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  "Touch yourself." Klaus demanded and my breathing stopped, "Pardon?" He took a step closer and my back hit the wall, he trapped me between his strong tattooed arms, his grey eyes undressing me before his hands could even reach.   "I'm not going to do such thing."   "Oh really, you were putting on a show for me, not so long ago. You think I don't know, Butterfly."   "K...now what?" I stuttered, he pulled himself closer until his face was an inch away from mine and I couldn't function anymore, his voice dropped.   "You left the door open on purpose. Kept the lights on, knowing I'm still up. You kept moaning and whimpering loud enough for me to hear, cursing my name." His hard cock kept pressed against my inner thigh and I held back a moan.   "Y....you...you're delusional."   "Am I? Because I'm pretty sure if I pull this rope off of you I will find you dripping...wet....ready." fucking hell! I tried to close my legs but he shoved his knee between them and growled against my lips making my insides sink.   "No clenching, remember?"   "Kl....klaus...I...."   "Tell me Alyssa, when your fingers were inside that sweet pussy of yours, did you wish it was my cock buried inside of you instead?"   Jesus please fucking kill me   "My lips wrapped around your clit."   LORD, HELLO! MURDER ME!   "Making you cum...hard...cum until you can't breathe."  

Erotica / Romance
Hazal Castillo
4.6 25 reviews
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He needs her to loath him

She needs to hate him


But....sharing ISN'T for everyone


Klaus Alastair, is a 30 years old, cold. Arrogant. Possessive. Impulsive and covered with tattoos bad news. He is a damaged beyond repair, Project Manager in one of the finest company's in Los angels. He doesn't let anyone in. Trying to escape the voices inside his head, but behind that mask is a broken man, craving to be loved back.


Alyssa Oakley, is a 28 years old impulsive. Moody and always horny young accountant. After her life fell apart she moves to Los angels with her bestfriend Sam, hopefully for a fresh start.

She numbs her pain with alcohol, trying her best to turn it all off. Behind her mask, is a vulnerable, kind and a messy girl, who won't ask for help.

Two broken souls clashing with one another in order to save eachother.

What could possibly go wrong? When the universe starts to fall apart around them? Chaos leads to greed, secrets are unfold, trust turns to betrayal and everything....shatters.

What if Klaus & Alyssa share more than they think they do?

Will they still be able to look pass their differences and make their hearts beat better?


"I NEED YOU TO CHOOSE ME! CHOOSE ME! CHOOSE ME OVER OUR PAST, CHOOSE ME OVER OUR PRESENT...CHOOSE ME OVER OUR FUTURE ! I know what I'm asking for is too much, I know I'm selfish! A very selfish bastard, I know! But I don't give a fuck! You were mine the minute I tasted those unholy lips of yours. You were mine then and you're mine now, and nothing will ever change that Alyssa."

-Klaus Alastair.

"One minute you 'Need me', the other you're pushing me away and shutting me out. You do what you want and decide what you want, not giving a fuck about who gets hurt in the process, as long as Klaus gets what Klaus wants as usual. But this isn't like the last time, you broke me then but I won't let you break me again...I placed you first. Before everyone else, hell even BEFORE ME! And you still had the heart and the audacity to betray me. You turned your back on me WHEN I NEEDED YOU! But that won't happen again, because I'm never choosing you Klaus."

- Alyssa Oakley

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