now Sarah is telling the teacher let me quickly punch Sarah *punches Sarah*And that is my serious plan.My Quote Is Never Be Mean To Anyone At Anytime! The End

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