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Two worlds collide

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Celine is a shy,witty,beautiful and shy girl.she is from experiencing a Humongous Heartbreak and promises herself that she will never love again until.....her world collides with his.follow Celine on her journey against love.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1.Celine's pov

I woke up strength less trying to figure out where I was ,I accessed everything as it was it was all new to me.After sometime I realised in a hospital lying helplessly on the bed.Then a nurse entered in the room with a tray with my medicine and other stuff.I looked at her carefully like a predator watching it's prey. She came close to me and she smiled at me then she said "ooh miss Celine you are awake" I just looked at her and said"What am I doing here" She looked suprised with my sudden reaction but she just smiled at me and said"Miss Celine you have to calm down because.........."she didn't even get a freaking chance to explain herself as I yelled at her"And where the fuck is mark" I said angrily. She didn't explain anything she just hit the emergency button and two minutes later more nurses and doctors came running in . And what I remember is this doctor guy came at me and said" calm down"that's the last thing I remember as it all went blank.

"Should we tell her" I heard a voice speaking beside me.

"No we should wait for the right time"I heard a voice which was very familiar and as I continued to think about it ,it was my mother's voice.

"Tell me what "I said as I adjusted myself on the bed.

"Celine you are awake"my brother said in a shocked manner.

"Where is mark" I repeatedly asked the same question

"Lincoln , Mom answer me" I said pissed off because I didn't get my answer.

"Dear I.........."my mom didn't get a chance to finish as I yelled at her.

"Tell me where is he" I said desperately.

"Celine I'm really sorry..... But Mark is getting married to Imelda"my mom said while holding onto her tears.

"No this can't be happening ......My fiance is getting married to my Bestfriend"I said as a tear rolled off my cheek.

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