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Christian Teen Struggle this story focuses on a couple of Christian teenagers, their life struggles, how they overcome temptations, how they fight through life, how they meet their love stories and it focuses on a certain character Ariella. Born from a Godly home. ariella meets a lot of struggles, she fight to single herself out from the world, from her peers, and maybe from love. will she make it to the end, will she come out strong, will she break, be made, shake or be great find out here.

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In the beginning was Love, but love was what?

My dreams, wishes and prayers had come true in the twinkle of an eye. Like Yeong sil, I watched him walk into the church, about seven feet tall. He was so muscular like he had spent ages in the gym. He had shoulders not too broad. He had so much hair. There were so many thoughts running through my head. A ton of questions. Could this be my long awaited answers. But he was white and I asked for black. He probably wasn't the one. But who cares. There's an unbelievable assurance that he's mine. Like a long awaited prince, and to the front seats. There was a long stare into each other's eyes with so much connection. Felt like we were two world's intertwined. I almost lost my words, but no, how could I, everyone would see. God would understand but they wouldn't. They're sweet girl's gone sour. And for what, a boy? That could never happen so I continued singing, dancing and staring. I didn't even believe I could multitask till that moment. I noticed he knew most of the songs I sang. Both native and English. It seemed like he had spent a while in Nigeria. But how? That one question I couldn't drop out of my head. This remote, hidden, scrapped area. How did he. Oe Taebaek!(mad-oh) I can't believe this.

The service was shorter than usual. A few ministrations, some stares and we were Sharing the grace. We still stared at each other till the church anthem was over. He took a bend and turned over to pack his Bible and books into his bag. Slowly and cautiously, watching every step I took. I couldn't afford to trip or even lose a step not today, not now. I could chase my dream away. I would usually approach any new comer in the church and persuade them to stay. Even make them become workers. I was so used to it i didn't realize how hard it was. I was going to leave this one to the adults. There was no way I'd talk first. I was quickly approaching his seat when he grabbed me by my wrist. In that moment my heart skipped. It was just like I'd seen in the movies. I had heard it in songs, and read it in books, but I never believed it. My heart almost dropped. There was a quick stare but he quickly let go of my hand. "Oh I'm Sorry" he said to me. His voice was even more of a dream. I couldn't help but notice. He seemed so calm, unlike me. I was beating, and vibrating like a woofer. "nan gwaenchanh-a(I'm okay)" I replied. I didn't realize how much my brain had processed through the two hour service. I had been so excited about studying the Korean life that I silently prayed about going there to study, meeting a Korean prince and getting married. They seemed sweet. I always wanted someone to speak Korean with. And here he was, standing right in front of me, speaking English! Oh my god! I was dissatisfied. No wonder they say it, we long for what we don't have. I want Korea he wants English. Who would have guessed. Except me cause well, it's my head. No one would understand it better than I do. "You can speak English with me, I'm fluent". He said. Uhhg! Why wasn't I upset about this. I guess I was, but most importantly comforted by the fact that he was speaking to me. "Aniyo(no)" I did it again. I was speaking Korean. I tried to hide the fact that I was nervous, but he read me easily like a book. He dropped this weird, unexpected yet heartwarming smile. And said "I said it's okay to speak English. I know you don't want me to feel pressured but I'm fine. I actually speak more English than Korean. I basically moved about all my life". Taebak (oh my!) He was telling me about himself. I guess that was a thirty percent. I couldn't possibly tell him that it wasn't for him but for me. Either ways I won't embarrass myself trying to be perfect in Korean. "Hi I'm Ariella. I said looking directly into his eyes. For a moment there I had lost myself. We were staring at each other for longer than I expected. "Ariella! We have rehearsals oh! It was my music director. Oh how annoying. "Is that the choir cord? He asked smiling at me. Ugh, I spaced out for a while. Oe ye(oh yes)". Okay. You can go then". Oe gamsahabnida(okay thank you)." I walked away quickly and silently. I didn't want to talk about the fact that I just spoke Korean again.

"Ariella, what do you think we should wear next week? She was my music director, mummy Ada. She was slim, really tall. She had good body physic and she could really sing. She had an odd behavior of making me make the decisions then putting the blame on me but still I'd say she was a good woman. "I can't wait till we have more members in the choir. She paused. Rachael a really slim and short girl who sang the highest notes in soprano quickly butted in. Most especially the boys, because we need their tenor voice though." Oh Rachel! Are you sure that's why? I thought to myself. " If so then I could be of help. I want to join the choir." It was a really familiar voice. But everyone was yelling so my brain couldn't process it so I looked back. It was him, the Korean guy. Wait what? He wanted to join the choir? Why? Could it be because of me, did he like me? Or he just liked to sing? Yet again more questions to the ones I had before. I stood there like a doll while mummy Ada welcomed him and told him the rules and regulations, requirements and observations. "Are you here to stay? She asked him. Yes ma'am" what an humble boy. Snap out of it young miss. " Please introduce yourself. I'm Han ji pyeong but you can call me Han Jay. It was like he was specially introducing him self to me. He knew I liked Korea that's obviously why he mentioned a Korean name.

After rehearsals that day I had to go quickly because I had plans with Lisa. It was our first time out as friends. she had just come back from the UK and I was her only friend left and we wanted to make the most out of it. So we had planned a quick picnic getaway we just wanted to have fun and gist away time..

Lisa was lovely. She was really cute and such a good friend. So even if I was going to ditch her there had to be a good reason.

When I got home I had to quickly prepare the few snacks and drinks we'd take along. While I was dressing the mini pizzas Lisa called and said I had to meet her there. She was bringing a little surprise for me and it'd be ruined if she brought it to my house.

Honestly I was excited. I had a hundred thoughts in my head. What could it be. Was Lisa trying to meet my need. Oh she shouldn't have. In no time I finished packing and went straight to the place to meet Lisa. When I got there she wasn't there so I thought she'd changed the spot. I tried calling her but her number wasn't going. A few minutes later while I was setting up I felt a tap on my back. "Hey baby girl". It was Lisa. But strangely Ji pyeong was right beside her. "Hey baby girl, I responded. I hope you haven't been waiting for too long I had to pick this truck head, he was lost, first day on the mainland. Oe(oh)

, no I haven't, it's all good." Why was Ji pyeong with her? Why was Ji pyeong with her? Why was Ji pyeong with her? That was the only thing in my little head.

"Oh my manners, she coughed a little. Di, meet Han ji pyeong, my friend from the UK. He's staying with us now and since I know your annoying craving for Korea I decided to bring him as a present for you I'm sure you'll like him a lot. You can just call him... I interrupted her "Han Jay. How did you know? She was shocked. "He was at the church today, even joined the choir. If he got lost on the first day I wonder how he'll attend Bible study." We were staring at each other for quite some time.

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