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Choices: A Hood Love Story

By Alyssa95lc All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Just The Beginning

In life we all have choices. Some choices are made for us others we have to make on our own. Here is a story about me and the choices I had to make. Who am I you ask? My name is Keyera but I go by KeKe I'm from the city of angeles but from my hood those angeles may soon become devils.

"KeKe wake up", my mom screamed from the living room. As the sun beat across my face I yawned and stretched as I sat up in my bed. It was finally my senior year and I couldn't wait to get this year over with and go to college. The past 3 years had been a struggle, my dad died and my mom became truly depressed and some what of an alcoholic but I hoped that one day she would get back to her happy go lucky self. "KeKe wake your ass up now", she screamed again. Well so much for that. I walked to the bathroom just to find that my annoying twin brother was taking forever as usual. " Keyvon hurry up you know I have to get ready"! Alright alright he said. I heard the water turn off and rustling around. Finally after what seemed like forever the bathroom door swung open. "Damn could you move or are you just gonna stand there looking crazy I asked?" Man shut yo ugly ass up he said. Well if I'm ugly then we both ugly since we look exactly alike smart ass. Haha very true good come back sis now how about you hurry up before we are late. I ran into the bathroom rushed and took a shower , brushed my teeth, did my hair, threw on my clothes and ran out the door.

Well well well if it isn't Miss KeKe, said Dre. Now Dre was about 6'5, light skinned, tattoos, long curly hair, perfect smile with a bottom grill and oh so fine. To bad he was my brothers best friend. What is it Dre? How come everyday you say the same thing when I come out the house? Hm maybe because I think you are just the finest thing in the world how about that. He smirked and I felt my insides almost melt I had to admit I really did like Dre but my brother would have a fit if we started messing around. I laughed out loud like I had just heard the funniest joke ever. Yeah okay Dre whatever you say try and run that game on some other girl not me. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, " One day you will be mine believe dat." I swear my whole entire soul left my body his voice was so deep and raspy it made me wet every timeI heard it but before I could say anything Keyvon came running out.

Come on bro leave my sister alone lets go. Alright bro damn we was just chopping it up waiting on your slow ass. They both laughed and took off walking. Everyday we walked to school that is whenever Dre and Keyvon actually went to school. They were always messing around and getting into trouble. Me on the other hand I actually went to school and got good grades I was just a little smart ass.

"KEKE" my friend Lala yelled from her front yard. Bitch I know you not just gone leave me. Of course not girl I could never leave my best friend. Now me and Lala had been friends since we were toddlers her dad and my dad were like brothers and they were both in the dope game together that is before her dad got busted and sent off to do 15 years. She was more than my best friend she was my sister. Girl it's bout hot as hell out here today I'm already tired of school and we haven't even started the day yet. Lala wasn't the most studious but she was smart when she really put her mind to it. I seen you and Dre talking what was all that about, she laughed. Girl nothing you know Dre he always trying to spit game but I can't even go there you know Von would have a complete fit.

Oh yeah we call my brother Von. Yeah that is true but you are old enough to make your own decisions and Dre is fine as hell you better jump on that before I do. I laughed because she was totally serious. The walk to school was only about 10 minutes but today it seemed to be forever. So we all decided to go to the corner store and get some snacks for school. It was 2 things I needed in my life to have a good day defiantly my phone and food.

As we were walking towards the door I couldn't even get my foot inside before Dolla the neighborhood hustler tried to holler at me. Now I liked bad boys and I had to admit Dolla was so fine but I wasn't sure if I wanted to get involved with someone that sold drugs even though my dad did. Wassup KeKe you looking good as always when you gone let me take you out. Dolla you always ask me that all the time and what is always my answer? Shit I was just thinking that maybe one day you would just give a nigga a chance. I honestly wanted to but I really did have feelings for Dre but I knew that would never work so maybe it was finally time to give Dolla a chance.

Alright fine Dolla how about you come get me after school and we can hang out that is if you not busy with your other hoes. He laughed, nah I'm all yours I'll defiantly be there. See you later baby. Lala looked at me like I was crazy. Girl are you really gonna go out with him? Yes I mean he has been pretty persistent and hell ain't no crime in giving a nigga a chance. Yeah okay just be careful he like to get hoes pregnant. Oh my God Lala stop I'm not gonna get pregnant we not even gonna have sex. Does he know that, she asked? No he doesn't but I'll be sure to tell him when he picks me up today. As we walked in the store Dre pulled me aside he had this look in his eyes that I had never seen before. I really like you KeKe and I know me and your brother are like family but I can't help how I feel about you. I felt my heart skip a beat Dre was so tough but in that moment I saw such a sweet side to him I didn't even know what to say. Dre look I honestly like you too but you know we can't be together and as you just saw I'm going on a date with Dolla.

He looked down as if I had just crushed his dreams. He then looked down at me and said , " I want you and one day I will have you." My whole body went numb just then Von came over and said, ya'll come on we gotta go. Dre grabbed my hand and told me to think about what he said. As we walked to school I couldn't help but think about Dre and what he said I honestly hated he was my brothers best friend but that wasn't gonna change.

We made it to school just in time. All day all I could think about was Dre I wanted to get him out of my head but I really couldn't should I just take a chance and mess with him or should I just stay true to my brother I was confused and honestly just ready for the day to end. I had all of my credits so my senior year was gonna be a breeze at least on the academic side. Finally lunch came and I couldn't be more excited. I met up with Lala and we headed to the cafeteria I couldn't wait to fill her in on exactly what happened with me and Dre earlier that day.

We walked in the lunchroom and sat at our regular table. I think Lala already knew something was on my mind because before I could even get one word out she blurted out GIRL WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! OMG damn just let everyone know something is going on with me. Sorry I just know you and I know when something is bothering you so go ahead and spill the tea while it's hot. Okay okay so while we were at the store this morning Dre pulled me aside and let me know that he really likes me and that one day he wants to be mine. Lala's eyes literally popped out of her head, "are you serious girl"? Yes I'm serious and to be completely honest I wanna give him a chance but I just don't want to upset Von. Girl fuck Von! Sorry but you have to be happy and I think Von will understand that. Ha you don't know Von then he will flip the hell out if he even knew either one of us had feelings for each other I just really don't know what to do. Well girl I think you should follow your heart and you know I have your back with whatever you decide. Thanks Lala I can always count on you.

Lunch seemed to go by so fast and the rest of the day seemed to go by even faster. School was already over and as soon as I walked outside I saw Dolla waiting in his car for me. I was actually nervous but excited at the same time. Lala looked worried but I was a big girl I could handle myself. Bye girl have fun with your future bae, Lala grinned. I opened the car door and got in Dolla smiled at me and started the car. He started bumping some Future as we drove down the street. I could feel my heart beating a mile a minute next thing I know we pulled up to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. He got out and actually opened my door I was actually pleasantly surprised. I think he could tell because he said, " I guess you didn't think a nigga could be a gentlemen." All I could do was laugh because he was telling the truth. He grabbed my hand and we walked into the restaurant as always it was packed as usal the waiter walked us to our table.

I couldn't help but feel so nervous sitting across from one the biggest drug dealers in our neighborhood but honestly something about him felt different. " So Keke how you feel about me be honest", Dolla said. Well Dolla I don't really know you enough to have feelings for you but I do like you just don't wanna be played. He looked at me with his beautiful hazel eyes and said, " Look normally I do play girls but with you I feel like I would be different cause I already care for you". Omg I had butterflies could this possibly be the beginning of something new between us?

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1. Just The Beginning
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