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Hard Day At Work?

Walking in through the door I take my heels off leaving them by the door and unbuttoning my blazer as I tiredly walk across the living room seeing my husband on the couch.

His body laid on our couch as he was sprawled over it snoring softly.

I giggled a little.

He rose up and rubbed his eyes as I threw my blazer at his face jokingly.

"Ah what the hell y/n ." He grabbed my blazer off his face. And groaned as he leaned back on the couch. With his hand over his face.

I pouted a little and plopped down next to him laying my head on his shoulder.

"You had a pretty rough day huh?" I said.

He sighed as he wrapped his arm around my waist holding me against him. With his thumb rubbing circles on my hip.

"Yeah just...had a bad day at work...I'll be okay though."

He kissed my head and I couldn't help but smile at the affection he's giving me. I started feeling tingles running down my spine.

"Well why don't we take a shower together?" I asked. Biting my lip a little bit he couldn't see because of the position we were in.

"Sure.." he said it..his voice deeper than usually as he leaned his head down gentle.

"Can't wait to see you in there."

I could feel the heat rising on my cheek and got up abruptly. Suddenly feeling shy.

"I'll run the shower." I said as I scurried out of the living room with his deep chuckle I hear behind me.

"Ugh it wasn't that funny." I mumbled under my breath as I walked into the bedroom.

Getting undressed my blouse and my pencil skirt I wore as well as my bra and panties. I felt a little breeze as I wrapped a towel around my body and went to the bathroom.

I tied my hair in a bun.

I ran the water made sure it wasn't so hot and not so cold...just right.

I put the towel on the holder and stepped in the shower letting the water run down my back and along my curves.

I started running my hands down my body making sure the warm water got everywhere on me.

I closed my eyes as I put my head under the shower head and felt hands on my waist.

I smiled.

I felt lips against my ear..a tickling yet pleasurable sensation.

"I can't believe you started without me."

He gave me a little kiss on the ear as he kissed under my ear.

I tilted my head to the side a little giving him more room.

He pulled me against him so I was snug against his chest. My eyes widened a little as I felt his manhood pressing against my back.

"Now you can feel how hard you get me." He said they are here buried his head into my neck.

I couldn't help but let a moan escapes my lips as I tilted my head back against his hairy chest.

His hand traveled up my body as he gently caressed my right boob. His hand rough but gentle at the same time.

"Spread your legs for me." I nodded my head and began to but he gripped my waist with his hand tighter.

"What do you say?..say it." My face felt hot as the water ran down us all I could think about was him giving me the pleasure I so craved.

I licked my lips.

"Yes sir." He kissed my neck again as I spread my legs for him.

"Good girl."

He moved his hand on my waist down in front of my stomach rubbing it softly.

"Ugh please don't tease me..I need you."

I groaned softly as he chuckled.

He slid his hand down in between my legs as his middle finger found my entrance.

"Oh God your so wet for me." He breathed hard as his head fell against my neck I could feel him getting harder against my back.

He slid his finger up and down coating my wetness everywhere until he began circling my clit.

I gasped and moaned as I started grinding my hips against his hand. My head on his chest as I couldn't help but moan and move against him.

"Mmm do you like that baby?..do you like my fingers rubbing your clit like this?" I could only nod as my mouth was only conjuring moans.

He pinched my nipple as he began sucking on my neck. He could feel how wet I was..I could feel my wetness dripping down my thighs.

He started rubbing a little harder as he started nibbling my neck.

"Ahh baby I'm so close." He grunted against me as he started going faster his other hand cupping and squeezing lightly on my boob pinching here and there.

"That's it baby cum for me..cum for me."

"Ahhhh fuck fuck." I screamed.

I was grinding against his hand like crazy as I felt that sensation come over me and I came on his hand my body jerking against him.

He kept rubbing me as I came down from my high. My clit was sensetive but I loved that he kept rubbing it.

His hands went back to my waist as he held me against him.

He leaned over and turned the water off and picked me up bridal style.

He stepped out the shower and into the bedroom gently laying me on the bed as he got over me.

"We aren't done yet."

My eyes widen just a little bit and wrapped my arms around his neck as I brought him down to kiss me.

He tested his body between my legs and he grabbed behind my knees and wrapped them around his waist.

His cock nestled against my pussy.

I moaned from the sensitiveness of my pussy. He kissed me sliding his tongue in my mouth.

And pulled away.

"Are you ready for me baby?"

I nodded and he gave me a look. And I bit my lip looking up at him.

"Yes si-." I couldn't even get the word out before he slide himself deep inside me.

"Mmm fuck y/n."

The moans escaping from my lips made him go faster as he gripped the sheet beside my head.

He gripped my thigh as he went harder into me. His cock filling me up so good.

I dragged my nails down his back as he groaned.

"Fuck y/n..you're going to kill me." He grunted out as he kept going.

His deep thrusts making me more wet and turned on. His eyes looking deep into mine as he slowed down a little.

And put his head in my neck kissing down my chest as he put a nipple in his mouth.

"Ahhh." I gripped his hair against me and tightened my legs against him.

Thrusting his cock deep inside me.

"Fuck baby your so. Fucking. Tight."

He said that with every thrusts.

"I'm going to cum!."

He flicked his to gue over my nipple as his thumb from his other hand rubbed circles on my clit.

"That's it baby cum for me again.. tighten your pussy around my cock... Cum for me."

That's all he needed to do before I came undone. My hips thrusted up against him as he grunted out his cum inside me.

We both coming down from our high and breathing hard.

He put his forehead on mine.

"Now my day is amazing." He breathed out. I whispered.

"Why don't we sleep like this for awhile I'm so tired."

He kissed my forehead as he went to pull out of me I grabbed his shoulder.

"I want to sleep with you inside me."

He grinned.

"Okay baby mmm." He laid his head against my neck and held me in his arms.

I got to say..my day got better too.

We fell asleep with a smile on our face.

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