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Snowed in with my mate

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Demi comes home from college, after being away for three years in college. It starts to snow really heavily back at the pack. She mind links her mum to tell her that she was on her way back home, which was meant to be a surprise. Her mum tells her she has sent someone to stay with her. Demi wasn't too thrilled, but when she opens the door, she is hit with an intoxicating scent, her mate. She opens it but is in shock to find out that her mate is none other than her school tormentor Kaleb. Being snowed in together, would it lead them to hash out their issues and become mates, or not? ***Short Story*** ***NOT EDITED, FIRST DRAFT*** ***OVER 18S***

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Chapter 1


I can’t believe I decided to come back home this evening; it was a bad idea, and I should have listened to my gut instinct and waited a few extra days.

I was driving, and as usual, in Killow Peek fashion, it was freaking snowing.

Here in the Killow Peek, we have more snow than the sun, which would be unknown to most of the supernatural world, but we were a small pack of werewolves who lived in the area.

I went to stay with my aunt and cousin in their pack for three years. I moved in with them because they lived closer to the college I was attending. It was a long three years, but it was fun. I stayed within the pack as I needed to keep up with my training, and it was easier for my wolf, Lia, to shift than when in college, as most were humans.

Lia was fast asleep in my head as I drove. She hated this part of any journey but was just as excited as me to be home.

We knew we could find out our mate. There was no one in my cousin’s pack. I had some fun, but nothing serious, as many male wolves were looking for their mates.

I could feel my wheel spin under the snow and knew I had to stop. I tried to pull over as much as possible, but I couldn’t tell if I was on the road or in the forest anymore. I shut off the engine.

I needed to get hold of my parents.

I opened a mind link to my mum and sighed.

“Well, next time I decide to come and surprise you,” I muttered to her, “I have to make sure it’s not snowing.”

I planned to surprise them today and even prepared the whole thing in my head. Now that has been thrown out the window as the mind link opens.

I heard my mum squeal in surprise as she heard my voice.

“DEMI,” she shouted, waking Lia up, but she never said a word.

“You’re coming home?” she asked, “but it is awful out there.”

I sighed.

“I know,” I said, “I’m in my car, and it’s stuck in the snow. I know I’m not far from the house, so I will walk the rest of the way.”

My mum must have been talking to someone but returned to me. “We’re not in the house, sweetheart,” she said, “we are in the pack house for a celebration due to the alpha finding his Luna.”

Confusion swept through; the Alpha found his Luna. Alpha William already had his Luna, Luna Elisa.

Sensing my confusion through the mind link, my mum adds, “Alpha William handed over his position to his son, Troy,” she said. “I’m afraid you will have to stay in the house as it is coming down really bad around the pack house.”

Great, I thought, but my mind went to what she had said moments ago.

Troy, Troy Anderson is now Alpha.

Troy was the most popular guy in school, and everyone loved him and his three best friends, Rowan, Elias, and Kaleb.

Wonder who he chose as his Beta?

My mind wondered, but I was praying that it wasn’t one in particular; knowing how close Troy was with him, it wouldn’t surprise me, but I couldn’t help but pray that it wasn’t. A girl can only hope and pray, right?

“I will stay in the house,” I muttered as I looked ahead, “I got a house key. I need a shower and my bed anyway.”

I was tired after driving for the last five hours, and even though I had stopped somewhere not long ago, I was ready for warmth and a change of clothes.

“Are you sure?” asked mum, “we can try and head back to the house. I don’t want you to be alone during this snowstorm.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes as I heard Lia snicker in my head as she listened to mum.

Clearly, the woman has forgotten I am nineteen and have been living on my own for the last three years in a different pack, not including I am one of the best fighters from there.

“Mum,” I murmured, “I’m fine and can look after myself. Do you have food and hot water?”

“Yeah, I made a run to the shop earlier as the forecast came in about the snow,” she muttered.

I smiled.

“I’ll be fine,” I said, “I will leave my car where it is and come back for it when the weather clears.”

“What about your furniture and other bits?” she asked, “when are they supposed to arrive?”

I looked ahead through the windscreen, but the snow made it hard to see anything.

I knew I had to leave now, or I would be stuck in my car.

“Mum, I’m going to have to leave,” I said, “I will mind link you when I get to the house. All my stuff will be coming in the next few weeks; I must tell Aunt Gina when to send them.”

“Okay,” my mum said, “Mind link me when you are at the house.”

I agreed and closed the mind link down.

I grabbed my hat from the passenger side and put it on my head, pulling it over my ears to ensure that my ears were covered. I wrapped my scarf around me more and ensured my coat was done up.

I leaned back and grabbed the two bags I had brought with me, placing one on my shoulder and holding the other.

I opened the car door and stepped out, but the bitterness of the snow caught me off guard and sent a shiver right through my body.

I could feel Lia move closer but growled.

“Too cold,” she murmured, moving further back into my head.

Great, a wolf that has been born into the pack who lives in snow most of the time and she hates snow, and I had to have her, I muttered to myself, which made Lia growl at me.

I needed to get out of this weather and inside fast.

I looked around and knew instantly where I was.

I started the walk to my family.

After half an hour, I made it to my home, and I froze.

The snow decided to come hasher, and as it touched my face, it hurt my cheeks.

I walk up the front steps and place the key inside the door, opening it.

I stepped inside, slamming the door behind me.

I dropped my bags to the ground and tried to move my fingers, which were cold as ice.

I walked toward the thermostat and turned on the heating.

I rubbed my hands together as I looked around and took in my family home.

I have missed this place so much and my family.

I opened a mind link to my mum to let her know I was inside the house.

“Thank the moon goddess,” she said, “I was worried. Alpha Troy is sending his Beta your way.”

I frowned.

“Why?” I asked, “I’m home and safe.”

My mum stayed quiet for a few moments but sighed.

“I don’t want you to be on your own,” she said, “The Alpha and Luna thought it was a good idea for the Beta to go to you. He should be with you in the next few minutes, as he left about ten minutes.”


Who the hell was he anyway?

“Mum, whose the Beta?” I asked.

“Sorry, Demi, I need to go; they are making speeches,” she said, closing the mind link.

What the hell, mum?

I looked at the front door; what the hell was I going to do now?

Lia moved closer and huffed.

“It better not be him,” she let out an annoyed growl, “he hurt you, and I will hurt him.”

I knew she would have my back; she always had.

My mind was racing, but a loud knock on the door made Lia, and I stare at the door.

I strolled to the door, but Lia started to get antsy.

“What’s wrong with you?” I grumbled as I placed my hand on the door handle.

Lia ignored me and stared at the door.

Another knock came, which was as hard as the first.

I closed my eyes, trying to get my nerves in check.

I opened my eyes and breathed as I opened the door, as an intoxicating scent hit me.

‘Mate,’ bounced Lia in my head more.

I pulled the door wider, only to be met with the brown eyes I knew all too well.

It had to be him.

My heart started to beat fast.

‘Mate,’ shouted Lia.


No, No, No, it can’t be him.

I watched as a smirk itched the corners of his perfect lips.


“Well, gorgeous,” he murmured, “you finally come home, and I can now claim you.”

I let a low growl escape my lips and slammed the door on him.

Lia growled.

“Mate,” she said, but I looked back at her, “really, you don’t remember…” I started to say, but I stopped as my eyes landed on her as the realization set in as she realized who I was on about and groaned.

Moon goddess must really be laughing at me now, I thought.

My mate is none other than the one I didn’t want, and it had to be Kaleb Dawson.

Kaleb Dawson, who tormented me for years throughout school. He picked on me my whole school year, ensuring no one came near me.

A loud knock came, which made me step back.

“Come on, Demi,” he said, “Let me in, little mate.”

Oh, I will give little, which made Lia look on amused.

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