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Chapter 2


He grabbed my chin making me look into his eyes.

His eyes went dark,” Bella, the things I want to do to you. I can’t do them here.”

My core was instantly wet—the things this guy made me feel. I’m not sure when was the last time I felt like this. I blushed and swallowed hard, letting out a small whimper. He gave me a sexy grin letting my chin go. I took another sip of my scotch and adjusted my skirt. Glancing over at him, he noticed how he was affecting me, making him grin even more.

Clearing my throat, “Who says I want to do those things with you? I have a boyfriend who is more than capable of making me cum.” I said confidently.

“Trust me, I can tell you haven’t cum in a long time bella.”

The nerves on this man. I let out a huff set down my drink and got ready to leave his booth. Before I was able to get up he grabbed my arm turning me to face him, his other hand wrapping lightly around my throat. I reached up to move his hand away but that did nothing.

Bent over, he whispered into my ear, “Bella ragazza, did I say you could go?”

His lip brushed against my ear sending chills down my body arousing me slightly. Glancing towards the VIP exit I saw that there were 2 other men guarding it. There was no way for me to run out.

Giving up, “Well, Massimo Jr since you’re saying I can’t leave then tell me about yourself.”

He let out a chuckle hearing the name.

“Massimo is nothing compared to me unless you want me to kidnap you and keep you for 365 days. I‘d love to have you tied up blindfolded to my bed helpless while I make you cum all over my face.”

I rubbed my thighs together as I heard him say those lewd words to me wishing for some kind of release.

“But, the name is Michele, bella.”

I let out a laugh, ” You’re nothing like Massimo, yet you have the actor’s name?”

He sent me a glare and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing even harder. The other guys in the booth laughed along with me.

“Well Mich, she got you there.” said one of the guys in the black suit.

I looked towards him. He was very good-looking. Michele and him can practically be brothers. Tanned, hazel eyes, built like a brut, with brown curly hair in a comb-over. I can see a tattoo peeking through his neck and on his hands. All of a sudden there was a loud bang in the club and people started screaming and dispersing. I saw the other 2 men in the VIP reach for something. It was a gun. Why did they have guns? Michele instantly grabbed me and pulled me down for cover, his body covering mine. I heard a couple of shots and it was quiet. I looked up and mostly everyone was out of the club, but there was a man groaning in pain. I pushed Michele off and ran towards the man to see if there was anything I can do. There was blood gushing out from his leg and I knew I had to stop the bleeding before he bled out. I ripped his pants where he was shot to get better access, yelling at him to take off his shirt. He was in shock so I removed it from him. Using it as a tourniquet, I wrapped it around his leg, using my hairpin to act as a windlass, and started to twist to tighten it till the blood stopped gushing out. I didn’t even notice that I was covered in blood by the time I finished. Getting up I saw that Michele was staring at me.

“Where did you learn to do that,” he said.

“I’m a surgeon.”

“You’re quite interesting aren’t you.” He let out a grin.


Hearing a loud bang, I instantly grabbed her covering her with my body. I don’t know why I did it. I just felt the urge to protect her. Feeling her push me off, I tried to grab her, but I saw her running over to Nico who was shot. Thinking she was going to freak out, I made my way over to her but stopped when I noticed she was bent over saying something to him. She removed his shirt, what is this girl doing? Catching me by surprise, she was making a tourniquet. Moving as it was natural to her, relaxed, with no sense of panic or fear in her expression. Impressed, I stood leaning against the wall observing her. Once Sal and Vince finished clearing the club, they rushed over to me, stopping when they noticed her, watching with the same reaction.

“What is she doing?” asked Sal.

“Making a tourniquet,” I said grinning.

“Hot and smart,” replied Vince.

“Damn, Mich, if you don’t claim her, I will.” Laughed out Sal, punching my arm slightly.

I gave him a warning look. Not knowing why I don’t even know this girl. Finishing her tourniquet, she stood up to face me.

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“I’m a surgeon” she replied confidently.

Grinning at her, “You’re quite interesting aren’t you?” I replied.

“We need to get him to the hospital. I only stopped the bleeding. He’ll need to surgically remove the bullet lodge in his femoral shaft.”

“Don’t worry about it, Sal here will take him.”

Making a hand gesture, Sal quickly picked him up, heading towards the back door. Only he wasn’t taking him to the hospital. We had our own Surgeon that’s on our payroll that we pay hefty to keep their mouth shut about our business.

“You must be exhausted from all the commotion today.”

She let out a sigh, “I deal with this kind of stuff at work all the time. I can handle myself, Massimo Jr.”

“It’s Michele,” I said snickering.

Starring at me, she mockingly retorted “It’s Michele.”

Rolling my eyes I held in a laugh. The girl still got sass after everything that’s happened. I can tell she isn’t like other girls who scream and run at the sight of danger or blood making me even more intrigued.

“Let’s get you all washed up and I’ll take you home.”

“I’m more than capable to get myself home I don’t need your help.”

“I’m not giving you a choice. I’m..”

Her phone started ringing, she let out a quick sigh answering.

“I’m okay. I’m still inside the club.” she said pinching the bridge of her nose.

“Where are you? Okay, stay there. I’m coming over to you then we can go home.”

She hung up the phone excusing herself.

“Where are you going”

“To get my friend and call it a night. Good night Michele. And a thank you would be nice since I just saved your friend.”

“Thank you, can I get your name?”

She looked at me shaking her head and walked off. Vince walked over to me grinning knowing that she had somehow affected me.

“She a runner she a track star, she gon’ run when it gets hard.”

We let out a laugh.

“You really think I’d let her get away?”

“I mean she is left didn’t she?”

Vince was right she did leave. Thinking to myself why did I offer to take her home? Why is this girl drawing me into her so much? I never offered to take a girl home before. Turning on my heels I headed for the door.

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