The Remainders

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Chapter Thirty-One: Lake Forest


I bolted up in my seat. The light stung my eyes.


I was finally able to see. I was still in my Lexus. I must have slept in it overnight.

“Hey, mister?”

I pressed the Start button and rolled down the window. It was a young woman with long blond hair, a navy blue suit jacket, and a short blue-and-white striped dress. She must have worked there.

“Are you OK, sir?”

“Um, yes. I’m fine, fine.” I held up my left hand and gave a weak wave.

She stared at me with concern. “Should I call a doctor?”

“No, no.” I didn’t tell her I was a doctor. I certainly didn’t feel like one at that moment.

She glanced further into my cabin. “Your phone’s ringing.”

I looked over the grease-stained bag filled with a now cold bacon double cheeseburger and soggy fries and a condensation-coated cup filled with watery Diet Coke. My office phone number appeared on the screen. As I picked up the phone, the young woman stepped away from my car.

I tapped the button to answer. Alison’s frantic voice was on the other end.

“Dr. Glass, where are you!? I’ve been trying to call you for hours. You have patients waiting!”

I looked on the clock at the dashboard. I couldn’t believe it had gotten so late. I pulled the iPhone away from the side of my face and looked at the Ring/Silent switch on the side. I must have put the phone on silent. Maybe that was why I didn’t hear Avicii at 4:30 in the morning, or I just slept through it.

“Dr. Glass!?”

I brought the phone to the side of my face again.

“Yes, Alison?”

“Are you OK, Dr. Glass? Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing’s wrong. I’ll be right in...”

“Something is wrong! Do you need help? Should I reschedule your appointments for today?”

“No. That’s fine. Tell the patients I’m sorry. I’ll be right in.”

“Dr. Glass?”

I ended the call. I was about to put the iPhone back on the passenger seat when I noticed I had an email notification. I tapped the Mail app.

There was an email from Dylan.

As I scrolled through his message, a number of feelings rushed through me. Happiness, relief, sadness, and urgency. Wherever Reseda was, I had to get there as quickly as possible.

I dialed Alison.

“Dr. Glass?”

I called our direct line. She knew it was me.

“Alison, go ahead and cancel my appointments for today. Tell them there’s an important family matter...”

“Dr. Glass, what’s really going on? I need to know.”

“I found my son.”

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