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Sethu A Pariah

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Sethu is a young girl who has endured pain and suffering from her aunt and cousin. She lives with her cousin and aunty who treat her like an outcast and constantly remind her of being an orphan

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Chapter 1

It is 5am and I just woke up from a nightmare and I am trying to go back to sleep but it is useless because my aunt will come and wake me up anyway and today is monday.

I don't like waking up early but I don't have a choice. I was still in my thoughts that I didn't even see that my aunt Sibongile was already standing in my so called room.

"Ehe madam of the house it must be nice to wake up and chill mmh." - Aunt Sibongile

"Good morning aunty."- Me

"Morning my left foot who will clean the house and open the spaza while you are sleeping here."- Aunt Sibongile

"By the way madam or is it madame you tell me since you think you are better than us, Owami will be going out therefore you must iron her clothes and prepare her breakfast." - Aunty Sibongile

Living with aunty Cruella and her Maleficent daughter has been nothing but torture for me.

"But it's monday the spaza has a lot of customers especially in the morning. I am sure Owami can iron her outfit and prepare breakfast for herself. "- Me

" Listen here you good for nothing girl Owami is my daughter, you are a nobody in this house you will do as I say." - Aunt Sibongile

With that being said she clicked her tongue and closed the door so loud that I am sure if it was a wooden house it would've shook. I stood up from the floor because I am not allowed to sleep on the bed at night because I apparently get too comfortable and forget that this is not my parent's house.

I did my morning prayer as usual but I feel like God is not taking my case seriously or even into consideration. Who goes through such torture it has been 6 years including this one. I got ready and prepared the scrambled egg just the way she likes it with 2 slices of toast. I decided to make some for myself as well. I normally don't eat in the morning because of the morning rush at the spaza.

I took my food to the spaza shop because that is where I can get peace. I don't have friends or anyone close to me even at school I was always alone Owami made sure to mess each and every friendship I made by either making them her friends or threatening them so I have always been alone. I ate in peace while I was working and I have served so many customers while it is just 8am.

Aunty Cruella (Sibongile) left for work today I am alone. Malefacient (Owami) has left the house already to wherever she headed too. I refer to them as Cruella and Malefacient because of the roles these character plays and to me this is the exact way I am treated in this house.

It was not busy by the spaza shop so I then went to clean the house.

I am not surprised to see the mess in the kitchen then I am the one who is expected to clean it. The sink is a mess I don't understand. I am sure I left it sparkling clean but now almost all if not all the plates are in the sink. This is not fair I started by cleaning that and that took so long I am already tired I still have to clean the rest of the house at least aunty did tidy her room so I just swept the floor only, as for Owami lord knows I try with this girl but no she just goes and does worse.

So her room is upside down the bed is not made, wardrobe is wide open clothes are falling, shoes are scattered all across the floor. I am so tired my hands are sore I just feel like crying why me why me I pray everyday God knows I am loyal to him if I had money I would give him his 10% but I don't even have a cent to my name. My aunt last stopped going to church when they preached about paying tithes and that was 5 years ago. I feel like crying the way this room is untidy by the time I finish all the strength in me will be gone. After some time I was sure the room was clean I then dragged myself to Sibongi's Spaza.

I am feeling so sad right now I just want to cry some more I thought I cried enough while in Owami's room. My eyes have betrayed me already I am now sniffing and crying.

"Ubani okutshele ukuthi umuhle mawukhala ngoba umubi ntombi uyesabisa." (who lied and told you that you that you are beautiful when you are crying because you are ugly and it's scary.)

It has to be Owami who said that. Anyway Owami is 4 months younger than me. We are both 18 but she just finished her matric exams by God's grace and I finished last year. I should be in Varsity but what can you do when living with aunty Sibo she made it clear that no school for me until her daughter attends as well.

Sibongi's Spaza closes at 21h00 and opens at 06h00.

The Spaza Shop is 5 minutes away from the house it is in the yard. I have to go and lock the gate and when I got there a young girl who is around my age group was by the gate.

"I am sorry but we are closed." - Me

"I really need your help it is really urgent you are my only hope." - The girl

"My mother has a headache I need something to help. I tried going to the pharamacy but they are also closed. Please please." - The girl

"Okay let me get you something just wait here I don't want to get into trouble with my aunt because we are supposed to be closed. So you just stay here okay I will be back just now." - Me

I ran and opened the shop and then grabbed a small grandpa box the one that contains 5 small packets inside it and it is R26. I quickly closed and locked the gate of the shop.

I then ran to the girl and gave her the box and she thanked me and gave me R50 and ran back.

"Your cha..." - Me

She forgot her change, oh well I will keep it safe and not mention a word to aunty because she will want to keep the money for herself.

After the encounter with the girl I checked the gate to see if it was locked properly one can never be too sure with these padlocks that are made in China. I then walked quickly to the house it is dark after all, the outside lamp don't work anymore so it is very dark outside and I am scared of the dark so I try to be fast if I am forced to be out in the dark.

I step into the house and Owa (Owami) and aunty are sitting and watching television.

"Where are you coming from Sethu?" - Aunty

"From the shop aunty." - Me

"Do I look like a fool to you? huh ?" - Aunty

I look at the clock and it is 21h30.

"No" - Me

"Oh! So you now have the guts eh" - Aunty

" The nerve mom." - Owa

"Yes the nerve to talk back at me I am asking you what were you doing so long because you supposed to have closed 30 minutes ago and it only takes 10 minutes to lock the gate , lock the shop and come back to the house." - Aunty

I keep quiet and not talk back.

"Come here come come " - Aunty

I went closer only for her to give me a hot slap I staggered back she pulled me by my dress and I fell on my knees and she gave me another one.

"Foolish girl you better get out of my sight before I do something disasterous to you." --- Aunty

I ran back to my room but I heard her click her tongue.

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