The Blue Eyed Boy

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When Lindsay Mayer unexpectedly runs into a guy who seems very familiar at the grocery store and he swears her before walking off, she is left in utter shock as she pays for all her things. Only to learn he planted something in her jacket and now she is being called a thief and wants revenge.

Drama / Romance
Beaujolais Vorster
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Chapter 1

I got out of my car and found a cart as I started making my way down the rows in the grocery store.

Since mom told me she was going to be late from work I decided to go grocery shopping to make lasagna tonight.

I grabbed a box of pop tarts for tomorrow morning and that is when my phone chimed signaling a new text.

As I grabbed my phone out of my pocket I felt my cart hit something and when I looked up I met the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.

My eyes travelled from those eyes to the lips down to his shirt and then my eyes widened in shock “oh my word I am sooo sorry, I have no idea what came over me! I really didn’t mean to hit you and then get you t-”

“Just shut up” he cut me off in an angry tone. I realized then that he looked familiar but I couldn’t place my finger on it “I am really sorry” I said after having cleared my throat.

He raised his hand to stop me from rambling again “I said shut up! Or do you want me to show you how?” I felt so offended but before I could give a sassy response he bumped his shoulder into mine and left as I stumbled a bit.

I stood there in shock for a moment as I tried to gain sense of the situation. It was then I remembered about my text and looked at it.

It was just my mom saying she would like lasagna. So that rude encounter just for my mom say it’s okay.

I rolled my eyes and put away my cellphone before I carried on shopping.

I got everything I need and even a little treat for myself. I am a sucker for a nice packet of chips.

I unloaded everything at the till and waited patiently as the girl who was very obnoxious ringed it all up.

I started to tap my finger in annoyance and all she did was smile at me and go even slower.

I rolled my eyes at that and took my phone out of my pocket to check the time and answer my mom.

By the time the girl was finally done I paid and placed all the packets into the cart before wheeling it out the door.

But that is when I stopped in my tracks as an alarm went off. I turned to go into the store but I was grabbed from behind and pushed against the wall facing the person.

I saw the same boy with an annoyed look on his face and flinched “please don’t hurt me I said I was sorry”

Looking at me as if I was stupid, he shook his head and put his hand in my pocket before pulling out a pack of Oreos “thanks for the food flower”

I glared “I never bought that” smirking at me he nodded “I know and that was your own stupidity. You can leave now... Oh and by the way”

He leaned in closer as he put his mouth to my ear “if I wanted to hurt you I wouldn’t give you a chance to know it’s me” the tone in his voice sent shivers down my spine as my eyes widened.

He pulled away and started walking away from me “thanks again flower” and with that he was gone.

I let out a breath and walked back to my cart. I was about to push it to my car but I was stopped when two men with the words ‘security’ on their jackets grabbed me.

Can things get any worse?

“I can’t believe this Lindsay!” my mom said as she dug her keys from her handbag.

“Mom, I swear to you it wasn’t me” I said in defense making her stop in her tracks as she turned to me “have you any idea how it feels to be called at work and hear the people from the store want to speak to you because your daughter stole something and denies it?”

With a sigh I shook my head “no I don’t mom and I am sorry but I will not say I did something when I didn’t”

She looked at me for a moment before looking away and saying “get in the car” as she got in on her side.

Once we were driving on the road she broke the silence “you are grounded for 2 weeks. No laptop”

I nearly jumped out of my seat as I raised my voice in defense immediately “what?! No mom c’mon I didn’t do it”

“I have made up my mind” she didn’t even look my way as she said those words making me sigh “please mom I di-”

“Do you want a month?!” cutting me straight off with a stern tone my mom stopped at the red light and turned to me.

Shaking my head I sat back in my seat and crossed my arms over my chest as I looked out the window.

Why did he look so familiar? And why would he do that to me? I said sorry and he was the one that was rude not me. If anything I should blame him for theft.

I still can’t shake the feeling that I have seen him somewhere before. Even as I got out of the car and carried the bags inside I couldn’t help but wonder.

I sat down on the couch and reached for the TV remote only to be stopped by my mom as she crossed her arms over her chest “I want your laptop and I want you in your room. I also want you to think of what you are going to tell the people to get your car back fast because I am not driving you anywhere”

I wanted to complain and tell her it wasn’t me but the glare she was giving me made me stand up with a sigh and go to my room.

She followed and the first thing I did was give my mom my computer before she shook her head in disapproval and closed my door.

It honestly broke my heart seeing her so upset with me and knowing she won’t believe that I didn’t do it.

Besides it was only Oreos I think taking my car and calling my mom was really overreacting because if you ask me they could have just made me pay.

Then again why would that guy do that? I mean I did apologize and he is the one who told me to shut up.

Gosh. I let out a sigh as I remembered I have no homework since I did it all during study hall.

So instead I just returned to my painting. I like to do art because it’s a way I can metaphorically express myself and what I feel, besides I am good at it.

So I finished off my painting of a girl sitting on a bench watching people talk among themselves and then in the background there was someone watching under a tree.

I added in some color here and there and it all came together more and more.

I really liked it by the time I was done and added my signature and then I smiled in appreciation as I looked at it with aww before going to the bathroom for a shower.

I washed my hair with shampoo that smelled like vanilla and then I scrubbed my body with strawberry body wash.

I did take my time as I let the warm water relax my muscles and I let myself think about that boy with the blue eyes. It still bothers me about why he looked so damn familiar.

When I was done with my shower I got dressed in my Captain America pajamas and laid in bed as I saw that it was now 10 at night.

I didn’t think that I was painting for so long until now. I didn’t even eat, then again I wasn’t really hungry.

So I laid down in bed and scrolled through my Facebook to check what people have been up to.

It was when I saw a group photo of a few people in my school that I let my finger stop scrolling as it hit me.

He was in the picture next to his whole possy. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before but now that I do I wish I never ran into him.

I sat up in bed and muttered to myself “It was Hunter Jones”

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