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Hide and Seek- MBA Student

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Short weekend read. Eva is a 25-year-old smart beautiful MBA student. She is so career driven that she forgot all about love. What will she do when two men fall for her? Who will she choose? Not a cliche story the ending will surprise you. 18+ Short story Mature

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I am sitting on the bed studying. I have been in this position for far to long. I need to stretch my legs. I lay on my back. I stretch out my long legs in front of me. It feels so good.

As I am completely relax I look out of my window and I see him standing in the building across from mine watching me.

I freeze, a awkward feeling engulfs me, I feel so exposed in my own apartment. My safe place...

Is he looking at me? This is a huge building, maybe he is looking at someone else. Maybe he is just looking outside, enjoying the view... Enjoying the view my ass, he was watching me! For how long? How long has he been doing this? I am mad now. I get up and close all my blinds.

It's 4 pm and now my whole room is dark. This is the only window I have in this room. I turn up my dim light and sit on my bed. I look around, I hate it. I want my window open.

The reason I got this apartment is because of the ceiling-to-floor windows in the bedroom and the dining room.

I love to dim the lights and the lights from the city create a wonderful atmosphere for studying, working, and making love. I have been so busy that I never noticed if I have been watched. I always changed in my walk-in closet. I never walked naked in the apartment... walking in panties doesn't count right?

I get up and open my blinds. I look at the across build. Their apartments are a lot larger than mine. They are 2,000 and 3,000-square feet apartments. I can't see clearly into anyone's apartment except his. The angle of my apartment and his gives a clear view inside our apartments. His apartment is now empty, I think.

Its early on one is home, and no one's light is on. I open all my blinds again and go back to studying. But my body is on full alert. I keep checking the window every couple of minutes. I can't believe he ruined this for me.

My week continues, busy with work, night classes, and dinner with friends.

I wake up early at 4:30 am to go to work. As I walk into my kitchen to make my espresso, I turn around to my window and I see him, I see them.

I can see clearly into his apartment. The lights are dimmed and they are having sex in his bedroom. He is so hot... she is so hot... is she a model...

It's 4:30 in the morning, did they just get home, did they fuck all night, is it morning sex?

I stay there and watch. I can't take my eyes off him. The way he moves. His body is so hot... my body started to tingle. I need to stop. I need to blow dry my hair, make my espresso, and go to work.

I do just that.

After work, I stop by the farmers market and get my favorites, kale, fruit, and some grilled chicken.

At home, I make my kale dressing, peanut butter powder, olive oil, and balsamic mixed together. As I get it all over my fingers I lick it. As I am licking my fingers I pick up my head and I see him. He is looking at me.

I get annoyed. I am not closing my blinds. I walk around to the other side of the table, maybe I can learn to ignore him. As I do that, thoughts are swarming in my head... he might be enjoying the view even more now... damn...

I have lost my appetite now. I turn around walk to the window and stare at him... he smiles at me... he starts to slowly unbutton his shirt... Wait am seeing this right?

I stand and watch him. He takes off his shirt and looks at me. He is so hot, all muscles, he is about 6"3, black hair, maybe in his early 40s.

I know what he is doing, I know what he wants me to do. It's not his second time watching me. I take off my top, I have a black lace triangle bralette on. I do a little twirl for him. And then stand there and watch him.

He takes off his pants. He is wearing black boxer briefs. He is so hot. I take off my skinny jeans. I have sexy pale pink lace panties on. I stand there and let him take all of me in. Then I turn around, so my back is turned to him, and remove my bralette over my head.

I take my salad and eat it standing up in my kitchen in just my panties with my back turned to him. I know he is watching me but I don't care anymore.

I am done with my salad. I wash my bowl and turn off my light. He no longer can see me. Maybe just a shadow of me and not my sexy parts.

I walk into my bedroom and put on a tank top and go to sleep I need to get up early.

At night I didn't sleep well. I am so turned on. Stupid neighbor across the building...

I wake up earlier than my alarm. I check the clock it's 4 am. I have 30 more minutes of sleep. I close my eyes and turn to the other side trying to sleep. My body is so turned on I need to cum.

I touch my breast, my nipples are already hard. I lay on my back. And my other hand goes into my panties. I am so wet...

I get up and walk to the window where is he? He started all this. When I look into his apartment I see him. He is at his desk working on his laptop. Does this guy ever sleep?

I just stand there and watch him. He is so focused on his work. Then he picks up his head turns to the side and looks at me. I am in my tank top and panties. With him staring at me my body reacts to him.

I run my eyes to all the other apartments in his building to make sure no one else is watching me. Nope, it's the witching hour, everyone is asleep except him.

I go up to the light and turn on the dim function. It's still dark but he can see inside my apartment. I walk up to the window and take off my tank top. The cold air makes my nipples hard. I take them in my hand and squeeze my breast, roll my nipples in between my fingers.

I look at him he is watching me. I lay down on my bed. My head is at the foot of the bed and my feet are where my pillow is. He has a full view of me.

I close my eyes and touch my breast, my hand goes into my panties, and I start to make circles on my clit. My core is so wet, I dip my fingers at my entrance and bring the wetness to my clit.

I open my eyes and see him. He is not doing anything he is just watching me. He has great self-control. Which I don't have.

The pleasure hits me, I keep staring at him. My body is so turned on, I need to cum, I need to find my release. I arch my back from pleasure, I can't hold my legs from moving. My body hits the peak of its pleasure and finds its release.

My eyes are closed, I am coming off my high. I open my eyes, he is still there watching me in the same position he was in before.

My alarm goes off on my phone. I grab it from the nightstand and turn it off. I get up turn off the light and go into the bathroom to take my shower. It will be a long day today. I am working from 7:30 am to 4 pm. Then I have classes from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Double espresso here I come.

I am setting in a change management class. I got here early I like to sit in the front. I really wanted to take this class. The professor is a real pain in the ass. He is an ex-lawyer. In my opinion, he doesn't know anything about change management. But today he said there will be a guest speaker presenting a topic, the COO of JPMorgan Chase.

As I am working on the final paper for this class on my laptop. I hear people coming in I don't bother to watch. This is my free 10 minutes of brainstorming for my paper.

As soon as the clock hit 5 pm. I hear a voice asking to have our attention. I pick up my head and our eyes meet...

Fuck it's him...

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