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  "Touch yourself." Klaus demanded and my breathing stopped, "Pardon?" He took a step closer and my back hit the wall, he trapped me between his strong tattooed arms, his grey eyes undressing me before his hands could even reach.   "I'm not going to do such thing."   "Oh really, you were putting on a show for me, not so long ago. You think I don't know, Butterfly."   "K...now what?" I stuttered, he pulled himself closer until his face was an inch away from mine and I couldn't function anymore, his voice dropped.   "You left the door open on purpose. Kept the lights on, knowing I'm still up. You kept moaning and whimpering loud enough for me to hear, cursing my name." His hard cock kept pressed against my inner thigh and I held back a moan.   "Y....you...you're delusional."   "Am I? Because I'm pretty sure if I pull this rope off of you I will find you dripping...wet....ready." fucking hell! I tried to close my legs but he shoved his knee between them and growled against my lips making my insides sink.   "No clenching, remember?"   "Kl....klaus...I...."   "Tell me Alyssa, when your fingers were inside that sweet pussy of yours, did you wish it was my cock buried inside of you instead?"   Jesus please fucking kill me   "My lips wrapped around your clit."   LORD, HELLO! MURDER ME!   "Making you cum...hard...cum until you can't breathe."  

Erotica / Romance
Hazal Castillo
4.7 31 reviews
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