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The Collection :an erotic lgbtq short story collection

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A collection of lgbtq+ themed erotic short stories that are sure to melt you.

Erotica / Romance
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A Fire Within: a m/m/m fantasy romance

A Fire Within an m/m/m fantasy romance A Story of Three is an m/m/m fantasy romance about Heddrin, Zander, and Zelendry When they meet, their connection is electric and undeniable, leading to an exploration of each other’s bodies that culminates in a passionate lovemaking session. As they move together in perfect harmony, pleasure builds until all three reach climax at the same time. Afterward, the trio lay entwined in each other’s arms for hours before finally getting up to face reality once again. Though life may take them separate paths, nothing can break the bond between them – not even death itself.

I never thought I’d find someone who could make me feel the way Heddrin did, and I never thought id see him again I’ll never forget that first night we spent together. His blue eyes were like a gateway to his soul and at that moment it felt as if nothing else mattered. Our bodies moved as one, his hand on my throat intensifying our connection with each passing second. We reached new heights of pleasure when he hit all the right spots inside me - it was like time had stopped and I was filled with an overwhelming sensation of love and joy that transcended anything I had ever experienced before. Every touch sent shivers down my spine, every kiss ignited a fire within me that only grew stronger with time. It was almost too much to bear; so beautiful yet so fleeting at the same time.

The men stormed into our home and killed Heddrin. I couldn’t do anything about it, and the sight of my beloved’s lifeless body was too much for me to bear. Sorrow washed over me, but there was no time to mourn; I had to run for my life. Without looking back, I escaped to Upelan Forest—a place known even by experienced adventurers as dangerous and full of mysteries.

The men laughed at me, mocking me as if I would never make it out of the forest alive. But instead of shrinking away in fear and despair, this only ignited a fire within me - a burning desire to prove them wrong! If not for myself then for Heddrin’s memory, I was determined to survive no matter what. With newfound determination coursing through my veins, I marched deeper into the forest with an unwavering resolve that nothing would stand between me and survival. Every step forward felt like an act of defiance against those who had thought so little of me; every breath was a reminder that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. Nothing was going to stop me from making it out alive!

I used my growing strength to conjure myself some-appropriate clothes, suitable for the journey ahead. I also created the most powerful weapon imaginable - a sword made of pure light which I named ‘Heddriz’ after my late lover. With it in hand, and drawing upon courage from deep within me, I ventured through the dark and mysterious forest knowing that finding somewhere safe to rest was paramount before beginning any attempt at avenging him. As I walked further into unknown territory, fear began to creep up on me but with Heddriz by my side, I knew that no matter what lay ahead of me I would be able to face it head-on.

As soon as nightfall came around, I found shelter beneath some trees near a small stream. It was here that I decided to stay until morning so that I could gather enough energy to continue on my quest. Once dawn arrived, I set off once more determined than ever before; though fear still lingered in every step, my heart was full of hope and determination. The distance filled with eerie silence - I was alone but what about the beasts said to infest these parts? As darkness began to fall again, I traveled on through the night and into the morning.

I eventually came upon a small break in the forage whereupon which I conjured a fire for some food. After searching around for a bit, I managed to find some elusive fruit and some cork greens which would make up my meal of an elusive fruit salad. Just as I had finished eating, however, there came a rustling from within the foliage - have they decided to come after me? Is it one of those legendary beasts of this forest? My heart beat hard against my chest in anticipation, all that remained was to wait and see what would happen next...

Suddenly, from out of the shadows, a figure emerged and lunged toward me. I instinctively raised my sword to defend myself but it was too late - he had already tackled me to the ground. I tried to push him away with all my might, but his grip on me was like iron, and no matter how hard I fought he refused to let go. His voice was like a sedative for my panicked heart as he said “Itz okay”.

I looked up to see a young man, his face illuminated by the warm glow of the flickering firelight. He had long black hair that was pulled back into a neat ponytail and deep blue eyes that seemed to look right into my soul. His skin was pale and smooth, with only a few faint freckles dotted across his nose. He wore an unusual set of armor made from animal hide, completes with intricate patterns and symbols painted in vivid colors. Two swords hung at his side - one short and curved, the other longer and straight - both crafted from shining steel that glinted in the light of the flames. I couldn’t help but feel awestruck as I gazed upon him; he seemed almost like some kind of mythical warrior coming to life before me.

“My name is Zander,” he said in a gentle voice, “and I’m here to help you.” His words were like a soothing balm on my troubled heart and I finally allowed myself to relax.

He told me he’d been sent by an old friend of Heddrin who knew about the trouble I had encountered with Heddrin and wanted to ensure my safety as I ventured through the forest. We talked for hours, exchanging stories from our past lives that seemed like a lifetime ago. It felt like time stood still as we connected, sharing experiences and feelings that neither of us had ever spoken aloud before. Eventually, when exhaustion set in, we both fell asleep next to the fire feeling safe in each other’s company; knowing that no matter what may come tomorrow, tonight would be peaceful.

The next morning, I awoke to the sound of birds singing in the trees. The sun was just beginning to rise and I could feel a sense of peace wash over me. Zander was still asleep beside me, his face peaceful and serene.

I carefully got up so as not to wake him and began gathering my things together for the journey ahead. As I prepared myself for what lay ahead, I couldn’t help but feel grateful that Zander had come into my life - he had given me hope when all seemed lost and now we were both ready to take on whatever challenges may come our way together.

“Lulli told me you study magic,” he said, his voice jolting me out of my deep thoughts. I had been so lost in thought that his words took a moment to sink in. I was surprised by what he said; it was almost as if he had read my mind.

“Uhhh...yes,” I said, stuttering and tripping over my words. “Yes, yes I do,” I replied as I slowly turned around to face him. He stood behind me with an imposing presence that was hard to ignore. His golden markings seemed to be a part of his body - as if they were tattooed onto his skin - and he had no hair anywhere except on top of his head. His muscles rippled under the surface of his skin and there was a small smile playing on his lips that made me feel uneasy yet oddly comforted at the same time.

“You’re beautiful,” I said, feeling my face flush.

He chuckled, his eyes twinkling with amusement. " Thank you," he said softly, a hint of gratitude in his voice. He looked around us at the beautiful landscape and then back at me with an expression of anticipation. " Shall we go?" he asked with a warm smile, gesturing towards the path ahead of us that seemed to lead into a magical world full of possibilities.

I nodded eagerly, my heart pounding with anticipation and excitement for what lay ahead. I took one last look at the fire before turning to follow him down the path that stretched out in front of us. We both knew that this journey would bring us into an unknown future, but we were ready to take on whatever it had in store. Our steps echoed through the night air as we ventured further and further away from our starting point, each step taking us closer to a new beginning.

We walked in companionable silence, both of us lost in our thoughts. The sun shone brightly overhead and the birds sang their cheerful songs as we made our way through the forest. Now and then, Zander would point out something of interest - a rare flower blooming amongst the trees or a peculiar bird perched on a branch - and I couldn’t help but admire his knowledge of nature.

As we continued onwards, I felt my heart lighten with each step that brought us closer to our destination. With Zander by my side, I knew that no matter what lay ahead, everything was going to be alright. After all the pain and suffering Heddrin had endured at the hands of his murderers, he would finally get the justice he deserved and those who took his life away from him would pay for their heinous crime. My anticipation grew as we got nearer to our goal; soon enough they would face consequences for their actions and Heddrin’s memory could be honored in peace.


I felt a surge of determination fill me, and I squared my shoulders as we walked. There was no turning back now - we were going to get justice for Heddrin’s death, no matter what it took. As the hours passed, I could feel my strength growing with every step we took toward our destination. With Zander by my side, I knew that nothing would be able to stop us from achieving our goal.

“I understand nova very hidden vvaz zo attracted to you,” he said az've walked. “you are beautiful.” I blushed. a surge of heat flooding my body. I felt like I was going to explode.“T.. Thanks” I said. Hidden must have told him about me.

We continued walking, and soon the sun began to set. We stopped for a moment and watched as the last rays of light disappeared into the horizon. The sky was painted in an array of vivid colors - pinks, oranges, purples, and blues - that shifted with each passing second. I couldn’t help but marvel at its beauty; it was like looking at a masterpiece created by nature itself. As darkness slowly descended upon us, we decided to keep going until we reached our destination.

“It’s so beautiful,” I said softly, turning to look at Zander. His eyes were twinkling with the same wonder and awe that I was feeling as we both took in the breathtaking sight before us. He smiled gently back at me before taking my hand in his own. His touch felt like electricity against my skin, sending sparks up my arm that made me feel alive

He looked deep into my eyes before speaking again: “Yes it is... just like you.”

I pulled away quickly, for it was too soon. I had just lost the love of my life for the first time and tears prickled in my eyes as a sorrow racked through me that I could not stop. The pain was unbearable; it felt like shards of glass were cutting into my heart with each passing moment. I wanted to turn back time and undo what had been done, but unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. All I could do now was try to heal from this brokenness and move forward with my life without him by my side.

I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself. I had promised Heddrin that I would be strong, no matter what happened. I looked up at Zander and saw the same understanding in his eyes that he had shown me since we first met. He squeezed my hand gently as if to remind me that I was not alone in this journey.

We trudged on, our feet aching and our hearts heavy with determination. We had been walking for hours, but we were determined to reach the edge of the forest by nightfall - no matter what it took us. The sun had long since set when we finally arrived at our destination; there, in front of us, stood an old abandoned cabin - its windows boarded up and its walls crumbling. A feeling of dread came over me as soon as I stepped inside. It was like something dark lurked within these walls, watching us from the shadows. But despite my fear and apprehension, I knew that justice for Heddrin could not be denied any longer - and with Zander at my side, nothing would stand in our way.

something touched the back of my leg and blood ran frigid

I jumped and spun around, my heart pounding in my chest. I had been so sure that something was lurking in the shadows of the cabin, but it was only a small animal - a mouse, scurrying away from the light of our lanterns. As I watched it disappear into one of the dark corners, I let out a sigh of relief. But even as we stood there with our breaths held tight in anticipation, fear still lingered in the air around us. We had come this far and there was no turning back now; whatever secrets lay hidden within these walls would soon be revealed to us. Steeling myself for what lay ahead, I took Zander’s hand once more and followed him deeper into the darkness of the cabin.

He was making me feel the same way that Heddrin had before; he had made me feel safe and protected. I drew Heddriz from the sheath on my back, waving it around to give us some light. My sword illuminated our path well enough for us to continue our journey without fear of stumbling in the darkness.

We continued, navigating the darkness with Heddrin’s name providing us light. I felt determination and strength as we moved forward in sync. Before we knew it, our surroundings changed before our eyes. I immediately recognized it was the bedroom that I and Heddrin had shared—the place where we made love and he was killed.

A wave of overwhelming emotion came over me, and I felt my eyes suddenly welling up with tears. Zander must have sensed it because he stopped what he was doing and turned to face me. He tenderly put his hands on either side of my face, looking deep into my eyes before speaking again: " We will find justice for Heddrin - I promise you that." His voice was soft but determined, filled with a conviction that gave me hope amid all the despair surrounding us.

I nodded, wiping away the tears that had escaped down my cheeks. Taking a few moments to compose myself, I took a deep breath before continuing forward. We made our way through the bedroom until we reached a door at the far end - this was where Heddrin’s killer was hiding out. With one final look at each other, we both knew what had to be done; there could be no turning back now.

“It was just an illusion, a trick of the mind nothing more,” he said. I took a deep breath and screamed “I am not AFRAID OF YOU!” A chuckle resounded through the room, and I felt a chill run down my spine. “Ahhh, sweet sweet child, you are not afraid of me? Then why do you tremble?” I looked down at my hands; they were very much so shaking but I was not going to back down. This monster had taken everything from me and I was determined to take the life from him.

I conjured armor from the ground, and it wrapped around me like a shield. I looked at him defiantly and said, “I’m not afraid of you, but I am worried for you.” He laughed again in response: “You’re a foolish child! Do you think that armor can protect you from my powers? You should be scared and begging for mercy, but if you’re not scared for yourself maybe you’ll fear for someone else.” Suddenly Zander being pulled away from my side caught my attention; he was held in mid-air by some sort of black aura emanating off this creature before me. “Zander!” I yelled out.

“You think I care? Let me tell you a secret - neither did Heddrin. I created them to toy with you, my lovely son. A disappointment you are to me; you haven’t even figured out your power yet! I had hoped maybe you would be able to save your friends and use your power to create life, but no - still as useless as the common elf.”

Anger boiled within me, and I felt my fists clench tightly in response to the monster’s words. He had taken away everything from me - my love, my friend, and now he was trying to take away Zander too! It was too much for me; a surge of energy radiated from deep within as I shouted “NO!” A bright light engulfed us both, and suddenly an army of warriors materialized around us. Their armor glinted in the sun as they stood ready to protect what was mine. My heart raced with anticipation as I prepared myself for battle against this vile creature that sought only destruction. With a renewed sense of strength and courage coursing through me, I knew that no matter what happened today we would prevail together.

The monster’s eyes widened in shock as he looked around him. His grip on Zander loosened slightly, but still held firm. Taking advantage of the situation, I stepped forward toward the menacing figure and said with a newfound strength in my voice “You will never get away with this.” The monster laughed again before replying mockingly “Oh? What are you going to do about it?” My heart pounded against my chest as I tried to think of an answer that would make him back off. However, no matter how hard I searched for words at that moment, nothing came out. All I could do was stand there and stare at him defiantly.

I smiled grimly, feeling a sense of satisfaction as I raised my hand into the air. I had been training for this moment and now was the time to put all that practice to use. Suddenly a bolt of lightning shot out from my palm straight toward the monster, striking him full force in his chest with an almighty crash. He screamed in pain as he fell back onto the ground releasing Zander who quickly ran over to join me by my side. We both watched on in awe and amazement as the room filled with smoke and we heard one final scream coming from beneath us before all went silent once more, leaving only a faint smell of burning lingering in its wake.

He was standing there in front of me, an almost uncanny reflection of the man who had raised me. He had been such a huge part of my life, providing love and guidance throughout my childhood and adolescence. His presence felt so familiar yet strangely unfamiliar at the same time; it was like I was looking at him through a distorted lens or as if he were a stranger wearing his face. His eyes seemed to look right through me, searching for something that wasn’t there anymore. It made me feel both sad and confused all at once - how could someone I knew so well be reduced to this?

“hello son”, he said in a mock voice.

I felt a sudden surge of anger wash over me, so powerful that it was almost tangible. My heart raced and I could feel my face flush with heat as the emotion coursed through me. It was like an invisible wave had come crashing down on top of me, its intensity leaving me feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

I felt my power surge and stepped forward, ready to face him. “You caused too much pain,” I said in a low voice. “It’s time you paid the price.” He sneered before raising his hands and summoning an army of dark creatures around us.

I could feel my anger growing stronger as he taunted me with his words. With a deep breath, I reached out with both hands and unleashed a powerful wave of energy that sent all of his minions flying back toward him.

The monster stumbled back in shock as he watched them fall one by one until there was nothing left standing between us but him. His eyes widened in fear as he realized what was about to happen next and before he had a chance to react, I shot forward and grabbed hold of him tightly with both hands.

A blinding light illuminated the room as I allowed all of my anger and resentment to coalesce into this one defining moment - it was finally time for justice to be served! My heart pounded in anticipation, knowing that after so long, retribution would soon be upon us. The air seemed still with a sense of finality; like something had been set in motion that could not be stopped or reversed. I felt a swell of pride within me, knowing that I had done what needed to be done and that justice would prevail. It was a momentous occasion and one which will never be forgotten.

I siphoned all the energy from him, zealously guarding my identity as a god. “I am the god of light and I will break your darkness,” I said, the words just flowing from my mouth. I felt an immense power coursing through my body; it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Suddenly, it hit me: I was a god! But how on earth did I know that so easily? It seemed too good to be true, yet here I was with this newfound power that allowed me to make things happen simply by thinking them into existence. In awe of what had just transpired, I used my newfound powers for good and made zander somewhere safe as I destroyed the monster that had caused me so much pain.

The monster screamed in agony as my energy ripped through his body, consuming him until there was nothing left. I stood there for a moment, watching the smoke dissipate around me and feeling a sense of satisfaction wash over me. Zander had made it to safety and the monster that had caused us so much pain was gone forever.

I allowed myself one final look at what remained before turning away from the scene with newfound confidence. For I knew now that I possessed an immense power - something far greater than anything I could have ever imagined - and I would use this power for good from now on.

I teleported to zander

“It’s all over, nothing remains of him anymore,” I sighed, the illusions of my past fading away as I stood in the middle of the desert. I turned towards Zander his body beginning to fade away. Tears prickled at my eyes as I stood there and reached out for him but my hands passed right through him. “You can’t leave me, you can’t!” I said, feeling another surge of power within me. “YOU WON’T!” I roared as his body began to rematerialize before me.

I felt a wave of relief wash over me and yet still a sadness lingered in knowing that this moment was only temporary; soon he would be gone again, leaving me alone with nothing but memories and regrets from our time together.

I felt a sudden rush of energy as I concentrated on bringing Zander back. He slowly reappeared in front of me, looking around in confusion. “What happened?” he asked.

I smiled at him and replied, “It’s over now. The monster is gone forever.”

He looked relieved and hugged me tightly, thanking me for saving him from certain doom. We both knew that this was only the beginning - I had unlocked a power within myself that would be used for good from now on, and together we would make sure to use it wisely.

As I explored my newfound power, I wondered if it was strong enough to bring Heddrin back from the dead. In my mind’s eye, I could see him standing before me, and with all of my might, I began to manipulate the energy around me in an attempt to pull him into reality. It felt like an eternity as I focused on summoning his spirit but eventually he stood there before me -

“Zelendry,” he said to me, my name sounding sweet on his tongue. “I am sorry I could not protect you,” I said, tears prickling at the corners of my eyes, happy to see him again. Zander came to the sound of his voice and before he could even finish speaking my name, I had already thrown myself into his arms. He held me close as we both began to cry. His familiar scent was comforting and it felt like no time had passed since we last saw each other - despite all that had happened in between our meetings. “Heddrin,” he choked out questioningly as if needing confirmation that it really was Heddrin who was holding him.

A jolt of electricity ran through my skin as the two people who meant the most to me in the world stood before me in a warm embrace, suddenly pulling me closer. “I’m sorry,” I croaked. They both looked at me confused. “I’ve loved you both,” I sniffled. “I should have stayed true to you, Heddrin.”

They both laughed, and Heddrin said, “All I want is for you to be happy.” Zander smiled in agreement. “And I want that too,” he added before shyly adding, “I’ve loved Heddrin and you as well.” A blush crept across Heddrin’s cheeks as he responded, “I’ve loved you both too.” They looked at each other with a fondness they had never felt before - a feeling of contentment and acceptance that warmed their hearts.

I felt a warmth spread through my chest as I looked at them both, standing there in the middle of the desert. We had been apart for so long, and now we were reunited again - it was like a dream come true. I knew that this moment was only the start of something much greater, and it filled me with hope. Zander tenderly cupped Heddrin's face in his hands before pressing their lips together lovingly, earning a moan from him as they pulled away. Then they turned their attention to me, and I could see what was coming next; Heddrin took my lips in his own, kissing me hard and exploring my mouth with his tongue while Zander began to explore my body with his hands and tongue too.

I felt myself melting into them, my body alive with pleasure. Every touch was like a spark of electricity that coursed through me and I gasped as Heddrin and Zander explored each other's bodies, their hands running over every inch of me. They kissed and caressed me until I was trembling with the need for them both. We moved together in perfect harmony, our movements becoming faster and more passionate as the intensity increased. Sweat beaded on our skin as we clung to one another, lost in the moment until suddenly we all stopped, panting heavily from the exertion but still connected by an invisible bond that would never be broken. Our eyes met and a silent understanding passed between us - this was only the beginning of something beautiful that we had created together. The connection between us seemed to linger long after we parted ways that night, leaving us longing for what might come next...

I manifested a beautiful room with a king-sized bed and a large bathtub. We began phasing off all of our clothes, and I was in awe at the sight of their naked bodies. I stared for a little while before snapping out of my trance. “It’s been a long day,” I suggested, my eyes still glazing over their bodies as I took one more glance down at their now-hardened cocks. “Why don’t we take a nice long bath?”

“If it means we get to explore even more of that beautiful body, then we’re all in,” they said.

Heddrin made the first move, ushering my smaller frame to the edge of the bathtub. He kissed me and explored my body with his hands before grabbing one of my ass cheeks in his hand, sliding his fingers over my hole making me moan and buck against him. He chuckled “so impatient”, he circled my hole before sticking the tip of his finger into me. I moaned and bucked against him as my cock rubbed against his hardened abs. Then Zander came up behind him saying “don’t think you get to have all the fun” before both their fingers were in me too as well as Zander’s mouth exploring Heddrin’s neck and shoulders.

Making his eyes roll into the back of his head.

Their fingers moved in perfect sync, making me moan and gasp with pleasure. I felt my body trembling as they explored every inch of me, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my veins. They kissed each other passionately as their hands continued to explore, creating an intoxicating mix of sensations that left me breathless. Zander whispered words of love into Heddrin’s ear before trailing kisses down his neck and shoulders while Heddrin kept up the steady rhythm inside me. As the intensity increased I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge until finally, I was screaming out their names as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me.

They pulled out their fingers before I could cum.

readying their cockz to penetrate me.

Heddrin entered me first, slowly pushing himself in inch by inch as I adjusted to his size. His eyes never left mine and the connection between us was electric. Zander followed soon after, filling me up completely and sending a wave of pleasure through my body that made me gasp for air. They moved together in perfect harmony, rocking their hips against each other with every thrust until we were all panting for breath. The sensations kept building until finally, they both let out a moan of pleasure as they reached their climaxes at the same time.

We lay there afterward, spent but contented, still connected by an invisible bond that would never be broken.

I la entirely drifting off into bliss

As I drifted off into bliss, I could feel the warmth radiating from their bodies and the love that had been shared in that moment. We lay there for what felt like hours, just enjoying each other’s presence until finally, it was time to get up. As we got out of bed, I knew our connection would never be broken no matter where life took us.

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