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His to Save

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Allison- I am 20 years old doing everything in my power to survive in this world. My father was the president of the Cobra Motorcycle Club. Until, I was 6 years old and he died in a club war. My mother ran with me, tearing me away from the only life I ever knew. Took me away from the MC world and into the Mafia one instead. We went to live with her father and older half brother. Two men that are at the lowest on the pole of power in the Mafia world. Drake Stefano, the youngest grandson to the head of the family Hector became obsessed with me when we were children. I'm doing what I can to escape him and this life. Trying to protect my 7 year old sister Lilith in the process. Viper- I'm the president of the Cobras now. Worked my whole life to get here. When I was a young boy I made a promise to our president to protect his young daughter Allison. Took me some time, but I finally found where she is. Her stupid mother got her into the Mafia world of all places. Now it's up to me to save her. I haven't seen her since she was a little girl and I was at the tender age of 12, but the woman she has become has my tongue hanging out. She's always been my Alley Cat, and I will keep my promise I made so long ago to her father. I will protect both her and her daughter Lilith with my life. They are mine now, I will make her my old lady and keep her forever!

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Chapter 1: This Life Will Suck Your Soul


I hate my life! I have since I was a child, ever since I lost my father when I was six years old. Club wars are no joke, this type of life isn’t for the weak. Normal people, with the white picket fence, a couple of kids, living in the suburbs will never understand what it’s like living in a dangerous world with bikers and mafia men that control everything you do.

My life started out pretty great, the first six years of my life I was spoiled rotten. Living at the clubhouse with both my parents. My father was the president of the Cobra MC, and even though I grew up around club whores, old ladies, and parties almost every night it was a great childhood. Everyone that was part of the club, was your family.

We protected one another, had each other’s backs, and did everything we could to make sure whoever was a part of the club was taken care of. Not just them, but their entire family. Then, one night when I was six years old it came crashing down. An opposing club ambushed us, all the kids and old ladies were sent away to make sure they survived, as bullets flew everywhere.

The sounds of guns firing were all I could hear as my mother dragged me behind her that night. I kept trying to stop, to look back and find my father, but I couldn’t see anything through all the bodies, the blood and the smoke from the fire that had broken out. Hours later into the morning, we found out my father didn’t make it. The men left of the club wanted to hold a vote on who should be the new president.

Even though they would have taken care of us, my mother ran off later that night. There was a party at the warehouse, celebrating their victory. My mother woke me up, got me dressed into something warm, and packed a duffle bag with clothes. While everyone was busy drinking, smoking, and fucking like nothing ever happened, we took off in the middle of the night. Running out into the darkness, she led me to the bus station. When we boarded the bus that night, I asked what was going on, but she wouldn’t tell me a thing.

Simply told me to lay upon her shoulder and sleep, that we would be in our new life when I woke up. We certainly were, as her father picked us up from the bus stop. I had never met the man before in my life, nor had I seen her older half brother before that day. When we walked off the bus, and there was an older man standing by a beat-up truck, I was hesitant to move from my spot.

My mother had to pull me along, and when the man introduced himself saying he was my grandfather, I had an earie feeling in my gut. The ride to his home was nerve wracking. When we pulled up to a steel iron gate, with a mansion behind it in the distance I was confused on where we were. Clearly this couldn’t possible be his house.

Turns out it wasn’t, it was his bosses house, who just happened to be the head of the Italian mafia. When he parked the truck in the way back, at what looked almost to be a shed, he told us that is where mother and I would be living from now on. I looked up at the woman I no longer recognized, and she couldn’t even look me in the eye. She simply walked into the little house, went to the back bedroom, and locked herself in there.

Leaving me alone with strange men I have never seen before in my life. Turns out my grandfather was low on the chain of power in the syndicate, he did most of the yard work, and ran errands. His older son was a foot soldier and turns out the plan for my mother was for her to become a stripper at their notorious club.

My mother’s brother was twelve years her senior, and an evil man if I’ve ever met one. He hated the fact that he was born in the position he was. Jeremiah Carmen is his name, and he has always felt that he deserved to be higher in the ranks. I knew from the first few minutes of meeting him that he never would be. He doesn’t have what it takes. When I would tell him this as a child, he would smack me across the face. So hard my head would whip to the side.

I never cried, I refused to give him the satisfaction. Of course, as I got older that stopped almost immediately. The youngest grandson of Hector Stefano became obsessed with me after the first time we met. Throughout the years he would always need to know where I was and what I was doing. When Drake Stefano was sixteen years old, I was at the the young age of fourteen, but it didn’t stop him from begging his grandfather and father to allow him to have me.

What he really wanted, what he has always wanted, is to force me to marry him, but I come from a disgraceful lower family. I have no royal blood within the mafia world, and his grandfather wouldn’t allow that. I can’t tell you how grateful I was for that; however, those good feelings went right out the window when he told him he could have me for his pleasure for the week of his birthday.

I was hoping he would say that wasn’t what he wanted with me, or that my mother would put her foot down for once and stick up for me like she used to before she became a shell of herself. To my horror Drake agreed, and my mother looked the other way. She completely ignored the two big and burly men who came and took her young daughter away to the Stefano mansion for a week. Turning a blind eye that I was being forced to do unimaginable things for a young teen such as myself.

I was at least hoping after that week, Drake’s obsession with me would dissipate, but it had the opposite effect. He wants me more than ever. I was sentenced to work at their infamous club every night once I hit eighteen, only as a waitress luckily. Although the whole reason behind that is because Drake doesn’t want any other man to ever see me nude.

I am called up to his office almost every night, the feeling of dread filling my soul every night. I’ve thought of doing what my mother did three years ago, when I was at the tender age of seventeen, and taking my own life, but I have a little sister now who is seven years old. I will not leave her alone in this world. I watch out for her, making sure no one touches her, or even looks at her inappropriately.

I will protect her with my life, for the extent of hers. She’s the most important person in the entire world to me, and I will make sure she doesn’t live like I have since I was around her age. When I’m not home, I have Fang and Buttercup looking out for her. They are my dogs I kept since their mother got pregnant with them when I was fifteen. They are a mix of husky and wolf and I have them trained well.

I know she’s well protected until I get home in the early morning every day. My uncle Jeremiah won’t go near those dogs, being too afraid they will kill him if he does. He isn’t wrong, any of the men in this world come near little Lilith, and they will get a bloody surprise. “Hey, Drake needs to see you upstairs.” I roll my eyes at Darla’s words. She’s the closest person I have to a friend in this world. Which isn’t saying much, since we only talk at work, and have nothing in common.

I give her a nod, as I finish opening the beer bottle and handing it to one of the regulars that come to the club. The old man gives me a salacious look as he licks his lips, and chugs more than half of the drink. Ignoring his blatant stare, I walk around the bar and make my way to the back of the club. Walking up the winding staircase, I nod to the two big men blocking the door, as they step aside and hold the door open for me. I don’t miss them staring at my ass the entire time I walk by. The sound of the door shutting is another hit on my soul, I cringe, as I look into the darkened room, where my devil hides.

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