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Just some dirty scenarios I came up with please enjoy.

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"Okay class remember you have a exam tomorrow so make sure you study all the material...that's it for this lesson." I watch as the class dispersed out of the room. I sat in my chair by my desk as a knock came on my door.

"Come in." A man walked in, and I stood up immediately. His dark hair and deep brown eyes. My eyes accidentally trailed down his body as the dress shirt he wore fitted him perfectly. And I stopped before my eyes went lower.

"Yes?" I asked. Him just standing in my doorway smiling. He held up a box.

"You forgot your lunch." He smiled a warm smile at me. And I couldn't help but smile back.

"Oh did I?...Sorry."

He walked up to me placing my lunch on my desk wrapping his firm strong arms around my waist.

"What are husbands for then?" He kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear.

"You look so beautiful today." As he said it I felt a shiver run down my spine. He leaned back and took a good look at me. As his eyes trailed down my body I saw his eyes grow darker and him biting his ip slightly.

"John....." I saw trying to snap him out of it. Because I knew exactly what that looked meant. And we couldn't..shouldn't do any of that in here.

He blinked as his eyes went back to me and pushed his glasses back up with his hand. I saw his hand push up his glasses and thought about how his hands would feel if he pushed me against the desk.

"Sorry y/n...you just look so sexy in that skirt." He grabbed his glasses placing them on the desk. He knows what that action does to me and he knows I love his eyes.

He smiled like I know he would. And he walked closer to me. My ass hitting the front of the desk. He placed his hands on either side of me.

"John.." I said his name knowing full well he loved it when i said it breathlessly as i did just now. he leaned his head to my neck pressing a kiss to it.

"Say my name again y/n." He bit my ear and sucked on it softly trailing his lips down my neck. I tilted my head to the side giving him more room as I held the sides of his shirt gripping the shirt.

"Mmm john."

He pushed the papers out the way as he bent down and grabbed under my thighs as he hoisted me up on the desk. His body in between my legs.

"Fuck y/n this is what you do to me." He pressed his crotch against mine and i felt his hardness against me and I couldn't hep the moan that escaped my lips.

His hands moving under my skirt as he rubbed my upper thighs making my skirt go higher revealing my pink panties.

He bent down on his knees getting a good look at me.

"Jesus y/n you are wet for me..after a few kisses." His deep voice making me even more turned on. He leaned his head closer to me gripping my thighs pulling me closer. As he stuck his tongue out giving my pussy a lick over my panties.

I gripped the edge of the desk as my head went back and moaned for him to continue.

"Shhh baby don't be too loud..be a good girl for me."

I looked down at him and nodded my head. Knowing if i was a good girl for him id get to cum.

He slid my panties down and put them in his pocket as he took my knees spreading them apart.

He looked up at me.

"What do you say baby?" I whined a little feeling the cold air on my now exposed pussy. He started blowing on it softly edging me on to say what he wanted me to say. Little does he know I was going to say it regardless. I rolled my eyes in my head and looked at my hubby.

"Please sir..Please make me cum." he smiled wide as he delved in my pussy. His nose rubbing against my clit as he stuck his tongue inside me. So warm and staring as I grind my pussy against his face. He dragged his hands against my hips to make me stay still.

I whined as more moans started coming out. He gave me a look as he groaned in my pushy.

"You taste so good baby." He took his tongue out of me as his tongue went higher licking my clit softly. He wrapped his lips around it and started flicking his tongue. I was moaning louder now.

He gripped my hips with his hands dragging a hand up my body as he stuck his fingers in my mouth. I started sucking immediately as i felt the familiar build up come.

He kept sucking on my clit as he got his other hand off my hips and stuck a finger inside me. His fingers with thicker than mine and they felt amazing. i could feel my saliva coating his fingers dripping down my chin

He was smiling i know i could feel him. he lets go of my clit flicking hit tongue over and over again and pushed a second finger in. Pushing in and out. I started grinding again on him.

I moaned on his fingers as I felt it. i started convulsing making me cum all over his face. He kept licking and pushing his fingers inside me. Letting me ride out my orgasm.

i was riding my high when i heard footsteps. And realized the door wasn't locked....or closed.

He herd it too as he removed his fingers out of me standing up and getting me off the desk. Removing his fingers from my mouth as he kissed me deeply. Moving his hands all over my body fixing my clothes.

He pulled away and there was a knock on the doorway.

"It's your lunch break..i have to clean in here." My breath i was holding was gone as i realized it was just the janitor.

"We'll be out in a minute thank you." My husband said. And the janitor closed the door and left.

as the janitor closed it john looked at me.

"Seems like I'm on break too..." he looked at his watch.

"Let's have lunch together." He asked as he grabbed my box and grabbed my hand. I nodded feeling light headed due to the mind blowing session he gave me.

He pulled me against him his hand on my waist and my head snuggly against him.

"We'll finish this when we get home baby." He kissed my cheek.

I giggle. "I know."

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