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He added a Wife !! Kept her secret !! I caught them red handed !! I just asked WHY ?? I couldn’t take the shock and fainted and he left with his secret wife in his ARMS !! I fainted due to pregnancy and he was spending days and nights with her having SEX !! Never he came to me to comfort me just said Do Watever You Want !! I . WONT . LEAVE . HER . EVER !! He left me already when told his brother Sophia is strong and have family so can raise the child alone !!I I won’t leave her ever !! So having parents became my fault ?? Should I kill my parents so that he will say he won’t leave me ever ?? He is emotionally torturing me every second !! I worry for my child as stress is not good for baby !! He wants me to stay happily in polygamy but he knew I won’t share !! He said he love her she is his peace !! What was I in his life - LUST ?? Now he had enough of my body so he moved on ?? Should I stay or take divource n let him be with his peace sukoon ?? Apne pyar ko baddua dena to nai chahti magar aaj mere tute hue dil se nikli baddua hai meri Allah Ka Kahar barse mere ghar mein aag lagane Waloan par !! Mera sukoon jinhone cheen liya ALLAH unse sukoon ka har pal cheen le !! ALLAH KAR MADAD AUR MUJHE SABR ATA FARMA !! Faisla mushkil hai aazmaish kadi hai Khuda apne Rasool ke sadque mein mere bache ki jaan baksh de !!

Drama / Children
Seher ali
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Self Realization

Varshad Malik

It was a blissfull night again in Saysha’s arms. I think i am becoming addicted to intimacy with her.I kissed her good morning and went to my first wife Sophia’s room as all my clothing is still in there. Since she came to know about Saysha and my relationship she is not in her senses and is throwing tantrums. I am fed up of her and don’t feel any love for her and if i have to choose Saysha will be my choice as i love her now and she is my eternal peace .

Two days ago i came to know that Sophia is pregnant after long wait of five years but i am ready to leave my child too in Sophia’s care for i have choosed Saysha.I married Saysha around three years ago and consummated our marriage only six months ago as i kept her being my wife a secret from world. Only my best friend Adish and his sister Harmeena baji knew about my second secret marriage.

And a week ago when we in a blissfull intimate moment thinking Sophia is in Dubai for her business and my mom and siblings are not home all barged in and caught us in our moments. It was shamefull for Saysha to be looked upon by my brothers almost naked but i can’t help what had happened and when they were name calling Saysha i told them the truth that Saysha is my wife and we Are married for around three years. Sophia in a fit of rage hit Saysha brutally and to hell with i couldn’t tolerate her hitting Saysha. I yelled on them all to leave and locked room and cared for Saysha and never thought that Sophia too needed comfort of my assurance of my love for her now but i couldn’t leave Saysha now as Saysha has become my only priority now moreover i think maybe i never loved sophia at all maybe it was my lust for her perfect body as she was the perfect catch in our university and all boys desired her and she was a trophy girlfriend and later on a trophy wife who was as a plus point also good in bed. We spent blissfull night and next morning i decided i needed space so went to stay in a hotel with Saysha. Sophia pleaded to not leave her and please come back to her and divource Saysha to which i pushed her to the floor and left after saying do watever you want i won’t leave Saysha ever !! I didn’t saw Sophia Fainted and as i kept my phone switched off for next three days i didn’t came to know that Sophia turned out to be pregnant !

I came back two days ago and found my family around her and they told me about her pregnancy and i was happy but still when she asked me whom i choose her and my child or Saysha i choosed Saysha as i knew Sophia loved me enough to never leave me ! I said the same to my younger brother Asad who got married only two weeks ago that no matter what i wont leave Saysha ever as Sophia has her parents and family to support her whereas Saysha has only me !

Back to present i came to my room with Sophia and didn’t found her there anyways she must have left for work as she is a top interior designer in UAE . And earns millions per month as she has an elite clientage .

I went to my closet and whats this ??

All of Sophia’s stuff is gone and only two jewellery boxes are there . My only two gifts ever to her one is her wedding ring and other is a diamond set which i gifted to her on our fifth anniversary although i bought it for Sophia as i wanted to buy a similar one for Saysha too. Unknowingly i opened the boxes and a letter popped out of the box of diamond set.

What could be it??

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