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Her Savior

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Dante Black is the most dangerous, ruthless, and heartless in the city. Harper is trapped in a marriage with an abusive man. What happens when their paths cross?

Drama / Erotica
Mandy M.
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A few notes before you read:

-- This is a dark romance with abuse and nonconsensual sex. Some of which may be graphicly detailed.

-- It is a draft and therefor has not been edited, it will contain mistakes. Please be gentle when reviewing.

-- Please do not copy any parts of this book.


Harpers father basically sold her to the highest bidder to save his own ass, not caring what happened to her. At the age of eighteen, fresh out of high school, she was sent to live with her husband, Morris. He’s a few years older than her father, very controlling and abusive. Every inch of the house is covered in cameras and she's never allowed to go anywhere alone.

“I understand you were at the drug store today?”

“I needed a few things.”

His men had already notified him that she bought makeup. “Did you ask permission to go?”

“I’m sorry, I ran out of concealer and knew I would need some for tonight.”

The dress he’s requested her to wear for the dinner party tonight is off the shoulder and will show off the bruises from last night.

He smiles, “show me how sorry you are.”

Harper takes a few quick deep breaths to steady herself before walking over to drop to her knees and take him in her mouth.

He forcefully grabs her hair, forcing her to take all of him and she gagged slightly. “two years and you still haven’t learned to suck my dick,” thrusting his hips, “it’s not that fucking hard.” Each word comes with a harsh thrust of his hips that cause tears to well.

Morris holds her head to him as he jackhammers her mouth making it hard for Harper to breath, but she know if she does anything it will only be worse. All she can only close her eyes and hope that it’s over soon. His grip tightens and groans out his release.

“Clean yourself up,” shoving her away.

“Your dress is just beautiful Harper, where did you get it?” the wife of one of his business partners asks.

“Morris bought it for me.” she can see him staring and walking closer.

The lady smiles, “he has good taste.”

“Thank you,” Morris grabs Harper roughly by the hand, “please excuse us, I need to speak with my wife for a moment.”

“I had to answer her Morris, I couldn’t be rude.”

He pulls her into an empty room, “bend over,” dropping his pants. He lands a few hard blows on her ass while he rolls the condom on, “you know better.”

Harper know better than to scream when someone may be able to hear. Her body involuntary jerks when he thrusts into her, she's dry and each thrust hurts like hell. He’s not gentle, never is.

She managed to avoid people for the rest of the night, not that it saved her from a punishment at home.

Morris only allows her to wear makeup and cover my bruises with clothing when she leave the house, he likes to see his ‘work’ as he calls it. Fresh bruises and a fat lip are added to the list since last night.

“If only you would listen to me darling,” tucking hair behind her ear. “You know I hate leaving marks on this beautiful face of yours.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You always say that, yet you seem to never learn.”

His grip tightens around her neck as he lays her back on the bed. He removes one hand long enough to line himself up and slam inside of her, putting it right back around her neck. The last thing Harper see before darkness takes over is his sadistic smile.

Her stomach and chest is covered in dried semen and she feel like she's on fire down there. He’s gone. Staring at the imprint of his hands around her neck, she tries not to cry. She's sure that one day, she will die at his hands.

Morris was in surprisingly good spirits when he arrived at work, he usually is after he's spent the night abusing his wife.

"We're close to landing that account," Arthur, his partner smiled at him. "He has requested that we meet him for dinner tonight with our wives."

"I'm afraid Harper isn't feeling well."

"That's a shame, he seemed to really take a shine to her last night, said she reminded him of his daughter."

"I didn't realize they spoke."

Arthur shook his head, "I don't think they did, he just said that she looks like her."

That meant that he spent time looking at her, this infuriated Morris. She was his. Perhaps he didn't do a good job of teaching her a lesson last night.

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