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A collection of dark tales for difficult nights. This is going to be my compilation of stories that strictly belong to "Dark romance" Warning: The stories contain dark elements such as abuse, kidnapping, drugs, bloodshed, and most importantly DUBIOUS consent. The characters are going to be twisted with no necessary morality. This is NOT your fairy tale. Read at your own risk. . . Story 1: THE RED MOON *prologue* This pussy, my Jasmine-" his hand moved in between them, softly resting on the little flesh of her pussy, caressing it like petals of flower, "Is mine", his growl left a layer of goosebumps on the skin that wasn't already awoke. "I will touch it, lick it, finger it or leave it all alone", his caressing continued, "No one-" his voice raised, reflecting in the stroking that now appeared rough, "And I repeat no one, not even YOU, would touch what's mine, is that understood?"

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"How long are you going to deprive our pack of heir?" Damp walls kept the shaky voice of elder within. The quivering flames of candles embedded around the gothic room symbolised the brooming storm within the vast room.

"There would be no successor" He simply said, finding the purpose of today's gathering useless. He was told a pressing matter awaited his attention, however when he sat down at the head of the table with his most trusted members around, they forwarded him what he had already pushed back several times.

As they yet again tried to convince him, he felt the urge to let his claw show themselves, to slither across the throats of wolves he had admired for decades if not centuries. Irritation was a small word. It was torture now; to sit down on the same table every week and have the despicable conversation every time.

He felt a warm hand resting on top of his clenched fist, momentarily calming his rage.

"Son, you might not see the consequences now, but when centuries will pass and our pack would be unable to represent itself with an Alpha like yourself, we will suffer devastatingly dear."

"She's a fucking human mother" He said what he said every week, with an unnecessary 'fucking' to emphasise how crucial the factor was to the future of their pack, "She won't be able to bear my pups"

"She will" the confident voice came from the young and dark witch sitting afar at the table, "If moon goddess paired you with her, she must have had a purpose. We performed the necessary ritual to ensure that our Luna will-"

"She is NOT your Luna", The table vibrated on its legs as his fist came slamming down on it.

Shivers erupted on all skins present. It was rare for him to use his Alpha voice in the room, but as it happened so, the topic was far more sensitive for the future of the pack.

No one had imagined a pack as impregnable as Red moon to be punished with a human as their Luna.

Alpha Draven had almost smacked himself in joy when he had first smelt her in the battlefield. Although it was hardly a battle, more of a plunder his pack was undertaking in a human village that despite several warnings had denied to vacate from the land.

Walking through the burnt homes and scathed dead bodies he had traced the entrancing smell of night blooming jasmine, the smell perfect for the enjoyable night he was having in the havoc. For time being, his wolf made him overlook the fact that he was in a village housed by humans, that there was still bloodshed occurring in the background.

He had only followed his instincts to the jasmine of the night, realising that just beyond the door of the small house would be his mate, the Luna of his pack, bearer of his pups. As soon as he kicked the door open, he was gifted with a sight of trembling woman. But that only lasted for a second as his vision was covered with incoming sight of flower pot, smashing right on his forehead. Alpha Draven didn't move, neither did he flinch, not feeling the need to. Not a drop of blood trickled down his head. Only that his gaze hardened at the sight of a young man in his mate's home. He looked shaken and sweaty looking at the Alpha, wondering how the strong pot had not incited even a scratch on his skin.

He didn't get much time with his thoughts. His throat was slit open by claw in an instant moment, his body slumping lifelessly to the ground, finally allowing Alpha to gaze upon his sacred possession.

She screamed, making her way to the body of dead man, holding his collar, shaking him as if he would wake up if she did. A wave of jealousy hit his wolf, his claws resurfacing yet again, a growl reverberating the hall, capturing her sought attention.

She didn't leave the dead man's side when she looked at him, readying herself to get butchered the same way her brother had. Emotions were hardly decipherable from her stricken eyes, but he caught the glimpse of rage.

He didn't care. In any way that there was, she was his now.

He had walked up to her, wishing a more closer look, effortlessly making her stand on her legs by the hold on her disheveled hair. She struggled in his arms, thrashing, slapping and thrusting.

He all but seemed to enjoy, a fiery mate was all he had asked for. His eyes flickered down to her covered breasts, supple ass and small waist. Although she was a lot smaller than he had anticipated, his wolf had growled in satisfaction, eager to fill her womb with his pups. Eventually his other hand found its hold on her small neck, liking the feeling of her entire life within its fingers, tightening its hold to test how it would feel, when he would push her against the wall and pound inside her from behind.

"What is your name?" he asked softly, letting his thumb assault her lip seductively, finding her struggles like feathers attacking his skin.

"Leave me alone" she had screamed, yet again trying to get rid of his hold by thrusting her fists on his chest, an act he would agree was far too sensual than hostile.

He felt the urge to mark her, then and there. Her smell though infiltrated with a hint of ash and dust was intoxicating. Her hatred becoming worrisome. His wolf urged him to mark her so she could never leave his side, that no man alive or dead would ever dare to touch her.

Her struggles increased when she found herself pushed against the wall, the insanely built man pinning her hands behind her back, dipping his head in the crook of her neck, sniffing like dog. The gruesome sight of her brother's body made her cry in agony, reminding her that she was now all alone in the sick world of beasts.

His teeth traced her skin like a threat, oddly elongating as if to bite, but before she knew it, he leaped several feet away from her, stricken as if he was the one bereft of his only family. He watched her like a contagious disease, regretting every second of breathing in her presence. And just as quickly he was out of her sight, barging out the door as if he hadn't had her pinned against the wall seconds ago.

In an evanescent moment when he had suppressed his wolf, realising that she was a mere human, living evidence of the twisted game moon goddess had played with him. He had ordered his beta to lock her up in the pack house, in a small room far away from his chamber. Although utterly useless he still intended to use her. And use he did, to calm his wolf when it wanted to wipe the entire humanity off earth. He had found himself standing outside her door far too many times than he had imagined, catching the faint scent of her existence to keep his wolf sane. And in the moments of impatience, he would even let himself in in the midnight hours, watching her sleep, sometimes briefly touching her hair, her skin.

She had resided in the very prison for a year. She had stopped asking what was the purpose of her imprisonment, just like she had stopped begging the maids to help her escape. Nothing worked. When she most expected a helping hand, she received a look of pity from the she wolves.

She was forced to sit in the strange ritual month ago, the young witch controlling her body like a puppet, making her repeat things she enchanted, the language far too abstruse to intersect her comprehension. The subtle smile on the young black woman's face had confirmed the ritual was successful, something that seemed to have brought content on faces of everyone present.

She didn't stretch her mind, not depicting curiosity in the ways of beasts. She had accepted there was no hope. She was alive, with a bed in a cold room, unnecessarily warm blankets and a shelf of books of her choice- the only source of her momentary escape, and that, was enough.

Ever since she was moved in, she had never been sick. The maids took care of her like a gentle, precious flower, accidently calling her Luna, then correcting themselves to Jasmine, a name Alpha had given her when she had denied to betray her identity- the last piece of her dignity. Except for one week immediately after the twisted ritual, when she had almost died. And just as surprisingly, all the she wolves seemed to have been prepared for her illness, as if exactly knowing what was coming. She had burnt the whole week, her mind seeking the touch of a man, the one particular that had kidnapped her.

She remembered moon being red then, the shining red light literally setting her on fire. No amount of wet wipes could satiate the heat her body radiated. Her hands had instinctively itched to move in between her legs hoping to calm the throb of her pussy, so much so that maids had to tie her hands to the bedpost, apologising for doing so, telling her that rubbing herself would more hurt her, than sooth the ache. Except her, everyone knew that was a lie.

Alpha had specifically demanded that she shall never be allowed to touch herself during her heat. He knew if she did, his wolf would send him into frenzy, fully taking control before mating her until he knotted inside her.

She had cried the whole night, trying to wiggle her hands out, to want the man she intuitively knew would satisfy her heat. But nothing seemed to work, the exudation in between her legs flowed in longing, only to be wiped by the maids at assistance.

She felt disgusted at her disease that had spurred out of nowhere on the night of red moon.


A moment of silence settled in the dark room.

"Tomorrow is red moon, she would be in heat, what do you plan to do Alpha?" Gamma Joaquin inquired in quiet tone, hoping to not pour oil in Alpha's anger.

"Just like the time before, Nothing" he said, dismissing the gathering, knowing her heat would cause him just as much pain as her.


That night sleep never came, the current plot was too interesting to be pushed forward to tomorrow. She lied stomach first on the bed with a book pressed in the cushion, crushing the poor nail of her thumb in between her teeth. A candle burnt on the table next to bed, offering itself as a source of her dirty read. She hadn't realised the book on "Prince of Perth" contained a tempting Princess, nor had she realised the detailed description of their wedding night was going to be the highlight of the book.

In the twenty two years of her life, she had never received time to indulge in matters that didn't concern collecting wood, cooking meat, gossip or philosophical reads. So when for the first time she let her imagination travel to the bedroom of two fictional characters, putting herself in the shoes of submissive princess, she felt a gush of slick oozing out of her pussy, creating a titillating discomfort.

She had no idea every morsel of her body belonged to someone else too, just as she was unaware that the scent of her arousal was now travelling to the destination that longed for it the most.

The thin paper somehow held its strings together under the pressure of Alpha's aggressive scribbling, his day far from over even at such time of the night. The meeting with his pack replayed, their absurd demand of mating with human girl echoing in his head. And just through the battle of his mind and heart, his actions seized, his heart stopped. He took a deep breathe, not mistaking the compelling smell of her arousal for anything else. He could sense it from miles apart. During her last heat, the same scent had sent him into a wild battle with his wolf.

But her heat is due till tomorrow. How is she aroused tonight?

The question seemed horrifying first, and later, just angering. The idea of another man seducing what was his, made his hands twitch in anger, instigating the claws inside. He stormed to the other side of the wing, the intoxicating smell of jasmines soothing his rage and evoking it all the same.

Even though he reached more closer to her room, he felt the scent fading, as if her arousal was being satisfied.

And that could mean only one thing.

She is touching herself

His wolf scratched his insides in anger, blaming him for not satisfying her in time that she had to take care of her needs herself.

He didn't care for the locks of the poor door, pushing it open in a single thrust, barging in as if he owned her personal space.

The sudden intrusion caught her in the most immoral position possible. She was lying on her stomach, a hand inside her blue gown tracing the sensitive nub she had discovered just minutes ago. She flinched so unexpectedly, hurrying to cover herself that the hard cover of "Prince of Perth" fell on the floor with a thud, setting the premise of silence down.

It only lasted for a moment, gulping her half breaths out of fear and his ragged breath out of rage down. She watched frightened as he stood in his place, dwarfing her entire little room simply with his presence, looking at her in a hard gaze. Her heart beat quickened when he continued to look at her while slowly closing the door, sliding the lock in, walking towards her in menacing steps.

"What were you doing?" he asked, stunting her height with his own, her head hardly reaching his shoulders, his body thrice as hers.

She only gulped, looking down in shame, intimidated by the beast in the room.

"When I ask you something-" his hand, for the second time, snaked around her neck, pulling her eyes to his, gaining dominance with a single hold, "You look at me"

A gush of scent hit his senses, indicating that another ooze of release had released itself from her pussy, that his words had an effect. Her thighs clenched to hold the secretion in, but before she could, it was already trickling down her thigh.

And with that stream of slickness, the last thread of his patience unshackled from its hinges, his wolf took over sinisterly, throwing her on the bed like a rag doll.

She gasped in shock, unable to comprehend the momentum of action and yet she couldn't complain, not when her legs were roughly pulled open to their limit, when the thin layer of fabric covering her intimacy was teared to shreds.

She saw his features briefly in the dwindling light offered by the trembling candle light, his veiny arms, bulging muscles and a gaze that she could only put as disastrous, utterly, insanely disastrous. And just as reflectively, he watched her, like a predator did its prey, before coming face to face with the sensitive wet folds in between her legs, the source of her wakening scent.

His wolf already wanted to take his manhood out, to plunge inside the magically scented flesh and mark what was his. But he wanted to take his time.

"What were you doing?" he asked the second time, his voice now hoarse.

She gulped the embarrassing voice down her throat when his giant thumb gently stroked her pussy, not applying any pressure, admiring the wetness.

"Reading a book" she managed to mutter, unable to keep track of what was happening.

"Did you touch yourself while at it?" he whispered ridiculously closer to her pussy, the hot vapour of his speech tickling the wetness gathered, erupting goose bumps on their wake.

"No" she almost cried, too many feelings clogging her senses, lust, hate, anger, joy.

"No?" he moved his gaze up to her eyes, halting his caressing of his hand, hovering exactly above the nub, witnessing her black orbs staring back at him, scared like a rabbit.

"No" she repeated, shaking.

An unexpected hard slap landed over her pussy like a punishment, erupting pain and immeasurable pleasure at the same time. She terribly flinched in her place, screaming in ecstasy, eager to close her legs before a rough pull opened them again. Another gush followed.

"No?" he asked her again, stroking her pussy, welcoming the recently oozed secretion as if he hadn't slapped it seconds ago.

"No" she cried, not understanding the gravity of her lies.

Another slap followed, this time sharply on her clit, sending a wild sensation up her spine. His grave expressions remained, taking every bit of her reaction in, counting her tears as the tears of pleasure.

"No?" he asked again, not responding to her struggles as she vigorously tried to wiggle out of his hold.

"Yes" she confessed, giving in, "I touched myself"

She couldn't breathe through the tears, the beat in between her legs pulsing stronger than her heart. One moment he was on his knees admiring her wetness and the next second he was hovering over, entering through the door of her opened legs, ensuring that when he leaned, his manhood would align exactly where it wanted to be.

Her small bed creaked in discomfort as his weight shifted, his shadow leaving her bereft of all the light, her vision offering all but darkness except for the speck of gold shining in his eyes, the battle with his wolf clearly visible.

"You never touch yourself" he rumbled, his deep voice threatening to secrete another surge of scented secretion, his face threateningly closer to hers, studying her features like a painting in the museum.

In fear she couldn't speak, so a vigorous nod followed. The question of how had he known of her activities remaining unanswered.

"This pussy, my Jasmine-" his hand moved in between them, softly resting on the little flesh of her pussy, caressing it like petals of flower, "Is mine", his growl left a layer of goosebumps on the skin that wasn't already awoke.

"I will touch it, lick it, finger it or leave it all alone", his caressing continued, "No one-" his voice raised, reflecting in the stroking that now appeared rough, "And I repeat no one, not even you, would touch what's mine, is that understood?"

She couldn't focus on his words when his hand was performing an act all too distracting.

"Yes" she whispered when she realised his mumbling ended with a question mark.

"The next time my Jasmine-" she felt his middle finger trying to enter her tightness, "I realise you are rubbing pussy that belongs to me" she hissed when his giant finger felt resistance, his expressions remaining unchanged, pushing the finger in while caressing the nub with his thumb, sending a wave of mixed emotions up her spine, "I will tie you to my bed, and fuck your tiny pussy till you pass out, how does that sound?"

She didn't answer, her eyes watering at the intrusion, her pussy tightly clenching his finger inside.

"How does that sound?" he asked again, pushing his finger a little more, testing her depth, extracting a gasp from her delicious lips.

"Yes" she breathed, not knowing what he expected her to say.

He retracted his finger, slowly standing up to admire the view of her body spread on the small bed, her legs wide open, featuring the most tempting folds of flesh to exist. It made him wonder whether her tiny pussy would ever be able to fit what held inside his pants.

And just with the thought of mating, his true self surfaced, pushing his wolf instincts of fucking at bay. He left just as quickly he had entered, leaving the flustered human to wonder what in the world was happening, why had he claimed her his, and how had he known at all what she was doing.

She looked down at herself, witnessing the mess her juices had made on the bed. And when her gaze flickered to her little folds that were now neatly opened by his fingers, she felt terrified of touching them, afraid that it would make him come back once again.


The night following started with a feverish feeling. She had spent the entire day reminiscing about the beast, but as the evening started to bring the sickening feeling, she forgot everything, focusing on her current condition that seemed to worsening.

Just like the time before, she wolves seemed to be ready with their stuff, wet wipes, massage oils, piles of clean napkins and dozens of fan hands to evaporate the sweat. Only the idea of suffering like the last time made her nauseous. She looked around her bed as tens of maids ritually arranged their stuff, which she now noticed included a coil of rope, no doubt to tie her when she'd try to soothe the ache between her legs herself.

The maids stood in front of the bed as Jasmine arranged the cushions across the bed. Jasmine didn't know why she was doing it, but she was, as if making a safe place on the bed for her and him to mate. She wolves very well knew the instinct to build a nest on heat, which is why they had done the courtesy of bringing the extra cushions for their Luna. They watched pitifully as she made it, knowing that her mate wasn't going to bless her little space with his presence.

With the passing hours her heat worsened, the urge to have last night's beast came alive in volcano. If anything, his visit to her room had only exaggerated her condition. Now she exactly knew what to expect, how his touch would move across her pussy like magic of the night.

She wanted him, and if her body had an opinion, she needed him. She screamed in pain, crouching herself to ease the ache, but didn't make the mistake of touching herself again, knowing the maids would become hasty to tie her again.

She now knew why the maids tied her hands to the bed, it wasn't because she would hurt herself, but rather end up summoning the beast of her nightmares, something that she exactly sought at the moment.

"I want to relieve myself" she cried, trying to get off the bed, the maids helped her walk to the washroom in her room as suddenly she wiggled out of their hold.

"Not here"

She wolves knew the kind of tantrums women in heat could throw, especially if their mate had failed to satisfy them.

"Okay we'll help you-"

"No, let me walk by myself" she demanded for the first time. A few brows raised as their Luna's voice raised on them, she had never portrayed disrespect before, in pain or not.

And so they allowed to let her walk herself, carefully monitoring her stumbling steps. But one hard gaze from her and they realised Jasmine wasn't in a mood of intervention. They watched from the doorframe as she walked out of the room by herself, tracing the path of where they knew closest washroom was. The idea that their Luna will try anything suspicious didn't even cross their mind, knowing that she knew nothing about heat, nor what could soothe it.

Much to their unfortune, she did. She might have not known where he was in the palace, but she knew exactly how to summon him. Just when she was out of eyesight of the maids, she ran as fast as she could to the other side of the palace, hearing her heart wildly thudding inside her ribcage. The entire premise seemed to be empty, bereft of any presence. As soon as she found a cozy place below the stairs, she ran to it, easily fitting inside the safe hiding space from she-wolves.

She didn't waste a second before pushing her hand inside her gown, bypassing the already drenched panty to rub the slickness of her sensitive flesh, pressing the moan inside her throat. Her head fell back to rest against the wall, her eyes closed, the euphoric feeling of flicking the nub briefly soothed the pain, the back of her mind well aware that he would be on his way to her, to complete the promise he had made yesterday,

I will tie you to my bed, and fuck your tiny pussy till you pass out

The promise sounded too pleasing, her juices surged in anticipation. Her fingers moved over the little nub, remembering the way he had. A soft smile pressed inside her cheek at the memory of the beast, relaxing as the ache in between her legs alleviated with rigorous movements, creating a sinful noise of flesh rubbing across her slippery flesh.

Her eyes only halfheartedly opened, but as they did, a look of dread crossed across her features. He was watching her for minutes now, as she leaned on the wall, her eyes tightly closed, enjoying her fingers flicking her clit.

She retracted her fingers instantly, suddenly frightened. Now that he was here, every speck of her bravery evaporated into thin air, leaving a thorough layer of fear behind. She pressed her body further into the wall, wondering if she tried hard enough whether the wall would dissolve her into its concrete.

It did not, all it did was made her fear more visible, his anger more conspicuous.

"Now what did I warn you about Jasmine?" his deep voice moistened her pussy. She clenched her thighs, an act that did not go unnoticed by his eyes. The golden haze played in his eyes.

In a second, her legs were being dragged out of her hiding place. She heard the clank of boots as the maids came running to the place, their lungs out of breath, a glimpse of worry dancing on their features.

Nothing mattered anymore, his wolf had already taken control, adamant on marking his defiant mate. Maids watched opened mouth as Alpha Draven effortlessly slung her body on his shoulder, earning a gasp from their Luna as she tried to struggle on his broad shoulder, swinging her legs to achieve some dominance. But as it turned out, Alpha held nothing back to discipline his mate in front of his pack members, delivering a hard slap on her covered ass, bringing her futile struggles to an unfortunate end.

Maids immediately looked down in respect, their eyes embarrassed at having witnessed such a private moment. They watched him carrying her slowly in the direction they very well knew resided his chamber.


She didn't notice the magnificent chandelier hanging on the roof, nor did she notice the humongous pieces of furniture organized in his chamber. All that she saw was the bed that she was carelessly thrown on, the cushions that weren't arranged in the type of nest she preferred.

Her hands instantly got to work, pulling the pile of cushions, arranging them in a rectangular form, the strange excitement of mating doing its magic. She oddly enjoyed the aroma of the room filled with his manly scent, teasing her body in more than one ways.

He patiently waited when he most couldn't, as she moved around to form perfect rectangle with cushions on his king size bed. Her incredible enthusiasm confounded him, compelling him to believe that the vigor of red moon was more powerful than hatred on any day. She had as if forgotten her identity, her only goal as if to make a nest for her and him. He had heard to the woman, her nest mattered the most, so before you ravish her, marking her skin and engraving your scent, you let her create her comfortable space to mate.

He couldn't exactly complain while in await, the sight of her ass, the outline of her chest only intensified his imagination, inadvertently listing the positions his prey was going to bend into, taking him inside like a good little mate.

His possessiveness yet again boiled, remembering how she was rubbing herself openly in the palace. What if he hadn't vacated the entire premise because she was in heat? What if another wolf had caught the hint of her scent?

Only a moment after her nest for prepared she found herself pinned by the neck.

"You did this on purpose didn't you?" His hot breathe fanned her features.

She watched his lips moving. That's all. His. Lips. Moved. The well shaped, pink flesh- framing his perfect teeth, moved. No words were heard.

She was sure unless he spoke the language of touch, she would hear nothing. In the moments of such vulnerability, words held no value, only carnal desires did, of touch, of caress, of thrust.

"Open you legs" he ordered, his voice doing no holy things to her body.

And she did like an obedient mate, eagerly waiting in anticipation, the disappointment of not having a final look at her nest still stinging.

His hands yet again found the sticky flesh. He sat on his knees on the floor, dragging her body to the edge of bed, observing her pussy in the light of candles, the faint red light of moon now seeming insignificant.

She took a deep breath when he took a sharp inhale just near her clit, leaving a chill memory behind.

She let her head fall back on the mattress when his face came attacking on her flesh, diving in her pussy, his tongue darting in between her folds, flashing the strings of sticky discharge like an award. A foreign noise saturated his chamber as she moaned deliciously, unnoticeably quivering.

Three of his fingers moved up and down her pussy, her left leg resting on his shoulder as he witnessed more fluid flowing out of her pussy, wetting his fingers. He played with the slickness, licking the source of juices, slurping on them like a thirsty animal. She wanted to scream on top of her lungs when she couldn't fathom the feeling of him softly kissing her folds, sucking the little flesh in between his lips before letting it pop out.

He didn't limit the feel of her pussy to his lips, it seemed unfair to other parts of him. So he let his sharp nose swipe in between her folds, giving him all the more reason to smell her again. His cheek adoring the edgy stubble brushed against her sensitive flesh, creating a weird coil of tingles in her lower stomach.

She jerked when his fingers roughly flicked her clit, one time and then again and again and again. She groaned, pulling the sheets in her fists, not stopping the assault of his fingers till he delivered a final hard slap, making her forcefully close her legs, her thighs visibly shaking in uncountable pleasure.

He hovered over her again, her delirious state far from fading. She felt a jerk on her neck as he made her stand on her feet, pressing her back on his chest, his face entering the crook of her neck despite the massive height difference. But that was only a ploy to keep her distracted while he teared her gown apart, getting rid of every piece of fabric adoring her skin. His nostrils flared in hunger, devouring the smell of her hair as his head moved up and down in her neck, attempting to not waste a molecule of scent radiating off her body, particularly feeling the sensitive skin which would bear his mark, the stamp of his ownership.

His hands indulged in another play, aggressively grouping her breasts, crushing the nipple between his middle and ring finger, circling the pebble with his thumb. When his giant hand managed to fit both of her breasts in a single hold, his other hand roamed around her body aimlessly, pinching her soft flesh.

Only after he was satisfied with the fondling, she found herself pushed on the bed face first, his manhandling percepted by her body as far from disgusting, already accepting the twisted ways of Alpha. She wasn't allowed time to breathe as he pulled her ass up in the air, delivering a spank that she was sure would leave his fingerprints behind.

"This is what you wanted ain't it?" he whispered, hastily unbuttoning his pant, taking his painfully hard manhood out, aligning it with her pussy, "Hmm?"

His hand intertwined in her scalp, pulling her head, every skin cell of her back touched his front, their sweat intermingling.

Her lust started to fade when she felt something bigger than she had imagined, hovering over her hole, pushing itself in.

"Slowly" she pleaded as not even an inch of him had entered, and just as he had anticipated, she was too small to take him fully.

"Has anyone touched you this way before?" he whispered in her ear, holding her left breast like an apple, admiring it, continuing to push himself inside her tiny pussy.

It didn't take a genius to tell that she was a virgin. His wolf took an odd pride in that and yet he wanted to hear it from her, to know if she had even thought of another man.

She only shook her head, focusing on the pain that was intensifying where he entered.

Her breath hitched when he suddenly moved several inches inside, almost tearing her sensitive flesh.

"Words" the husky voice echoed in her ear.

"Nooo" she moaned, hiding her frustration.

"Good girl, aren't you Jasmine?" his raspy tone rumbled, "Do you know who I am Jasmine?" question followed another inch of flesh inside her,

"No" she whispered, too scared to disappoint him.

"I...my Jasmine... am your mate" his hand traveled up to grasp her neck, his another hand holding her waist so she wouldn't dare distance herself from him.

She had heard that word, mate, she always thought in wolfs it meant partner, life partner.

"Do you know what mate means Jasmine?" she felt him slowly taking himself out from her, letting her tightness relax.

"It means I am your partner" she whispered.


She screamed when in a single thrust he was inside her, completely embedding himself.

"It means you're my property" he remained inside her, "Mine to fuck-", he retracted, "Mine to ruin" - thrust- "Mine to do whatever I please".

"Gentle" she pleaded again when she sensed the roughness scratching his insides, letting her hand travel back to his neck, gently holding it to support her weight.

She wondered whether she was asking for a quality that was beyond his capacity, whether he even knew what 'gentle' meant.

Her question was answered when he thrusted inside her again, jerking her entire being, sending her entire body into frenzy, doing the exact opposite of her demand.

The slow deep thrusts only became faster, his hands ensured she stayed glued to her place, screaming and moaning as wave after another, unimaginable emotions surged across her body, confusing her whether pain was mixed in pleasure or pleasure in pain, the boundaries between them fading like the shades of setting sun.

Her orgasm approached unimaginably faster, hitting her like tsunami, leaving her stripped out of words, tightly clenching his manhood insider her.

He gently let her go as she slumped on bed, already dwindling on energy. He effortlessly flipped her on her back, slowly entering inside her again.

It was the first time she had seen a dick, and if it was how every man's dick was, she wondered how women were alive in this world.

The mere sight of it made her recoil in fear, it was covered in her blood, her legs trembled in fright, wondering how in the world her body had space for that thing.

He watched viciously as she moved back on mattress, keeping distance, looking at his manhood as if she had seen a ghost.

His wolf couldn't but feel rejected, and with the feeling of refusal came the depth of infuriation.

She winced when he pulled her thighs closer in a jerk, bringing her back to edge of bed, where his girth awaited to enter back again.

"Ahh Nooo..." She screamed when he tried to align it to her pussy, thrashing in his hold.

Her shrieks only paused when her neck was threatened to be snapped, when his hand engulfed it, tightening his hold.

"Its not going to fit...please" she cried.

"Oh it is" he whispered, aligning it once again, the golden haze palpable in his orbs, "Take a breath, and watch"

And watch she did, witnessing as the girthy monster somehow managed to enter inside her tightness, evoking the similar heavenly thrill she had experienced minutes ago, his thrusts were slow, letting her adjust to the new angle, as he felt her insides only slightly relaxing, not fully letting him in but not denying either.

"You see how I fit inside you?" he asked coming awfully closer to her face, his lips hovering over hers.

She had stopped looking at the sight that almost looked impossible, the uncomfortable screams were replaced by moans, the thrashing had turned into the soft creaking of bed, the once slow thrusts now becoming a full blown pounding.

She moaned within the little space between them, blessing his ears with her sweet voice, engulfing his existence in the intensifying scent of her juices.

He felt his manhood being gripped inside her for the second time, her breaths becoming short,

"I think I am going to...I am going to..."

And she came for the second time, then third and then fourth till she lost the count of how many times he had thrusted inside her, kissed her, licked her, properly fucked her.

It had to be somewhere along the border of dawn and morning that he had finally grunted the way he never had, halting inside her, the girth of his manhood increasing if it was possible. And she felt the loads and loads of his seed, filling her entirely till she felt full of it.

His soft kisses found her in exhaustion. She breathed as a trail of kisses traced her forehead ending on the sweet spot on her neck,

"This is going to hurt Jasmine" she barely heard, her fever finally resting down after hours of mating, "I want you take a deep breath and trust me" his whisper confused her, but just as she had learnt over night, that not listening to him invited greater consequences.

So she had taken it, the deep breathe, welcoming the sharp pain that he had promised, embracing the after care that he had promised too.

Alpha Draven hadn't realised when his wolf had taken the back seat, letting the human part of him lead his way, but as it happened so he realised, the elders had won.

The Red Moon had done its magic.

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