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To make Christmas

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Pablo is adopted from Chile, and has never celebrated Christmas with the family before.

Drama / Children
Cherry Picket
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To make Christmas

I didn’t know you could make Christmas. I never really heard of that. Making Christmas. Because Christmas comes whether you want it or not. First you hear it on the radio. They sing “Last Christmas” a good all timer, says Bob. And after that it is silent night and holy night all day long.

That’s how it started. In our house, at least. I have never really celebrated Christmas. So, I don’t really know how to do it. This year, because Christmas is every year, I just have to learn how to do it.

It was on a Sunday. Just when we had eaten breakfast, Bob had to go to the attic. He opened a door that was in the siling, and we climbed a latter. It was an entire floor up there, and it was filled with boxes. Bob said we need to take down all the boxes with Christmas.

When all the boxes had safely arrived all over the living room Bob said “Now you see, Pablo.” And then he ripped up the closest box. Then he bent down, so he almost fell inn, and he was in there for quit some time. I was almost afraid he was stuck down there, but then he suddenly came back up, with a giant sock. “This one”, he said “is for you.”

I stood there. Staring at the sock. It wasn’t a normal sock. It was the biggest sock I have ever seen, and that actually means a lot, because where I come from there are a lot of people with giant feet. But. This sock was so big I just don’t think it will fit me. I don’t think it will fit Bob either, and he is really tall.

“It’s a Christmas stocking!” Bob looked very excited about this enormous sock he found.

There’s a lot of weird stuff around here. This that are different from where I come from, but Bob might be the weirdest of it all. For starters, his name is Bob. Or, everyone calls him Bob, but his actual name is Robert. I asked Alicia about it, and she said it was the same name. And I thought that was really weird, because Bob and Robert are noting alike. If everyone called him Bert I would understand, because Bert is shorter than Robert. But it’s good that people don’t call him Bert, because he doesn’t look like a Bert at all.

Even though we are not actually related me and Bob, I think he kind of look like me. We both have black hair and brown eyes. Bob’s eyes are kind too. They are shaped so they almost points downwards on the edge. And that is not how a Bert looks like. At list I think so, I have never really met a Bert.

Second. In the morning. There is this strange invention sitting on the kitchen counter. Have never seen anything like it. Alicia says it looks like a trailer and sounds like a barn. Every morning Bob comes down for breakfast, looking nothing like himself. His hairs stand in all directions, and his eyes are barely open. Then he goes to the invention and I make coffee in a tiny yellow cup with a little plat under. Its so weird to see such a big man with such a small cup.

Third. He is constantly wearing these weird sweaters. I have no idea where they come from. I don’t even think you can get them at the mall. They have all kinds of colours and patterns, shapes and textures, some soft and some are really not. And they itch. I know that, because I tried one with cows all over. It’s called knitted sweater.

No one wears knitted sweaters in Chile.

And now he is standing here, Bob, who’s actual name is Robert, with knitted sweater, and a yellow cup still on the table, holding up a Christmas stocking. Like all this is completely normal.

But, I guess that how you do it in Canada. Walk around with one sock that is way too big. Four Sundays before Christmas. But. I have never tried it before. Maybe this weird tradition is another way of making Christmas. I put the stocking on.

Bob started laughing. “No, Pablo”, he said with a little laugh “we hang it over the fire place.

I thought that sounded like a fire hassar, but Bob and Alicia at least, says that Christmas is something you make yourself. So, we hang the stocking. Anyway.

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