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The Devil's Rose

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The discovery


I swear to god if I have to bump into one more creep that offers me a good time I’m going to empty my can of pepper spray straight into his face and kick him downstairs for good measure.

Dad living in this part of town had always been an issue and normally I wouldn’t visit him this late but the university had a really late lecture and muggins here was stuck cleaning the mess in the library till a lot later than I was paid for.

I knew he was going to be mad at me for coming this late but I also knew there was no way he’d make himself a decent dinner and I wouldn’t be able to sleep with the guilt.

Thinking about what to make had me a bit distracted as I was walking which resulted in me diving head first into something rock hard, ouch!!

Temporarily blinded by the pain in my head had my vision a little blurry, but when I looked up I couldn’t believe my eyes, some sexy giant had clearly got the wrong time of day to be skulking around, he was nothing like the others I had bumped into tonight.

A gasp escaped my lips and the sexiest brown eyes id ever seen looked straight into me, his eyes were almost black and images of the devil crossed my mind as I searched his face to see whether he was a threat or not.

His hair in a short crew cut drew attention to his face nicely and the chiselled jaw that clenched as I continued my observation had me clutching my tummy to stop the butterflies erupting from me.

His eyebrows suddenly turned down and his eyes turned deadly, he looked so angry at me! What had I done? I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what id done to offend him when I suddenly became aware of a pain in my arms, I saw his hands gripped either side of me constricting more and more. A whimper escaped me and my eyes started to fill with moisture, I saw his eyes turn more of their sexy brown than black and regret crossed his features.

He dropped his hands like he’d been burned and I suddenly felt cold. How was it I missed his touch?

I felt my eyes drifting down to study the rest of him and became aware of a tent in his trousers. Holy moly, I didn’t have much experience in the area of sexpertise but even I knew that was one big fudging member.

I took in a shaky breathe and wet my lips subconsciously, I felt moisture shoot down my knickers and a blush crept up my cheeks. Shit I really needed to stop staring this was getting awkward...

‘Are you alright’? his voice was so deep it sent shivers up my body and the moisture between my legs was starting to get uncomfortable.

That coupled with the dimples that came out when he spoke made him almost unbearable to look at.

I snuck a peek at his face again and he looked like he was in physical pain, I hope he wasn’t hurt!

I had to get out of here, I probably looked such an idiot standing there not saying anything.

‘I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going, ill just be on my way’ fell from my mouth and I mustered all my strength to walk past him.

As I took my first step his body moved in front of me, oh fiddles maybe not a good guy!

My eyes widened and bounced back up to look into his and confusion was written all over them!

Why was he confused was he special?

He looked so conflicted, then all of a sudden ‘I’m sorry’ was mumbled from his perfect lips and he fled off down the dark road.

What a strange night this was turning out to be.

I was at my dads apartment building when just as I was pressing the buzzer to be let up, I spotted a slumped figure to my left, oh my god there was a dead body outside dads apartment block.

My heartbeat quickened and my palms started to sweat as I edged closer, I knew I should be going inside to call emergency services from the safety of dads but I couldn’t help myself something looked so familiar about this man.

When I finally reached the body my knees gave way and a feral scream was ripped from my lips, my papa was barely recognisable, he’d been mutilated beyond recognition and his head was nearly hanging off his shoulders,

I dragged him onto my lap trying to put him back together. If I could just fix him he would be OK.

Sobs wracked my body uncontrollably as I was slowly coated in his blood.

My papa! how could this happen.

I knew he wasn’t the best man, but he was all I had.

I fumbled in my pocket searching for my phone, my hands slipping every so often coated in the blackest blood I had ever seen. I knew that couldn’t be a good sign! Finally a voice answered on the end of my phone, ‘help’ slipped past my lips as the blackness took me away.

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