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I’m only human.

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Hehe.(idk, it’s 11 at night and my head hurts. I can’t think right.)

Drama / Romance
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My mother pushes me outside and I start crying. I pick my backpack up and start walking away from the house I grew up in.

It was dark. I’m scared of the dark. I hate it. It’s was cold too. I was only in shorts and a T-Shirt.

I walked for about 3 hours then collapsed passing out on the sidewalk. I felt I hit my head.

Next thing I know I’m walking in a field. Did I die? Or am I dreaming? I kept walking and I fell threw a hole in the ground.

I kept falling screaming and I fell to the bottom and the dirt. I got up sitting on my knees. My hands covered in dirt, dirt on my face.

I stand up. The dirt was even on my knees. But I didn’t really care, I loved playing in dirt. I walk down a dark hall way.

Where am I going? I think I’m dead. I walked into a red room. Next thing I know all my phobias started coming at me.

Red balloons, needles, losing loved ones, lakes, the dark, loud sounds, door steps, etc.

I start screaming and I wake up. I was in a house.

“Where the hell am I!?”

I cute short girl ran in the room.

“Your awake!”

I jumped up and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt holding fist up at her.

“Who are you!?”

She held her hands up scared. I my eyes widened and i had a flashback. The same thing happened to me with my mother. I’ve had ptsd with high fives and other things ever since.

I zoned back into reality and let go of her. She looked at me and I grabbed my arm.


She smiled softly still shaking. She went into the bathroom and came back with a wet rag and wiped my face off.

“Sorry, you have dirt all over your face.”

She touched a spot on my face that hurt badly. I felt a shocking pain.


I bit her arm and she pulled back.

“Ow. That hurt ma’am.”

She just looked at me with no reaction. My eyes widened again. Her arm was bleeding and she didn’t show a reaction?

I felt really bad now. First I scared her. Now I tour her skin open. Such a great thing for first impressions. Right?

I bowed closing my eyes, scared. Was she ganna hit me? Fuck!

“My apologies!! Deepest apologies ma’am!!”

“Hey it’s ok! It’s not the first time. I know your scared and you’ve been threw a lot.”

I looked at her. She still had the soft smile on her face. I felt the heat go to my cheeks. She bandaged her arm and looked at me.

“So, I’m Gwen! I found you on the sidewalk passed out. You hit your head pretty hard. It was bleeding.”

My head was bleeding? Is that why it hurts? I touched the spot where I hit and I felt a very sharp pain.

“Ow! Fuck!”

She grabbed my arm putting it down.

“Don’t touch it!”

I nodded and put my arm all the way down. She’s short. Haha. I was about 3 to 2 inches taller. She looked up at me.

“Why are you so tall?”

“It runs in the…”

I froze and looked to the side mad. I hated saying family. I absolutely hated it.

“You got kicked out. I know.”

“How did you!?”

“I know a lot more than you do. Come in the living room.”

We walked into the living room. About 5 to 6 more people where there. All older than me. Great-

“Guys! This is Norah! Our new member!”

She looked back at me. How the fuck did she know my name!? Did she take student ID out of my pocket?

I checked my pocket and it was still there. Hmm. I looked at them. About 2 where my highth and the rest short like Gwen.

One of them walked up too me. She was my highth. And she held her hand out for me too shake it.

“Welcome too the club Norah.”

“Where am I?”

“Where all the weirdos come when we get kicked out of our houses. I’m Flora. And that’s Raya, Vida, Ivey, and aspen.”

They all waved too me. I waved back in kinda shocked/surprised.

“And as you know that’s Gwen.”

“Yea…but why did y’all get kicked out?”

“Well. I got kicked out for getting a 96 on a test. Raya got kicked out for smoking. Vida got kicked for going to clubs. Ivey got kicked for talking back. Aspen got kicked for vaping and Gwen got kicked out for coming out as Demisexual and les. What about you?”

I froze. These are all humanly things we all do. Well. Some don’t vape or smoke or go to clubs. But people do.

“I got kicked for “not being human”. It’s stupid.”

“Yea. All of it is. We don’t deserve it but here we are. Come sit with us.”

I sat next too aspen and Gwen. Gwen layed her head on me. I felt my cheeks get hot again.

I thank I’m ganna like it’s here. I really do.

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