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Insidious Pleasures

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After being volunteered to help the new neighbor move in, a series of unexpected events unfold as Ryan’s summer takes an interesting turn.

Erotica / Romance
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Insidious Pleasures

“Ryan, sweetie…you aren’t on your phone now are you?”

The sound of his mother’s voice pierced through his bedroom door as he was underneath his blankets. With one earbud in his right ear, Ryan held his smartphone in one hand and his cock in the other. He had spent the last 20 minutes rummaging through the internet, looking for porn that he routinely jerked off to. Ryan was initially zoned out until his mother disrupted the lust-drunk slumber that his mind was swimming in.

“Really mom?!” he sighed as he quickly turned off his phone and tucked his large cock back into his shorts.

Ryan then sat up and grabbed his copy of “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho which his mother recently bought him. Sitting straight up in his bed, he pulled the top cover over his lap to hide his erection. He then slid his earbuds underneath him and leaned himself up against the wall. In the split second that he opened his book, Ryan’s bedroom door started to open.

“Yes, really.” she greeted, taking a step inside her son’s room. “You may be eighteen Ryan, but as long as you live under my roof, it’s my rules. And besides, you are only grounded for the weekend.”

“Who grounds their adult children?” Ryan responded with a slight laugh.

“I do!” she smiled, “After that stunt you pulled the other day, just be glad it’s not a week!”

Rolling his eyes, he closed the book and directed his attention toward his mother. She was wearing her favorite blue kitchen apron that was now covered in flour.

“Listen, I said I was sorry.” Ryan confessed, “My friends and I got a little drunk and-.”

“Oh it was more than a little, sweetie.” she rebutted, “Listen, it’s already getting close to 4 pm. I want your shoes on, and go grab your jacket as well. We need you downstairs.”

“Fine, I’ll get…wait. We?”

“Yes, we.” His mother responded, “Our new neighbor is moving in today and since your weekend schedule is completely cleared, I have volunteered you to help.”

“Gee, thanks mom,” he mumbled.

After his mother headed downstairs, Ryan set his book down and pulled the covers off of him. Luckily, his erection had finally settled. Sliding off of his bed, he put on his tennis shoes and then grabbed his hoodie off of his dresser.

Making his way down the stairs, Ryan overheard his mother talking to someone about a recipe she was working on. Upon reaching the bottom step, he turned towards the living room and noticed the guest at their front door. Ryan stopped dead in his tracks as he ogled the beautiful woman from across the living room.

Her vibrant hazel eyes were focused on his mother who was talking to her at the doorway. He watched her curl her blonde hair back behind her ears while she continued to engage in their conversation. Ryan was entranced.

Feeling his heart beginning to flutter, Ryan slowly walked toward them to get a closer look at her. She’s got one of the prettiest faces he’s ever seen. Cute dimples, attractive eyes, and a small beauty mark on her lower neck. She was wearing a sleeveless sundress that complimented her body very well. While her small breasts were covered up, the bottom part of her dress remarkably accentuated her plump ass.

Ryan couldn’t help but fantasize about what she could look like naked. Her outfit alone surely left a lot to his imagination. Once he was a few steps away from his mother and the guest, both women turned their heads toward Ryan.

“Andrea…this is my son, Ryan.” his mother introduced, “Ryan, this is our new neighbor. Andrea.”

“So nice to meet you!” she grinned as she reached her arm out towards Ryan.

“Nice to meet you too!” Ryan smiled, trying his best to remain calm while shaking her hand.

“Thank you for helping me.” She said, “I hired some movers but something came up and they had to leave. They said they would be back but that was hours ago.”

“Well don’t you worry...my son will not leave you hanging.” his mother added.

“Good to know.” Andrea laughed as she turned towards Ryan, “Good thinking getting a jacket. There is supposed to be a storm coming and I would like to avoid it if possible.”

“Sounds like we need to get going.” Ryan nodded with a smile.

As Ryan left his house with Andrea, both headed over next door to her place. Walking towards the gray caravan in her driveway, Andrea unlocked the vehicle before they both hopped in and took off.

“Nice van…” Ryan said, trying his best to strike up a casual conversation.

“Thanks, but it isn’t mine,” she responded while driving. “It belongs to my aunt and uncle. They are helping me with the move. Where they already had plans to be in Wilkes-Barre this evening, they were cool with me borrowing it and then all of us car-pooling on the way back.”

“Well, that’s nice of them. So what brings you to Wilkes-Barre?”

“Drama.” Andrea smiled.

“Oh…what kind of drama?” Ryan curiously asked.

“Well aren’t you nosey!” she teased.

“Sorry, none of my business.” he apologized.

“It’s okay kid, just family drama.” Andrea answered, “I was able to stay with my aunt and uncle for a few weeks in Stillwater until I found a place.”

While Andrea continued telling him more about her move, Ryan tilted his head and slightly squinted in her direction.

“You okay?” she laughed.


“Yeah.” she answered, “Your mom told me a little about you. You just turned eighteen, right?”

“I am…but ‘kid’?” He smiled, “You don’t look any older than me.”

“Well how old do you think I am?” she smiled.

Ryan blushed for a brief moment. An audible “uhh” quietly escaped his mouth as he contemplated his answer. Even though Andrea was paying attention to the road, she did glance over at him for a split second, waiting for a response.

“I don’t know…eighteen? Nineteen? Heck, maybe even twenty.” he guessed.

“Aren’t you sweet...” she grinned. “I’m actually 28.”

“No way!” Ryan reacted, “Well damn…you sure fooled me.”

As Andrea giggled at his remark, she and Ryan continued their small talk while making their way to Stillwater. Their conversation was mostly about the neighborhood Andrea was moving into and the conversation she and Ryan’s mother had earlier.

40 minutes later, Andrea pulled into a driveway of a two-story home. Outside on the porch was a married couple who looked like they were in their late fifties. Both carefully got up and waved at Andrea & Ryan as they pulled in.

Waving back, Andrea parked the van and turned the vehicle off before she and Ryan stepped out.

“I found some help.” she greeted as they walked towards the couple.

“That’s great to hear!” cheered the gentleman as he shook Ryan’s hand, “We were worried about our niece here after hearing about the movers leaving her by herself.”

“I hate that they bailed on her but I am more than glad to help.” Ryan responded, “I take it you two are Andrea’s aunt and uncle?”

“Yes sir!” the uncle answered. “It’s a shame Andrea’s parents didn’t want to-.”

“Mhmm!” Andrea coughed.

“Oh I forgot, you don’t want to talk about it. Can’t say I blame you.” Her uncle responded. “Well, Ryan…I would love to sit and chat all day, but dark clouds are coming in. Let’s get as much as we can into the van before the storm hits.”

“Sounds good, sir.” He nodded.

After unlocking and opening up every door to the van, the four of them headed inside the house and began moving boxes. While the aunt and uncle moved the lighter boxes, Andrea and Ryan carried the heavier ones.

With the majority of her stuff being on the second floor, Andrea and Ryan spent a good amount of time walking up and down the steps. Doing his best to not raise any suspicion, Ryan occasionally glanced at Andrea going up the stairs, hoping that her sundress would lift just enough for a chance to see her ass.

After setting the last few boxes down on the front porch, the dark sky above them started thundering. Raindrops were beginning to fall as Ryan, Andrea and her aunt & uncle all stood on the porch, glancing at the caravan.

“Well, everyone…I don’t think there’s enough room to fit everything in. We may need to make another trip to get the rest of it.” Andrea’s aunt commented.

“For a few boxes?” Asked the uncle, “I don’t know dear. I think we can manage to fit everything inside the van.”

“Well, what about Andrea and Ryan?” The aunt gestured, “Where are they going to sit?”

While continuously looking over at the packed van, Andrea’s uncle rested his hands on his hips. Everyone soon started to see the raindrops coming down a little quicker.

“Hell, Ryan looks like a strong, strapping young lad.” The uncle laughed. “Our niece could just sit on his lap. It’s only a 40-45 minute drive. She’s small. I’m sure they could manage.”

Ryan’s face instantly blushed and he quickly turned his head…hoping no one saw his reaction. He too glanced over at the van, trying to distract himself from her uncle’s suggestion.

“Well…that is one way we could get everyone and everything into the van.” Nodded the aunt, “What do you two think?”

Feeling his heart racing, Ryan wasn’t sure how to answer. The mere thought of Andrea sitting on his lap made his cock twitch. He wanted to let them know that he wouldn’t mind, but Ryan was worried that he might come across as creepy. He waited nervously, hoping Andrea would answer first.

“Hmm…I don’t want Ryan to be uncomfortable, but if we could get everything into this one trip, that would be a big stress reliever for me.” Andrea politely responded, “What do you think, Ryan? Have any ideas?”

Turning his head towards Andrea, he saw her beautiful hazel eyes gazing right at him. He paused for a split second before responding.

“If it’s only for 40-45 minutes and you don’t mind, I am down.” He answered, “Plus the rain is starting to pick up. I’m sure you would like to get this done and over with.”

“You are awesome, Ryan.” Andrea smiled.

“Since we have that settled, let’s hurry and get everything in the van before the storm gets any worse.” the aunt said as she picked up a box.

As the four of them crammed the remaining boxes into the van, they were able to make just enough room for Ryan to sit down in the very back seat. While watching Andrea’s relatives sit down in the very front, Andrea slid the last of her belongings into the trunk before closing it. Noticing the rain trickling down the side window, Ryan saw Andrea making her way to the side door. He quickly adjusted himself in his seat, tucking his cock slightly under his left thigh…hoping Andrea wouldn’t feel it when she sat down in his lap.

Andrea then carefully stepped into the van with her back facing Ryan. As she closed the side door, the bottom part of her sundress raised up just enough for Ryan to see the silky-black panties that she was wearing.

Ryan incautiously parted his lips, slacking his jaw at the sight of Andrea’s wonderfully curvy ass. Her panties were barely visible as they appeared to be engulfed by her curvy backside.

Quickly snapping out of it, Ryan glanced over at the boxes separating the aunt & uncle from him and Andrea. He then shifted his eyes up at the rear view mirror, hoping her relatives didn’t catch him peeking at their niece. Taking a few steps back, Andrea shuffled her feet and turned her head towards Ryan.

“You comfy?” She innocently asked.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Ryan answered, trying to play it cool.

Andrea quietly snickered as she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her dress, making sure it wouldn’t ride up when she was about to sit down. Turning her head towards the front of the van, Andrea proceeded to lower herself onto Ryan’s lap.

“Dear God…” he thought to himself.

The instant her bottom touched his lap, a rush of excitement filled Ryan’s body. She might have been short and skinny, but he was awestruck at the weight of her ass pressing down on him. Ryan easily felt her heat radiating off of her body. He placed his hands on the armrests of his seat and gripped them tightly, bracing himself as he quickly realized how tantalizing this move was going to be.

“You two settled?” Asked the uncle as he started the van.

“Yup, I am good.” Andrea nodded before turning to Ryan, “How about you? I am not too heavy for you, am I?”

“Nah, you are good.” He responded, doing his best at keeping his composure.

Ryan then closed his eyes, trying to focus on anything other than his gorgeous neighbor sitting in his lap. She was just sitting barely an inch above his aching cock. As the van began to move, Ryan took in a silent deep breath, preparing for the ride back home.

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