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In the name of love

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Daniel is a 19 year old model, he is always on the move, he can't settle in one place, not until he meets Lucy. Lucy is a 17 year old social media influencer and actress. Lucy stays in South Africa, Pretoria and Daniel is from New York, USA.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Daniel woke up to a normal day, but it wasn't. He had lots and lots of work to do, he had to get out of that bed and start his day.

Daniel's pov

I went to take a shower, the water was cool, not to hot and not to cold.

After the shower, i did my usual routine. I was tired from last night's flight. I opened the curtains, wow South Africa looks beautiful. I took in a deep breath. "Okay we are doing this again. " i said to myself, i grabbed my stuff and got out of the hotel room and ran downstairs. I immediately ran to the car.

My agent was waiting for me in the car, i opened the car door.

"Mr. Davis, finally. "

"Hey Eric." I said kindly.

"You have quite a day ahead of you, we best be on our way."

"Are you always this serious Eric?"

The car started moving.

"I have strict orders from your father to make you a global star, if being serious is how I'm going to make you a star then so be it."


The car ride was about 30 minutes long, when the car stopped. I got out of the car, the were a lot of stars and modelers there.

"What's going on here? Aren't we going to model, like take pictures and stuff."

"No, your father's closest friend is having a party for his daughter, and he invited your parents here. He also invited you."

"Your telling me that dad's here?"

"Yes, him and your mother are inside waiting for us."

"She is not my mother!"

"Step mother, mother it's all the same."

"Whatever let's go inside. "

We went inside, i saw my dad standing at the bar with this rich-looking man, i could tell he was rich with his Rolex and also because I'm rich, and rich people could see other rich people from afar. I went to my dad.

"Hey dad."

"Hey son, you remember Zack, he is my business partner and close friend, you met him few years back, look he has a daughter, about your age."

"Come on Mike, when are you gonna let the kid be?"

Just then a girl came to where we were.

"Hey daddy." Referring to Zack.

"Uh Lucy, this is my friend Mike and his son Daniel. "

"Oh hey." The girl said with a smile. She was beautiful.

"Lucy, why don't you take Daniel and show him a good time?"

"Okay, come on Daniel, there is this hot tub me and my friends were about to hit up, why don't you come join us."

We started walking to the elevator.

"I'm Lucy, Lucy Zulu, the big time actress and social media influencer, I'm just letting you know."

"I know that your Lucy, but why the other details?"

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm way out of your league. "

The elevator stopped.

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure you don't do anything for a living, you're just eating daddy's money and being the perfect son."

"Well, for your information, I'm traveler and a model."

She opened a door leading to some sort of party.

"Alright model, this is were we part ways."

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