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I’ll see you on the other side.

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Sarah and Gwen are a happy cupple. Gwen soon tells Sarah that she is moving away and that she won’t be able too see her. Sarah starts freaking out and starts crying. Little does Gwen know. Sarah has a plan on how she can see Gwen and so they can live there happy life. Until Sarah falls out of a 38 ft tall tree giving her a head injury. Gwen has too find a way too make Sarah fight too keep her alive.

Drama / Romance
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01-Moving away.

“Tell me your joking..!, PLEASE TELL ME YOUR JOKING…!!”

“Sarah…please…I need you to calm down…”



I stoped and looked at Gwen. Tears. Rolling down my face. Dropping onto the different colored Rick cover hall floor.

“Sarah…I’m not joking…I’m moving Sarah…”

I fell too my hands and knees. Scared. Terrified. Traumatized.



I grabbed my backpack and restarted running. I kept running down the hallway when I heard Gwen yell from behind me.

“Sarah! Wait! Please!”

She started running after me. All the students walking in the hall confused why we are running. I run into the hall closest to our gyms and one of my bully’s sticks her foot out so I fall flat on my face.

“Oops! Sorry nerd! I didn’t see you there!”

My backpack flew off my back and my glasses flew off my face. My ponytail holder falling down a little. And Rachel, bully 1. The “leader” of her group. Picks my backpack up looking at it.

“Looking for this nerd?”

Bully 2, Nicole. Picks my glasses up. And looks at them then me.

“These too?”

Gwen pushed everyone out of the way making herself too the front of the crowd where she can see me. And bully 3, Britney. Blocks her from getting to mt.

“Let’s teach this nerd a lesson. Again.”

Rachel Broke the zippers on my backpack dumping everything on my head. And Nicole, threw my glasses down breaking them.

Everyone started laughing and I kept crying. Gwen could see I was embarrassed and upset. She pushed Britney out of the way and walked up too Rachel.

“What is this? Another nerd?”

I start gathering my stuff and look at Rachel.

“Don’t call her that. She’s my girlfriend.”

“Oh! So the nerd is a lesbian too!”

“She’s not lesbian. There gender fluid. And bisexual. You idiot.”

Next thing I know Gwen punched Rachel I the face nocking her too the floor. And glared at her. One of those mean death glares.

“Leave her alone.”

Gwen came over and helped me pick up my stuff as I checked my backpack.

“The zippers are broken. There’s no use.”

She looked at me. And smiled.

“Love. I’ll be right back, ok?”


Gwen ran off twords the girls locker room and down the hall too her orchestra room. I always wanted too play orchestra. But I couldn’t because of my mother.

Soon Gwen came back with a brown satule. And picked up all my stuff and put it in it and closed it and put it around me.

“There!, now you have something to carry your stuff in!”

I stood up and hugged her still crying because of earlier. She looked down at her shoe. She knew we always wore converse. It was our favorite shoe. Plus. It was a thing for us too match.

She pulled a pin out of her hoodie pocket lock I exasperated. And ripped a peace of her shoe off.

“Baby!! What are you doing!?”

She wrote her name on it and gave it too me. She smiled warmly at me. Letting feel comfort and knowing she’s there.

“Don’t forget me, ok?”

I looked at it and grabbed it with a smile still having tears down my face.

“I never will. I love you.”

I love you too.”

I held her hand and we walked down the hallway. She walked me too class and I looked at her.

“I’ll see you on the other side…?”

She looked at me. I could tell that np gave her tears but she held them back and gave me that same warm smile again.

“See you on the other side.”

I smiled at her and walked into class as she walked too her class crying.

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